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  1. Probably Crypt of the Necro Dancer. The hardest Platinum I have achieved is WipEout HD. The game had several difficult trophies, but Elite Campaign Legend was a nightmare.
  2. Thanks man! Btw, I just beat King Dice on Expert, but I noticed there's no Expert Star when I check my list. The Devil doesn't have a box either. Are King Dice and The Devil not required to beat on Expert for the trophy?
  3. I only have 5 bosses left on Expert, and while they are all difficult, I still have courage that I can do it. Except for Wally Warbles... JESUS F'N CHRIST... I lose all of my 5 hp points in a matter of seconds. What the hell!? Whatever advice I can get, I'll take. Anyone?
  4. Hah, fun! If I were to fill out each difficulty rating with a game I've completed myself, it would probably look like this: 1/10 - My Name is Mayo (you literally just have to click 1 button) 2/10 - Astro's Playroom (unlike a 1/10 game, there's a (light) challenge) 3/10 - MediEvil (a slightly more difficult game, due to the lack of checkpoints, but still not hard) 4/10 - Shadow of the Colossus (a moderate challenge) 5/10 - Final Fantasy VII Remake (a moderate challenge+, you need to prepare and practice for certain things) 6/10 - Demon's Souls (same as a 5/10 game, really, just a tad more difficult) 7/10 - Steep (requires a lot of practice, and also luck - which is why it's more difficult than a 6/10 game) 8/10 - Crash Bandicoot (same as the 7/10, just more difficult in those areas) 9/10 - Shadow Warrior (a 9/10 requires a lot of patience, planning and to be calm and level-headed at all times) 10/10 - WipEout HD (the same as a 9/10 game, except with truckloads of bullshit RNG, on top of requiring perfected skills)
  5. Yeah, it feels so great to play this game with a Dualshock. Btw... Do you know if I can complete level 6, and then come back to the level and get the Primagen 6 Key later, or will all those buttons and force fields be reset? When I defeat the Mother Boss, and then go back to the Hub to clean up various Primagen Keys and secrets of past levels before the final boss, do I then need to redo the requirements to get to the Primagen 6 Key in level 6 again, or will the game remember the 3/4 buttons I pushed the last time I played the level? If you know what I mean?
  6. Hah, yeah. I tried playing GoldenEye, with a buddy, a couple of years ago. It was downright impossible for me to adjust to the N64 controller.
  7. Haha yeah, I completed level 5 a few hours ago. It had more straightforward level design compared to level 4, but jeeez... There are lots, and lots, and lots of very aggressive and annoying enemies with perfect aim in this level 😂
  8. It also says "Complete the nineth round". Shouldn't it be "ninth"?
  9. Oh yeah, I agree. That's a shame. I have DOOM 64 in my library, and I look forward to playing it!
  10. I actually think it looks good graphically 😮 But I generally don't mind retro game graphics, unless it's actively ugly, like some grainy PS1 games that can be hard to go back to. I think the Turok games have great colors, and a charming nostalgic age to their graphics.
  11. Okay, good to hear! I stopped playing right before the boss last night, so at least I'll have Lair of the Blind Ones behind me soon. Thank you for the grenade-advice! I can definitely recommend Turok 1 as well! The trophy list is more simple than Turok 2 for sure. The game is more casual, and doesn't feel quite as revolutionary, but I had a lot of fun going through it last week. It's crazy how different Turok 2 is though. Hahaha, yup! Ohhh, the memories. I remember all of the Temples (where you get the tattoos) were pretty difficult! The Playrooms' soundtrack is so disturbing. It's basically the sound of chainsaws going through flesh, while a baby is laughing. Good times 😫
  12. Hahaha, yeah, in hindsight I should've started on Normal 😅 *Gulp* Looking forward to level 5 and 6 too, then! It's actually really rewarding to conquer these incredibly long and confusing levels, and I'm having a lot of fun doing so. I gotta admit though, Lair of the Blind Ones got me slightly pissed off last night, when I spent hours looking for a Cave Key. Would you say The Lair of the Blind Ones is the "worst" level? Ahhh, yeah. That order makes sense. Thanks! I've already backtracked to Level 1 and 2 after completion, to get the Primagen keys. But seriously, this game is awesome. It's incredible how well it has aged, and how ahead of its time it was for 1998. AWESOME! Shadow Man is a total hidden gem that a lot of people don't know about, so nice to meet another fan! The remaster will be releasing for PC on April 15th, and it will arrive on PS4 "soon" according to the devs (probably early Summer). I'm so ridiculously excited for it, as it's one of my all-time favorite video games. And now with trophies! And yup, Avery Marx is hands down the creepiest video game character I've ever faced, and his level is so horrifyingly scary 😆 When I was a kid, the level scared me so much that I spent days playing through it, because I could only play a few minutes at a time. Seriously, this game oozes atmosphere.
  13. I started playing Turok 2 again a few days ago, and I absolutely love it. I had the game as a kid, but I don't think I ever progressed past the first level, due to the numerous issues I had with the game on PC. HOWEVER... the levels in this game... they are SO long! 😂 I think the opening level took me over 2 hours to complete - and that's the first level in the game. Besides the Death Marshes level, all the levels I've played so far have been MASSIVE, and go on, and on, and on. They have some incredibly confusing level design too, where it's easy to miss something - even if you are thorough in your exploration like I am - which will force you to backtrack A LOT if you try to Plat the game. The Lair of the Blind Ones-level is particularly brutal in its marathon-like length. I'm doing this on Hardcore difficulty, which doesn't exactly make anything easier, so I think I spent 5 or 6 hours trying to make sense of that level yesterday 😅 I somehow missed a Cave Key, and had to go through almost the entire level again (with respawned enemies) to locate it. Not complaining, I actually love it, just wondering if other people are having similar experiences?
  14. I mean, that "Perfect all stages" looks terrifying, but quite a few people got the trophy in only a matter of hours?
  15. A bit of thread hijack, so sorry for that, but... is the PS5 version digital only?