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  1. Another question: Is it ok to play in Body Form against the 1-4 Boss, after having done all Pure White and Pure Black events? It's the only thing I have left in the game. Can it still mess up the run to die in Body Form? Not gonna lie, I could use a longer health bar 😅
  2. I started this thread and... No... Not that hard. But not a total breeze either. You need to focus. The level I had trouble with forced me to replay it several times, because I kept falling off a platform against the Boss at the end... And there are no checkpoints. But the game is so fun that it's totally worth it.
  3. Yeah I definitely plan on doing that. It's almost like a whole new world opening up, now that I've gotten an interest in the Soulsborne genre 😂 How do the various games compare difficulty-wise? Is Bloodborne considered the hardest, and Demon's Souls the easiest? Thanks for your replies guys!
  4. I'm currently playing through the Demon's Souls remake and enjoying the hell out of it, but I can't stop wondering if the remake is easier than the original game? I played the original way back in 2012, and I remember what a tough time I had with it. I remember lots of frustrating encounters and how my patience suffered a lot, but I'm not really having any hard times with the remake. The only area where I've truly had a hard time was during the Maneaters battle. Of course, there have been other challenging areas, but nothing more than "Oh, that didn't work. Let me try this the next time", and then succeeding with a new strategy after 1 or 2 more attempts. It truly feels like a much more casual experience than it was 9 years ago, so has the game been made easier, or have I simply become a better gamer? If it's the latter... then MAYBE I'll FINALLY have the courage to take on the other Soulsborne games!
  5. Doesn't look too bad. They've simplified the trophies for all the older missions. I wonder if Mastery 20 carries over and auto-pops those trophies, if you've already done them in Hitman 2 for all missions?
  6. Man, thank you! Those games look AWESOME! I've added Bloodstained to my cart on PSN now. Again, thank you!
  7. That's a really difficult question to answer. I LOVE typical Metroidvania-style gameplay elements. You see a door early in the game, but you can't open it yet. Later on you find a key with the same symbol the door had, so you'll backtrack to the door and voila. Heavily exploration-based gameplay is my jam. You can't really call Resident Evil 2 Remake a Metroidvania-game, but there are those specific type of exploration-gameplay elements similar to Metroidvania games. To answer your question, Resident Evil 2 Remake totally defines my type of game; Metroidvania-style exploration, puzzle-solving, and a tense horror atmosphere etc.
  8. Male here, and I agree with you. I've had the exact same thoughts and frustrations regarding all those things. Something just happens with male players, when a female player enters the lobby. It's ridiculous and quite cringy. I guess that's just an unfortunate side effect of being "biological beings" 😂 well, and immature. It's also unfortunate that a female streamer will ALWAYS initially be judged by her looks by heterosexual male viewers, but I do think that most of them will stay beyond that for her commentary, gameplay etc., if they do like her style. Eventually, an interest in the streamer's personality will overtake that initial "Oh my god she's pretty"-thing that made him click the video. I BELIEVE.
  9. Thank you for your answers! Another question: Does killing the red dragon in 1-2 influence world or character tendency in any way?
  10. Besides the initial multi-hour grind of levelling up yourself and certain weapons, it's not that bad IF you find a great team of players. Once I had done my part of being fully prepared rank-wise and knowing "what to do" in each level, having two veteran partners with me made all the difference in the World. I found my team here on PSNProfiles.
  11. I've defeated the 1-1 and 1-2 demons so far, and just want to know if I can go ahead and challenge the 1-3 demon now, or if that demon will be too overpowered this early in the game? Any suggestions regarding the order in which I should challenge the demons are welcome.
  12. When looking through my trophies on PS5, I noticed that Dex had a box with three dots below its title, instead of the usual box with "PS3", "PS VITA", "PS4" or "PS5". Does anyone know what that means?
  13. WWE 2K17. It seems like my answer for all of these "most tedious Platinum", "worst trophy you've ever earned" etc. is a WWE game trophy. I'm glad I finally ditched that lame franchise.
  14. Driveclub is a rather easy Platinum, but a whole different story if you are going for 100% with all the DLC's. Not that they are incredibly hard (some of those DLC races are pretty difficult though), but they are quite time consuming.
  15. 53! It was 13 a few days ago, but then I began playing Final Fantasy VII Remake.