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  1. Difficulty ratings in guides are highly subjective.
  2. Not that I seen no, it in limited to 10 on the XMB menu with 3 always being there. The ps5 was rushed in software and it honestly is pretty primitive. The library area has a bunch of options (But until next update, every game that is the same stacks in a menu other than it) and you can have a hidden list and a sort by option. But that is basically just about it. Lmao.
  3. I have had plenty of issues with my ps4 over time, all of which I broke down and repaired it on my own. Back during God of War, the plastic axel on my fan was legit melting away, of where I had to place the console upside down and continuously spin it on my own to keep the system on and running, which a lot of times it would seize up still (When it stops spinning the censor will turn the ps4 off to protect it). Shortly after I did end up replacing the fan which requires every single screw to be removed to get at. Which was disgusting... At the same time I replaced the broken disc-drive and replaced the thermal paste compound with a cheap brand I found locally. For awhile the ps4 ran very nicely, but over time, the fan started sounding like I was working as an air traffic control director. I eventually started getting heating errors, I kept trucking through it, being very reluctant in wanting to fix my issue, but I knew damn well the cheap thermal compound was my issue. (It did not heal correctly) I went through Sekiro with my ps4 turning off all the time, sometimes mid boss fight, and my disc-drive again gave out which I assume was the heat damaging the laser. (There is burns inside my case on the metal, and the plastic clear plate started warping all over the place) I got a ps5, and I wanted to fix the ps4 for the fiancee, so I opened it up and replaced the thermal compound with Arctic Silver 5, which I do not even hear the console make a peep now, it really shows how good high grade compound is. But removed the disc drive and kept the disc-drive board hooked up so I can still recieve updates (if you remove this, and it updates and is missing, the update will not complete at you get hit with an error, you also have to swap this board with any new disc drive as well, as it is directly programmed to the board itself). So needless to say, in conclusion, thermal paste, the higher the quality the better the outcome, there is not much else to say about it here besides it quite possible their using a lower grade liquid metal thermal paste in the new model as well possibly. I have since done many thermal paste replacements in Ps4 Pros and have turned them into harmonic humming machines instead of aircrafts... (My ps5 is silent as hell and its quite shocking at how much I can hear going on around me now paired to before with insane fan noise)
  4. There is a thread here on PSNprofiles somewhere that teaches you how to get earlier versions of a digitally downloaded game, if that means anything to your plans.
  5. Crap you reminded me about Killing Floor 2... Damn Lambchop!
  6. Sadly man, yeah it is 110% true. You only get a library and you cannot even place your games and or apps properly on the XMB menu, it will go in order you played. With most recently downloaded coming first as well.... The library is not able to be sorted in any manor either. The worst part is the trophies line themselves horizontally in squares as well, so its very hard to look through a list (next update is changing this to vertical again) You get 10 apps/games on XMB and the rest will fall under your Library tab. 3 of these apps are mandatory and do not ever leave this area. (Store, PsNow and PsPlus)
  7. The vendor glitch is what I used, and I didn't really stockpile cash either, just ran to one when I was in need of restocking ammo. As for the leveling, I didn't level my character at all til the very end really, then I did reloads to get all the certain build stuff done.
  8. I have no folders cause I'm on Playstation 5... *tears ensue* But my old Folders used to be Ez-Plats Games Indie Games Now Games. Used to have Disc Games but went through a few disc-drive replacements then entirely got rid of it. Even to this day, the discdrive is out of the ps4, and the board to the drive is still hooked up to the motherboard so it can update still.
  9. Resogun long after it was dead. Just holds a good memory, I spent hours in the lobby, 8 hours and a random guy named Fenrir(with three numbers or more) joined the lobby. We fought to the last boss in hardest difficulty but over the course of the game he took too many of my lives and I ended up dying at the last 10% of the final bosses health pool with no respawns. It disconnected us after the match. Went to make a new lobby and he immediately joined, we went and did the entire games hardest difficulty without ever getting hit. No communication and we didn't even add each other. But the memory holds a special place for me, much like my first experience with Journey.
