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  1. I found the game to be a perfectly balanced challenge without ever being frustratingly difficult. I hated looking for the final Xeno Glyph in Biome 2, though. I can't believe some of you only needed 10-20 runs for it to appear. I was way above 50 (maybe even closer to 100. I spent HOURS one day, just doing that). I only needed the "orb" room Xeno Glyph, and it took me so many runs before it finally appeared. And it's not like I died before reaching the room in runs where it might've spawned, because I always checked every room, and it was never there.
  2. Nice! How difficult is this game to 100%?
  3. I've actually had more fun with it than I've had with the sterile and bloated 2K series. That series has somehow achieved sucking out all of the fun of playing wrestling games (except their Create-a-Superstar modes, which are still amazing). I prefer Arcade-style wrestling games, and never quite understod why everything was taken in the Simulation-direction to begin with. Sure, the graphics are childish, and the gameplay is rather shallow, but I think it's a fun little game. And I actually like the graphics. I prefer a simplistic graphical style over the absolutely terrible models we've been getting in the 2K series, which are supposed to look more realistic and life-like, but just always look like they are (at least) one generation behind.
  4. So I completed the 3rd House Sequence yesterday, and wondered why I wasn't awarded an Artifact for doing so, when I were after completing the previous two House Sequences. I've read that a Spaceship Artifact was supposed to drop, but it didn't drop for me. Am I in trouble now? Will this prevent me from being able to 100% the Surveys or something? Does this require a brand new save file?
  5. If you try this, please let me know how if it worked out for you, because I would like to do something similar.
  6. Yeah, but all the ones I want to do over again (Tomb Raider Legend, Anniversary and Underworld, as well as Afrika) don't have multiple stacks
  7. I don't have any helpful tips, but man I wish we could reset trophies in games so we could get the Platinum all over again 😀 This was one of my favorite Platinum trophies to get, ever!
  8. Would love a trophy guide as well. Or just some general tips from people who've completed it at least. How would you rate the difficulty and time to Platinum? Also, does anyone know if DLC trophies will be coming for this? I know there's an expansion called Spirits of Amazonia, but I'm not sure if it had achievements when released on Steam.
  9. I hope they'll announce Tekken 8 soon. I know Tekken 7 is technically only 4 years old (a bit more than that though, if we count the Arcade version), but the game has aged terribly very fast. The gameplay is still amazing, but the graphics, and resolution in particular, are not good. Especially compared to more recent fighting game releases like Dead or Alive 6 and Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Round, and especially Mortal Kombat 11, which all have a better resolution and use of colours etc.
  10. My PS3 still works, but is it a good idea to remove our PSN profile from our PS3, until we know more about this, or is that irrelevant?
  11. Afrika. The game got pretty bad reviews, and it's next to impossible to find now, but I loved it so much. It's really just driving around African nature and finding, and photographing, animals, but I had a great time 😂 I never understood the bad reviews, but the driving was indeed a bit clunky.
  12. The Arena-trophy didn't bug on me, but the 5 time, 5 time, 5 time-trophy did. I had to complete 10 Pounds of Gold 6 times for it to unlock, so not too bad.
  13. To the people who've already platted this game: How long is this game, and how long does it take to get the Platinum trophy?
  14. Yeah, I'd say so. Which is pretty ironic, because it might be the most difficult game in the trilogy, if we strictly talk main games and not the bonus stuff. The Deadly Obsession difficulty is not that difficult, but it's pretty unforgiving with its checkpoints, so a mistimed platforming jump can cause quite the headache after a while. The reason why it's easier than the previous two overall is, that Tomb Raider has horrendous multiplayer stuff besides the main game, which takes forever, and Rise of the Tomb Raider has all those Score Attack challenges besides the main game. I don't remember the Score Attack challenges being super difficult, but they were more skill-based than anything else in the three games, I feel.
  15. Has anyone else noticed that there's something on the Main Menu that's greyed out and says "Preparing"? Since a couple of the game's characters don't have a trophy with their portrait, is it safe to assume that DLC with trophies will arrive later?