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  1. What are you guys thinking? Isnt it like a 4v1 type game? Will it compare to Evolve?
  2. I put 30-40 hours which includes the time you stated. I gave the game a 4 which is just one above what your rating is at. If there was ever a poll system implemented, it would be better to give the game a more accurate rating. Yes the roadmap like I stated is designed to make the game easier, though might take a few extra hours longer for farming. It is also the order I did myself. I myself would much rather play with a 1500 other than a 900-1000
  3. Yeah the roadmap is designed pretty much how I recommend getting the platinum after doing it twice myself. The game should only take about 3 hours to run through when leveled up enough. At 1000, you would have been able to power up enough and run through hard easily so that you can then run through apocalyptic easily. It doesnt sound like much, but a 600 power level difference will help tremendously. I have a lot of fun in arena as well
  4. I enjoy my job as well, lol what do you mean? And cool
  5. Yeah shit happens. I have work as well, and wrote the guide for Dreams first. Plus I logged 85 hours into genesis lol
  6. Finish your guide dude. Im still gonna copy mine over, but Dont let another guide keep you from writing. If that were the case, we would never have AAA title guides anywhere do to the fact any users get them early for their guides. PowerPyx, Ps4Trophies etc..
  7. Just writing to inform you guys that I have written and Published the trophy guide for Darksiders Genesis! You can view the trophy guide in the link below. All feedback is appreciated:
  8. Im completely lost. How does one get a better power level? Im on chapter 5 and not even strong enough to complete it on casual. How exactly does it get risen? And what is a fast way?
  9. Will update the guide with this info , thank you! Did not know it was glitched as i had the disc version prior to games release, and popped the trophy on my main
  10. Just writing to inform you guys that I have written a trophy guide for the game! Feedback is appreciated! You can view it here: I might transfer it here as well just undecided haha.