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  1. I have an interest in shitty games, like I have an interest in shitty movies. So I'm quite interested in trying this one out. On the other hand, I don't want a game on my list that I'll never have a chance of 100%'ing, so the Win at Life trophy kind of keeps me away from it. I can see nobody has it yet. Is it simply because no one has attempted getting it, is it because the game is buggy, or is it because it's difficult to avoid getting hit? Is it possible to block hits, etc? I would like to hear about people's experience with the game's trophies.
  2. My PS5 won't read discs (PS5 games, PS4 games or Blu-Ray movies)... or... sometimes it will. There's about a 25% chance it will read when it's in the vertical position, and about a 10% chance when it's in the horizontal position. And YES... I know which way to face the disc. The disc drive is incredibly noisy, and they are worrying sounds. The discs do no get scratched though, so at least there's that. When the console doesn't read the disc, nothing happens. Just noise. No disc icon, or anything, on screen. So it's not a "disc read error" situation. I'm almost certain this is a relatively simple thing to fix. It's probably just a screw or some stupid thing that hasn't been entirely correctly installed. Doing stuff like this myself COULD give me more problems though. I've talked to Sony, and they've offered to repair my console, but they've also told me that they might not have my console ready before January. So this entire situation sucks. Any advice? Does anyone have the same issue?
  3. Is this a "fun" game? Is it a good horror game? Does it have good scares, atmosphere, etc. And how is the Platinum journey? Looks like there's a lot of collectibles, which is alright. I'm curious if it's an Outlast-esque horror game, or if it's more on the walking simulator-side of horror? Thanks.
  4. Ok, so I've done a lot of testing, and I've found out something very strange. I've found out that when I've JUST turned on the PS5, it can read any disc, and I can play HOURS from it. No problem at all. But if I try to load a disc after the PS5 has been powered on for just a few minutes, it won't read any discs. If I insert a disc immediately after powering on the console, play from this disc for hours, then eject it and insert another, the console won't read that disc. So basically. The console will read whatever disc I insert right after powering the PS5 on, and absolutely nothing I insert after the PS5 has been on for a few minutes. Can anyone with technical knowledge give any sort of explanation to this weird issue?
  5. What would you guys rate the Platinum difficulty of this game to be? And time to Platinum? The difficult trophies seem to be the ones that demand the player to complete the game under 40 minutes, as well as the trophy for completing Hardcore mode. There are still no trophy guides for it
  6. I have another question. Is it true that the PS5 doesn't use the disc beyond the initial installation, as well as to register if the owner has the game or not? Does this mean that if I can get the PS5 to register the disc (like I can sometimes), I can play Spider-Man Miles Morales without any issues? I already have the game installed from one of the times it could read the disc. I have to wait until Wednesday before I can send it to Sony anyways, so I might as well try and see if I can play some games.
  7. 😂 Yes... I'm sure
  8. I've just picked up my PS5... And it won't read discs. And yes, I'm making sure the disc face the correct way 😂 Nothing happens when I insert the disc, except a lot of noise from the drive. I've talked with Sony and they want me to send it in for repair. This really, really sucks...
  9. Bloodborne is the one game I feel really bad about not playing. Especially since it's a PlayStation exclusive, on top of being universally loved. But I'll get to it eventually.
  10. I noticed that the game got patched recently. Was it a "PS5 upgrade"? Or is such an upgrade still in the works, if it's coming at all?
  11. The lack of checkpoints is so annoying. It's not that the challenges in the game itself are that difficult, but if you die (which I typically do at least once at a boss fight) you start the chapter all over. I spent about 1½ hour in the Enchanted Earth level, because I kept arriving at the boss battle with too little health. While the game is not super hard or anything, I'd defintely say it's harder than 2/10 from the trophy guide. Sure, you can do everything with a little practice and patience, but it's not like you could just blast through in one take either. Or is it just me? Btw, the Scarecrow Fields were super annoying as well.
  12. Awesome. How would you rate the Platinum difficulty, and time to get it?
  13. Does the game have missable trophies? Something specifically difficult? Anything special I should know before playing, or is it rather straightforward, trophy-wise?