  10. I am absolutely and perfectly fine with only stacking from Europe. I got a Japanese account already that I downloaded Free Subnautica and some free 100% dance title from, and do not wish to stack anything for JP, HK or AS and of which I already stated here and you went over it and chose to make a point on something I already said my share on, so you can further an agenda you interpret with your own opinion that I already debunked. So no I don't wish for it. I chose my poisons already, and know my limitations I laid for myself in that matter. -- Also, yes it is a blessing and a curse, I wish I could have my Ps3 account from 2009, but I lost my Ps3 and was given a Ps4 many years later when I thought I have fully converted to be a PC gamer, so it is a good way to get back in the system. With my technological know-how now a days I have fixed my ps3 and am now stockpiling the old games I used to have Platinumed, and honestly looking forward to getting around to them. I honestly am looking forward to my end-game goal here to finish off the remainder of what I have with this fodder. Not going to disagree with you on the advantages of people having multiple regions of accounts but again, Sony could legit fix this with one simple, easy patch with just a few lines of coding if they wanted to, and they definitely will not cause their pockets still get lined. Their CEOs who do not even play games, is manning the artillery here. In May I bought all them up to that date, not really caring if their easy, but this boomer wanted them cause their games I grew up with really. These games are honestly notorious to modern gamers on their difficulties. But most were arcade titles to make you spend more coins, they are intentionally this way for a reason. So I hope to have a blast with them when I get around to them.
  11. My boomer shooter prayers have been answered but I did not see this get released. It is not even listed in the PS4 section of the ps5 store when searching release dates new to old in Canada.
  12. I am a trophy / achievement hunter. So yeah sure if you wish to speculate it that way. I choose it on my own accord. I am in a race with nobody just myself wanting a goal point, which I did hit already with this months grind since July 27th. Finishing off what was bought, while getting the small things until the "last breath" of my grind which I have dated hopefully for the end of this month. (About 20 titles left) Going to sit back and enjoy the tons of games I bought for full price since their release dates since 2018, and the massive amounts of ps3 disc games I been stockpiling the last 3 months.. If I stay above 1k World and 50 Country, may not see many of these games done by myself anymore anyways. I wrote out both ez-platinum list and "real game" lists and the "real games" are almost up to the 300 number which sadly, look like all great titles. You interpret us climbers really poorly. This hardly even dents my pocket book like even in a tickle. Really only becomes a true problem when someone legit puts their sanity or finances after a trophy.
  13. Lol, I pay for plenty 12-14 dollars games that are shorter than Breakthrough games (Where you hit R1 and watch text fly, with no "game" whatsoever to be had)... And that is without the tax. Rata games cost me $8 per now with tax included and I have metric tons of 2017-2019 ez-platinums done as well. I stop at 1 region for stacking, I have and know my limits.
  14. So stand up in mass against Sony and Microsoft for xbox instead of crying about it in a secluded forum in the corner of the internet that Sony gives 0 care about? Maybe if many do come forward then maybe it would be cut back or monitored? I doubt it will be cause its mostly people that don't play games lining their pockets with royalties here, so I doubt it will ever end so maybe just come to terms with it cause it may not ever change? Every one of these games that come out its a repeat of the same people complaining in mass to others that otherwise cannot solve the issue in the slightest grain possible. It's an endless debate between people who play no cards and don't even own a card. Can look at these repeated people and see its every single Rata, Eastasiasoft, and breakthrough and many more games entirely and always without one getting by them... Maybe instead of arguing it inside, take it to the developers and platforms that are causing it to happen? If it's of any measure if we could get these games to stop, I too would sign a petition, I maybe do them, but I do them within a reason cause it feels like I have to if my goals is too climb a generalized face-based leaderboard, if not then having this goal is further than arbitrary than it already is. Remember the ps3 days when these indie types were locked to 1 Gold, 2-3 Silvers and 7-8 bronze? (This wouldn't stop me from buying them occasionally, but it would definitely slow me way down if it wasn't 11gold, 1 silver, 1 platinum)