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  1. Dunwall City Trials sucks! The worst DLC ever, haha. God, I hate it. You need to do each of the 6 individual jumps It's largely luck-based, as sometimes a jump will "spawn" far away, and time will be an issue. I finally got the trophy a few years ago, but the journey to get there sucked.
  2. I'm super excited for this. I'm not sure what all this talk about Friday the 13th being bad is, I loved that game and spent HUNDREDS of hours in it with friends.
  3. I want to pop the Platinum trophy for this game on August 8th - international cat day!
  4. Some great picks in this thread. I would love classic wrestling games to appear, but they have so many licensing issues it would be impossible, so I'll go with: 1. Tomb Raider (PS1) 2. Tomb Raider II (PS1) 3. Tomb Raider III (PS1) 4. Kula World (PS1) 5. Heart of Darkness (PS1)
  5. Is this the same game as WipEout HD for PS3, or is it completely different? How do they compare in terms of difficulty. WipEout HD was pretty brutal.
  6. I felt the same as you INITIALLY, but it really won me over the more I played it. It's incredibly addictive and fun, the characters are well-written and the whole concept feels so unique. Some of the prophecies are RNG bullshit, that were way more grindy than they had to be, but I still love the game. In a year where Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part II and Astro's Playroom also came out however, I'm not so sure it's Game of the Year, but it's easily a 9/10 in my opinion.
  7. I've been holding out on playing Quake, because I was warned about the potential for buggy trophies. 6 months (or more) have passed now, is it safe to play this now? Have the trophies been patched?
  8. Yeah :/ I keep holding my breath when I return to the House of Hades, and hope there'll be progress in the story, but most of the time there isn't 😂 I had the same issue with the Night and Darkness prophecy. So much depends on whether Nyx will say the line that progresses the story or not, and I can't count the amount of times she's been talking with someone else, talking about Charon or whatever, or not even been there, after a full escape for the 70th time 😆
  9. Thank you! Do I need to have seen him with Patroclus in Elysium first, for him to return to the House of Hades? Not gonna lie, I have a hard time spawning Patroclus in Elysium. I've once had 8 runs in a row, without him showing up.
  10. After fullfilling the Divided By Death prophecy, will Achilles then move to Elysium and never come back to the House of Hades? The reason I'm asking is that I'm unsure how to get his companion, if he movies to Elysium. Will he stay in the House of Hades for one round still, after completing the prophecy?
  11. How long does it take to get all the MyRise trophies done?
  12. Congratulations to you guys for your platinum! I'm steadily getting there as well. I just have a few questions: HOW am I supposed to win the 8 Man Pin Only matches? The type where all 8 fight each other, no teams? If Submission was allowed, I could just mash buttons aggressively to win, but it seems IMPOSSIBLE to win when it's pin only. Pins are broken up constantly, and there are only a maximum of maybe 3 other wrestlers that are stunned at any time. I guess luck is the answer, but I hope there's a nice trick. My second question is, how long does the MyRise trophies take? Is it another ridiculous grind, or is it far less grindy than MyFaction? How many hours to get both the male and female trophies from MyRise? Btw, I really enjoy MyFaction. The 8 Man matches can be really bullshitty, but overall getting the medals in the Proving Grounds towers is pretty fun.
  13. Once again, the Earn 300 MFP In Matches Daily Challenge has been completed by me, but with no reward. It was already cleared when I opened my game. And I need those tokens! Any solution to this?
  14. Once again, the Earn 300 MFP In Matches Daily Challenge has been completed by me, but with no reward. It was already cleared when I opened my game. And I need those tokens! Any solution to this? Edit: Whooops, posted in wrong thread. Sorry.