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  1. Could anyone tell me if both parts of the epilogue dlc are needed for a 100% trophy list? A bundle containing part 2 and some other goodies is on sale right now by the way, for the people who are interested in it.
  2. I see, thanks for the info Well, 'lots' of bugs' might have been a bit exaggerated. It's more like I had the same bug happen to me multiple times within a short period of time. I am pretty sure that that one had nothing to do with not doing what the tutorial wanted from me, since I had that happening in non-tutorial missions as well by now. Actually avoiding that one specific card I mentioned quite helped and the issue occured way less since I did that. I still had some moments where an action wouldn't resolve and the game wouldn't continue but they are rare. Also it helps that after the tutorial the game saves at certain points, so if I get stuck I don't have to replay the complete mission in which I am in at that point.
  3. Hm. it happened to me every time (except once) when I tried to play the 'Spear Wall' card, so I am trying to avoid this one and hope that'll help. Knowing that the game is still being worked on is good news though. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. As a TCG fan without I recently bought this since it is on sale right now. It looked promising when I started but unfortunately I experience lots of bugs which makes this basically unplayable. I am still within the tutorial campagne and right now it happened the third time to me that I can't continue a match, because a card is not resolving and stuck in the middle of the screen. The game won't let me me do anything at that point Well, I can view my cards and open the menu but by no means continue the match I am in. I found threads on Steam forum from july 2019 in which people complain about the exact same issue, so I guess there's no reason to hope that this will be abdressed. I am kind of mad.
  5. I finished this a few days ago and oh boy, it was a hard piece of work. While I absolutely adore the artdesign and the soundtrack, this game really doesn't play well. I am pretty sure this is partly to blame on the fact that this is a port, because one can feel that this was built with keyboard and mouse controls in mind and not with a controller. But there are also other things that are everything but great. Weird, clunky jump mechanics paired with many insta-death pits and lava pools. Respawning enemies, maze-like maps near the end of the game, a bad camera...there's more than enough wich makes this game experience kind of frustrating. Fortunately there's the possiblilty to save whenever you want. Without that I am not sure if I would have finished the game. In the end I still am somehow gladthat I did and that I have seen all the cool locations and scenes this game has to offer, but I am pretty sure I will not ever play this again and I would hardly recommend this to anyone who is not in it for the 100% completion.
  6. That's some nice project. =) I have played most of the series and it's spinnoffs. Unfortunately most of it on other plattforms. I think I meet the requirements for the mercenary-rank though. I have the platinum on Resident Evil 2 and 100% at Resident Evil 4.
  7. I don't have my hopes for getting an answere in here too high, but I might as well try... So I just bought a PS3 and since I always liked Magic I am considering to buy this. What I'd like to know is, if the Deck pack dlc's are worth the extra money? There are 3 of them for around 2,50€ each. It seems for the 100% only the expansion is needed but would anyone who played the game back in the day say they improve the experience?
  8. I am pretty sure that Ykuza 6 is absolutely playable without any knowledge of the previous games. You might not get a lot of references and not know older chrtacters but the story would work ok for itself without former knowledge. That said I'd highly recommend to play 0 instead of this. It's a perfect start into the series, without knowing anything about it and it's among, if not the best game of the franchise.
  9. There aren't any genres where I would say that I will definetely not play them but some are very unlikely. First eprson shooters for example are absolutely not my thing. If they a setting or something else wich really appeals to me I' might consider making an exception. Like many others here I can also add sports games to that list. Years ago I liked football games and played them regulary but I kind of lost interest in them over the years. A few months ago I saw Fifa20 on a sale for like 5euros or so and thought I might try it to see if those games maybe still appeal to me after having not tried any for some years but I couldn't really get into it anymore. Skillwise I feel less tempted to play Shoot em ups nowadays. I used to like them but having passed my 30's I can notice that my reactions are not what they once used to be and I have trouble keeping up with those games. Especially the extremely hard ones.
