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  1. This game is being sold in the UK for £50-£60 and I finished it in 21 hrs, and when I say finish that includes the story, new game plus and earning the platinum. There is no way this game should be priced so high when it is a glorified DLC. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the story but I feel ripped off a bit.
  2. About a month ago I deleted a few games from my Ps4 that I never started and never will. I also deleted them from the psn as they had 0% trophies. However now when I try to update my psnprofile it won't update. Not even the games I have played since or the trophies I have earned since. Please help.
  3. I deleted a few games from my Ps4 that I am never going to play and deleted their respective trophy lists. Since then my profile on Psn profile will not update for me. I have earned trophies since I deleted the games and I have both manually and auto update my profile. However nothing works, please help people.