  14. What is the game like in terms of Platinum difficulty and length? The trophies do not look difficult, but in the description of the game on the PSN store, it says something like "This is not an easy game" 😂
  15. They have sadly posted the following on their Facebook: PS4 Release Date (NA/EU) We wanted to give a heads-up concerning the PlayStation 4 release. Because of a variety of problems around administration, ratings, and such, the game will be available on the 31st of October in the North American region, and on the 1st of November in the Europe region. PS4 Japan and Asia Region Because of ratings issues, the game will release at a later point in the Japan and Asia regions. We expect the game to release by the end of November in these regions. Our most sincere apologies to those affected by these changes! I wanted to play this for Halloween 😭
  16. Yup, awesome game.
  17. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - It was easily the most unpopular reboot Tomb Raider game, but I think it's the best one. Friday the 13th: The Game - Sure, I understand why people had problems with the glitches and all that, but I had so much fun throughout the entire 2000+ matches I played for the Platinum. I never got tired of the game, and I STILL play it to this day. Having a dedicated group of friends to play with is obviously key, though. Afrika - If we go way back, I think this game was awesome. Sure, a game where you just drive around and photograph animals isn't for everyone, but I loved it. One of my all-time favorite Platinum trophies. I'm not entirely sure if The Last of Us Part II qualifies for this thread, because a lot of people did love it... but the game still got sooo much hate, that I think it fits. I absolutely adored every single second of it. Then there is a game like Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey which may not have been disliked, but it was severely overlooked, which is a shame considering how awesome I thought it was.
  18. No, I've always enjoyed trophy hunting, and still do, as well as completing as much as possible 100%. It has never felt like a job (except on one occasion, which I'll get to), quite the contrary. It's relaxing and I actually get a kick out of "cleaning up games", doing things in order, and stuff like that 😂 From the outside, it may look like I put a lot of rules and restraints on myself, but I enjoy it so much. I always play through a game blindly the first time, and put the thought of hunting trophies way in the back of my head. I also take my time with every game, as I'm no rush to be at the top of any leaderboard or in a hurry to move onto the next thing at all. I feel like I enjoy something less, if I put a lot of expectations on myself to finish it quickly, so I can move onto the next thing. I care much more about playing games that I really want to play and complete, than playing "a lot of games", which might explain why I have a relatively short list of games despite having hunted trophies for 11 years. HOWEVER... to answer your question... the last WWE 2K game I played (2K17) nearly broke me. That time it actually felt like a job. I "enjoyed" the first 25% of the grind, and then it started getting too much, and I just wanted it out of my system. That's the only time I ever felt like a "slave" to trophies, and I never played another WWE game. It would be unfair to blame that entirely on the series' grindy trophies though, as the truth behind that is rather that the series has gone down the toilet for me (just like the actual WWE).
  19. I got the Speedster trophy on my first try, last night. Thank you guys for all your great advice, and in particular this "exploit" or "skip" or whatever we should call it. I couldn't have done it without you. I timed my run, only pausing during "Save and Exits to the Main Menu", and my time came in at 2 hours and 17 minutes, so I almost didn't get it! If a total of 9 minutes of loading times are subtracted from the total time, then it was obviously better at around 2 hours and 8 minutes. Still, I have no idea how I could've made it without the exploit 😅 I felt like I was super crisp in my run. I didn't get lost, I didn't die, I didn't screw anything up - even the annoying "grab and place"-physics were on my side for once. So I have NO idea how I could have improved my time. I would have had about 11-12 minutes to finish the Hunting Grounds and Catacombs without the exploit, and still finish the game in time. That sounds borderline impossible. I will say though, that I didn't jump straight through the portal in the throne room, but rather played out the Harvester ending. Now I'll just wait for October 31st to pop the Nope, Merci trophy, which I'm still trying to figure out how to get, without looking it up 😜
  20. I'm looking for a great game I can play throughout the summer, and not hurry myself through. I've been eyeing Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch for a while now, because there's something about the game that appeals to me. It looks fun and interesting, and I adore the Studio Ghibli art. HOWEVER... there's a couple of things that make me uncertain, and I hope people who have played the game can help me. I'm a little tired of open world games right now, with lots of cutscenes and grinding. I was actually very close to buying Final Fantasy X the other day, because I feel nostalgic about the game, but the sheer thought of sitting through cutscene after cutscene (and grinding for hours) is not very appealing right now. Is Ni No Kuni like this? Is it very grindy and story-heavy? It is a JRPG after all, but I kind of hope one of you guys will come and tell me it's not that bad in that regard I don't really mind if the game is challenging or anything like that, and it doesn't matter if it's long either, as I'll probably take my time and spread it out for the entire summer. Should I look for some more action-oriented arcade-like game instead, or would Ni No Kuni be a satisfying game for me to play?
  21. I didn't like Horizon Zero Dawn as much as I wanted to, but it still had a great story and an interesting World.
  22. Awesome! Once again, thank you. I hadn't even thought about how we can also skip the end with this method. But this leaves me with a question. I still have the Harvester ending trophy left to do, and I wanted to tie it in with my speedrun since It's the quickest ending. Will I get that ending if I immediately use the portal? I mean, the baby stays in the cradle, but I don't exactly become a ghoul?
  23. Awesome mate. Good work! I look very much forward to the speedrun video!