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  1. Yeah, me too. Not only is TLK my favorite movie of all-time, but the TLK game was my first favorite video game. I loved that game, and I'm so excited It's being remastered with (3 😢) trophies.
  2. Isn't it a bit weird, that 12 of the 15 trophies are related to Aladdin, while Lion King only has 3 for completing each difficulty? Aladdin has a bunch of misc trophies, like defeating bonus stages and bosses and so on. Kinda weird there's nothing like that for Lion King. I wonder if difficulty trophies will stack, and if there'll be a Platinum trophy of course.
  3. Isn't this coming out on the 22nd? Shouldn't the trophy list have been released by now? Usually, trophy lists are revealed or leaked weeks in advance of the release, no?
  4. My top 5 is infested with horrible WWE games. I wish I hadn't wasted so much time with that series 1. WWE '13 - 0.54% 2. Friday the 13th - 0.82% 3. WWE 2K16 - 0.90% 4. WWE 2K17 - 1.05% 5. WipEout HD - 1.05%
  5. I feel that the "arrow on a ledge" encounter is random. I've done it so many times, and even while doing the exact same thing (with Nick and Laird in the same position, jumping out the window at the exact same time as they break down the door, and following the same route to the ledge) I sometimes die, and sometimes don't. Also, the rope section. Sometimes an enemy spawns right on your path, when he other times don't. This section in particular feels 50/50. Whenever I reach this area, it feels like rolling a dice if I'll get through it or not. If the enemy is in my path, he hits me, and I can't escape. I agree though, that besides those two areas, it's pretty much your own fault if you die, except for glitches like getting stuck etc.
  6. I agree with Whitelightnin683, if you've played previous Yakuza games, it's much faster. The reason for this is that requirements for Adventure and Battle CP's will be in the back of your head from the beginning. I completed Yakuza Kiwami a few months ago, and I did it in 75 hours I think. I had previously completed Zero (in 135 hours or so). Kiwami overall was not a difficult game, but there are difficult parts. The car chase on Legend difficulty is pretty brutal, but obviously not impossible. Haruka's pool and karaoke requests are quite infamous, but I breezed through those, so I don't know. Getting all weapons and items was an annoying grind, because I had to grind lots and lots of Collosseum matches to be able to afford stuff, as well as selling a lot of my inventory. But I think this could've been avoided if I had known that getting all items and weapons was a requirement. So... Time: 75-90 hours Difficulty: 6/10 - some things are difficult, but most of the game is a 3/10 or 4/10.
  7. @Nighcisama Thank you so much! You flatter me! But you have a pretty damn impressive list yourself, with a high completion rating, so I'd say we are in the same boat 😂 We just have to power through. I'll give Outlast 2 another try for the remainder of September, as I don't really have anything to play until October. Just reading some of those recent attempts you've made, makes me dread it though. Reading stuff like randomly running out of stamina, and getting stuck in random places and so on brings back so many bad memories. I think it's kind of bullshit that they've made the trophy the way they have. I mean, the game is around 3 hours long. For some people that's a very long time to dedicate to a game, where you can't save any progress. You could technically have made it to the last cutscene with the baby and Knoth, and then have your PS4 crash, a power shortage or whatever, and everything would be lost. At least they could have given us ONE SAVE for us to use, whenever we wanted to. I would use mine at the beginning of the barb wire forest-area with Nick and Laird, that's for sure.
  8. This looks like a fun game, but there's so little information on it. How many hours to 100% this, and is it difficult? Thanks!
  9. Please add me to all tiers, except Researcher 😎
  10. Ugh, just reading about your "adventures" makes me remember how much Insane mode has made me hate this game. In the first Outlast game, Insane mode was fair. And FUN! That's the keyword here, FUN! Practicing made you a bit of a bad ass who could master the entire 1 hour run, and getting the trophy felt satisfying. If you died, it was because you messed up. It was basically an hour long test of your memory, and how quick and smooth you could pull off various task. In Outlast 2 however, there's just too much "just because". It's really, really unfair, when you do what you do in runs that are successful, but suddenly get killed for it. Nick and Laird in particular feel so bugged, and it's completely random if you die or not. This makes me sound like a sore loser, I know, but I'm not kidding. In the barb wire forest, I'm doing what I'm always doing. I jump through the window of the hut EXACTLY as Nick and Laird break the door down. Sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn't. Then after the terrible sequence of moving from cover to cover, I've had the exact same issues as you, in the area with the rope. Sometimes a redneck just SPAWNS next to the rope, even if he wasn't there before. And sometimes he doesn't!? All of this would be ok if the game was 1 hour, maybe 1.5 hours, long. But, like I mentioned in an earlier post, by the time you reach Nick and Laird, you have easily invested 1 hour+ in the game, only to fail because of some crap. You have kind of inspired me to try again, though.
  11. There's a couple... GTA V for PS3. I wish I would've held out for the PS4 version instead. The game is so sluggish on the PS3, and while I didn't notice back in 2013, it became quite a chore to load up and play when I cleaned it up for online trophies years later. So... I definitely don't regret playing GTA V, because it's great, but I wish I would've waited for the PS4 version. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. I actually don't play games, just to get platinum trophies (and yet… I have a My Name Is Mayo-platinum, but that was an April Fool's challenge between me and friends). I played EGTTR because I was seriously interested in it (having played Dear Esther, and loved it, a year earlier or so (same developers)), but I just found it to be incredibly unengaging and boring. The game looked fantastic, but the story was so uninteresting that I kind of wish I hadn't wasted my time on it. Maybe a couple of the WWE 2K games as well. Looking back, they were the same every year, and I feel kind of bad having spent so much time on those games, when I could've been playing better games.
  12. I mean, there's A LOT of DLC. Is the DLC fun? And how many hours (and how difficult) to 100% it all?
  13. Yup, absolutely hate Nick & Laird. The area where you have to sneak away from them on a fallen tree across a canyon, seems too random. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and I always do the same thing. By that point, you'll always have invested between 1 and 1,5 hours in the game, only to fail - and that's just horrible. I still want to do it, as the game isn't too bad beyond chapter 2. I'm fearing the part in the mines where we have to lure two enemies away from the main corridor though. The strategy for that seems a little fickle, but I've gotten it to work somewhat consistently on Nightmare tryouts.
  14. I think so, yes. But I don't know if would bother doing the sort of stuff you'd normally do for trophies, unless of course I'm madly in love with the game. Btw, will trophy sync be removed from PS3, or was it just hypothetical? I still need to play some PS3 games, so if Sony has warned that they'll remove trophy support, or something like that, I'm a bit busy.