  10. meh, I just did the same mistake and will have to go for a third playthrough now. Wish thad at least all the dialogues were skippable. That would make finishing the game so much faster. :/ However, thanks for the infos about doing it with a new profile. Hope it will work that way. _____________ Edit: Played through the game a third time now on a fresh profile, even deleted all save data before that , followed a guide step by step and still didn't get the Eagle's Eye trophy. I like the game but now I am starting to get seriously annoyed. Bugged trophies are such a bother. >.>
  11. I just finished this game for the first time. I can understand why some people would call it a hidden gem. While I think it was far from perfect, it definietely was a pleasuring and very unique experience. Just as in Abe's Oddysee (the only Oddworld game wich I beat before) this game manages to create a really intense atmosphere and has style. The creators sure know what they are doing there. The story was interesting and had some not always too ovious plotwists. Also I like how those games manage to have both, humor and serious subjects at the same time. The gameplay was ok for me. Not great, but above average. The two-thirds had a nice mixture between exploring, visiting towns, and fighting. Towards the end the game went a bit too far with the fighting parts and threw many, many enemies at you wich was a bit annoying and on the hard difficulty wich I went for right away some things sure were...well, hard. So I got frustrated here and there but then again I can't really blame the game for that since if it weren't for the trophies there's always the possibility to just play on a lower difficulty setting and while I sure often died and had to retry certain parts the possiblity to save at any time made sure things didn't get as worse as they could. A small negative point were the forced touch screen controls here and there. How the menu can't be navigated through with the buttons for example and how switching from first to third person perspectice requires a double tap on the screen. Those things just seemed unnecessary too me since it's not like the button layout was so overloaded that there wouldn't have been free buttons to be used for them. But than again that's some kind of sickness which many Vita and DS games suffered from. Those plattforms have a touchscreen so developers often felt like they have to use it. Even if it doesn't make much sense. But no dealbreaker at all here. Overall I was surprised how well the Vita version was executed. Except for a few rare framerate issues at some fights with many visual effects, the game runs pretty smooth and still looks kind of good on the small screen. Overall I am pretty happy that I played this game and I am looking forward to start another a bit more relaxed run on easy now toto obtain the trophies which I missed in my first playthrough. I'd really like to try Munch's Odysee now, but I am afraid of what I read about the Vita version and all it problems, espcially when it comes to trophies. So I'll probably won't go for it but wait until I got myself a PS3 which I plan to do at some point. I hope the version on there is more stable. At least I don't find multible threads complaining about bugs and glitches in it's forum...
  12. Hey there, I recently started to consider buying a PS3 and while a lot of games can probably be obtained for low cost in their retail versions by now I'd like to check out what the web store has to offer for it. Unfortunately I've chosen the worst timing and started those thoughts just right after the ps3 games were removed from the oficial store. So I wonder if anyone knows if there is still a website or something wich lists the assortment of the PS3-store? _________ Edit: Thanks to whoever moved my post here. This helped. And of course also thanks to MaxiM0us3 for creating this thread and the effort wich went into it. =)
  13. Phew, after many many hours I finally got my platinum for this today. I can confidently say that it was the hardest one wich I achieved so far. Drone Racing was hell for me and Puyo Puyo wich I had to play for almost 3 entire days even topped that. I liked the game but man I am glad to be done with that.
  14. I wonder if anyone here did buy the Play Spot Fun Pack-DLC with the drones and can tell me if it would make the drone racing requirements any easier? I can't find any real info on it online. Edit: Nevermind, I found a video reviewing it and revealing that it would not really be any help. At least not for the later races. But for the slight possibility that anybody reads this and wonders: those frames in the dlc mix the cost limit of the QR Code frames (300) with the best available durability of 200. Sounds good at first but the 250 cost limit frames wich became available when Champions League is unlocked are absolutely enough to build drones with the best setup, because everything except of speed is hardly needed and the best speed parts won't exceed 250 cost. Fortunately I was finally able to finish up all the time attacks this morning and man am I glad about it. That really was a pain. :x I think the drone racing itself is a cool adition and is fun but those required times were brutal. Hardly any room for mistakes at all there.
  15. That is not what helped me, since I had a steam account created years ago wich was already set as my main account but it gave me the idea to try and make my ps4 account the main account and that worked. I finally got that platinum now. =)