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  1. Yeah, same here I'm getting old. I want games without too much grinding, and a ... casual challenge. I don't mind difficult games, but the days of WipEout HD, Shadow Warrior, Outlast insane runs and grotesque grinds feel like they are behind me.
  2. Thanks @TugaSonic ! I think Yakuza 0 took me 140 hours to Platinum (maybe more, but I think it was around 140 hours). Should I expect the same for Kiwami?
  3. Thanks @TugaSonic ! Yeah, I should probably not worry too much about. I know I'll have a great time with the game. 0 was fantastic. How about Climax Battles in Kiwami? Are they bad? They provided me a bit of trouble in 0.
  4. Man, I would really appreciate a guide. I hate jumping into a game, without any knowledge of how much time it will take me, difficulty, grind etc. I got the Platinum trophy for Yakuza 0 last summer, and since I'm starting to miss these awesome characters, I want to try Yakuza Kiwami. But I'm reading all sorts of conflicting opinions. Some say it is much harder than 0, some say it is much easier. Most people say it's shorter, but some say that mini-games are harder, so they might be more time consuming than in 0. I would really love a Platinum guide, or at least an estimate of time to Platinum, difficulty, grind etc. compared to 0. I kind of want to do both Kiwami 1 and 2 this summer, where I have some time.
  5. Haha, well, not really. My reasoning for picking it was, that there is a song that has "Chicken" in the title on the OST, and, in a way, you can play a game of chicken in the game
  6. Aww, I completely forgot about this. I never even got started on Burnout.
  7. Outlast 2. I loved the first game, but I don't find this one particularly entertaining. It's incredibly well made, and the story is good and so on, but it's just not a fun game. And completing Insane mode is definitely not fun. I've mad at least 20 attempts, and I usually get 1 hour or 1½ hours through the game, before I either screw up, or get screwed in areas I usually master without any problems. Especially the part with the giant and the midget, where 9/10 times I get through it, and then there's the 1/10 time I randomly get hit by an instant death arrow, despite doing exactly the same as I always do. 1½ hour wasted. So at this point, I don't get scared, I don't enjoy the atmosphere, and I'm not having fun. So I've put it away until I somehow find the courage to try again, or just simply want to play the game again.
  8. Hahaha! Fun! A crossover between PlayStation trophy hunting and Eurovision sounds like my kind of thing. I was planning on playing Burnout Paradise Remastered in May, and I just found out there's a song in that game called "Chicken George". Does that count? If so... 1) Burnout Paradise Remastered (Also, you can sort of play a game of chicken in that game, no? ) 2) Russia. Or Slovenia. But I'll go with Russia.
  9. This might be a difficult question to answer at this point, but having no experience with the series, how long do you guys think the time to Platinum will be for Mortal Kombat 11? The games requires us to complete 250 Towers and other stuff that sounds grindy, but since I know nothing about Mortal Kombat, I may be wrong? What do you guys think?
  10. Phew! Thanks guys!
  11. I'm asking because I told a friend that I was about to begin it, and he warned me, saying it was unobtainable. After a couple of google searches, I found several threads about it, all of them several years old. However, it looks like someone got a Platinum trophy in Apotheon a few days ago. Still, I would like to know if this Platinum is unobtainable or not, or if it's only obtainable by doing some weird glitch or something. Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks a lot guys! Man, that sucks. At least it IS kind of possible. I don't understand what Square Enix are thinking though. The decent thing to do, would be to remove the Comrades trophy list from the game, since it isn't even available.
  13. Is it true, that due to the closing of servers or something, it's not possible to 100% Final Fantasy XV? I would love some sort of summary, so I know exactly what's happened here, because if It's true, that sucks.
  14. Thanks for your reply! What is the difference between grapples and holds? This might be a complicated answer, but in a nutshell? Do you know if the game will receive DLC with trophies (I hate that)? Is Tecmo known for doing that, with their games?
  15. I've always played the Tekken games, and only very shortly played a Dead or Alive game on PS1 and one on PS2. I remember that I had no clue what I was doing, as the controls were clearly completely different from Tekken. But I want to get my hands on a new fighting game, and I'm kind of attracted to the idea of learning the gameplay, characters etc. of a different fighting game series. Can someone give me an idea of how Dead or Alive differs from Tekken, so I'll know the basics of the game? Like, the core idea of how to play it?