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  1. 42. I'll probably never reach zero, due to Dunwall City Trials in Dishonored mainly.
  2. Is there an easy way to check? I can see what my 75th Platinum was, but I can't really just count backwards, as very few of my games are in order, due to having gotten DLC trophies at other times and so on. Edit: It's WWE 2k17... boring.
  3. How is the length of this game compared to Yakuza Kiwami 2? I think I spent around 80 hours in that game. Kiwami 2 story is a few chapters longer, has a bonus campaign with Majima, more Mahjong requirements, Hostess club stuff and so on.
  4. Various trophy guides label Titanfall 2 a 5/10 or 6/10 in terms of Platinum difficulty. The infamous "... Becomes the Master" trophy of course is notoriously hard, but the campaign on Master difficulty sounds like it's much more difficult than the trophy guides perhaps let on. Would love to hear from people Who have the Platinum trophy, and if you have a different take on the difficulty.
  5. Hah, I was in the exact same situation is you. I nearly gave up, because the controls were so clunky. But then suddenly, it clicked, and I got used to it. And I ended up adoring the game. So definitely hang in there.
  6. A question for those who have played this, what would your Platinum difficulty estimation be?
  7. Some of the trophy requirements for this game sound Brutal, and so far only 3 have achieved Platinum (yet in very short time). How would you guys rank the difficulty, and is it a fun game?
  8. Only 5 people have a Platinum trophy in this game, is it because it's super hard, or because no one plays it? I'm kind of interested in it, but not if it's a brutal game.
  9. Thanks for your reply! Oh, okay. I see you also have the Platinum trophy for Dangerous Driving. Was it easier or harder than that, or about the same? I assume Dangerous Driving is a much longer game, but in terms of sheer difficulty?
  10. I hope someone will have some knowledge about this, as it seems like very few people have actually 100%'d the game. If you are one of the few people who have done it, OR attempted it (or simply just played the game), what difficulty rating would you give the 100% journey in this game?
  11. The Trophy Guide says 5/10, which sounds reasonable enough. Have anyone else completed, or just played this game, and have a different opinion?
  12. 28. I'll never hit 0 because of the evil Dunwall City Trials trophies for Dishonored in particular. Time Trial-trophies in Mirror's Edge and Insane mode-trophies in Outlast 2 also has me worried. The rest I might get, some day.
  13. Yes I am, and there are a couple of reasons for it. Back in the mid-00's, my gaming hobby was basically dead. I was still playing different games, but I never got into any of them. My gaming was really superficial, and I simply did not enjoy it. A couple of hours here, and a couple of hours there (like I see a lot of my friends do today - and like me back then, they don't seem to enjoy anything). There was no structure to it. Now this sounds ridiculous, as you wouldn't think a hobby like gaming should be structured or organized, but I seriously didn't start enjoying gaming again, until that's exactly what I did. When I noticed a trophy popping for the first time in a PS3 game, that got me curious. And over the next couple of years, I just naturally started hunting down every trophy in a game, before I moved on. This not only got me to devout the time needed for every game, but it also got me to seriously enjoy all the games I played (even mediocre ones), because the trophy hunt made it interesting. I have basically no fond memories of the stuff I played during the late-PS2 era, because of this. So... trophies really reignited my passion for gaming. Every time I begin a new game, I look at a trophy guide or roadmap, and then I just gradually work towards that wonderful 100%. So I'm having fun on two levels; The actual game + the trophy hunting, which is somewhere between being inside and outside the game.
  14. How difficult is the Fire Pro Wrestling World Platinum trophy to achieve? Sure, there's a lot of grindy stuff, and that's always annoying, but I'm mostly curious about the difficulty of the S rank missions trophy, as it is even rarer than the 1000 matches trophy.
  15. Has anything been announced about future DLC trophies for Dangerous Driving, or do you think the game will get them eventually? I ask because I hate DLC trophies. I only play games when everything is out, so games like Rocket League have been quite the pain in the ass.