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  1. The trophy description states not to use any Med kits on normal or higher difficulty but are you allowed to die and load a checkpoint though? Update:You are allowed to die without voiding the trophy
  2. Is this cumulative over multiple careers?
  3. I have collected all 75 stamps on the Uproar DLC but the gold trophy didn't unlock. I replayed the last event like a friend suggested but still nothing Has this happened to anyone? Is there a way to unlock it? Thanks I just unlocked the Dusk Till Dawn Trophy by doing an event in the Super Size DLC. Makes no sense but if you're having trouble just continue doing events and it seems it will pop eventually
  4. The platinum is extremely easy even if you're a novice to F1/racing games If you have a boosting partner it would also be much easier and faster to grind the 100 online games together by choosing the Austrian track and setting it to 3 laps
  5. FarCry 2
  6. The problem I think is not so much that people play easy games, it's when people who play these games and have 500 plus Platinums brag about how many they have and say things like "A platinum is a platinum" I personally think Sony should "devalue" the points system for super easy games(Ratalaika games for example) so that a platinum is worth less points on that game that it is for say something like Red dead 2 or even remove Platinums entirely from these types of games I know there are many people who really get upset about this topic but at the end of the day people can play whatever they want and it doesn't really affect me or the games I play instead. I enjoy long and fairly difficult platinums but it's not to say I haven't played and earned a few of these easy Platinums myself but I definitely feel games such as Red dead 1 and 2, GTA V, Assassins Odyssey and Valhalla etc have given me more satisfaction from their Platinums than any easy games have