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  1. I do much prefer the older concept of the Resident Evil titles, I am not much for the later half of the series being an action game and the characters of 7 and 8, especially our protagonist are highly forgettable... I prefer my metroidvania style cooridors and backtracking for puzzles with characters that have goals, not just playing an uninteresting pawn piece.. It is what Resident Evil is to me at its core. I can see the appeal of the newer games in the franchise, as I do like them as they are but they could've even been given a different title and really nothing changes... I do not want to walk a straight path to victory on my first play through I want to be lost and confused and concerned about my ammunition, then speedrun every other play through after.
  2. If you had a Ashen Remain summoned, then Placidsaux and Elden Lord both freeze up, it has something to do with the summons. Earlier speed runs utilized this.
  3. Difficulty is subjective, so I would rate it personally for myself at 5/10 (Would be a lot less now if I was to read a guide or watch what speedrunners are doing before playing likely a 3/10). You could actually get a lot of people saying that it is hard, a few over powered options and they would likely breeze right though.. Or just farm Runes for levels even... This is why Sekiro is my favorite, it gives everyone the same "build" with no option on getting stronger than the competition and forces the player to learn instead of brute force and pray that it eventually works.
  4. No, the tutorial side missions are not needed.
  5. I platinumed Cyberpunk 2077 on a base ps4 in 76 hours playtime, 4 months after release. Said ps4 was upside down with no casing due to heating issues. I suffered two crashes of which I took screen shots of, one progression bug which I used a previous save for, it was no where near as bad as people stated it was. The game itself was rather boring mind you, atmosphere, story, leveling/skills, characters all mediocre boring and monotonous. The comparison to this and lets say Ruined King crashing every 30-55 minutes with permanent progression bugs, and softlocks on every map is night and day, I have played many games far more difficult to get through due to their softlocks, progression bugs and crashes than Cyberpunk can and could ever shake a stick at. Also I do not wish to share my views on Keanu, I am big time not a fan lets just end that there before the short bus is explained.
  6. The trophies still equal to 1,350 points so meh, and yes as far as I can tell from their Twitter page it will be a new series named after their old games, pretty much releasing in order, with slapped holiday ones on top.
  7. Another warning for progression bugs. If you get into a battle on Winddrake Isle after finishing the Turbine puzzle with Yasuo for a component of his Legendary Weapon, the chest will end up being locked forever. You can also softlock your game the same way on Winddrake Isle on the dual turbine bridge if you get attacked during the video, which also will make the battle unable to switch lanes, or be ran from. Then when you get out you are just locked in place.
  8. Nevermind, there was a Side Quest I didn't seem to finish that opened up a whole other small area with pages. Locking this thread. I feel like an idiot right now.
  9. I assume this Trophy has bugged out on me, but after two days of running around I did happen to find a wall I never broke with Braum that brought my Winddrake Isle total from 5/5 to 6/6 meaning I do also think there is other hidden lore I did not enter the area to yet... Here is my current totals so I can cross reference with someone elses totals to has achieved this trophy: Bilgewater - 42/42 Winddrake Isle - 6/6 Purification - 8/8 Shadow Isles - 67/67
  10. Just had the Collect All Lore Trophy bug out on me, lol. This game is a whole bag of tricks, the crashes and bugs are incredibly bad. I had 18 Softlocks, most being on Winddrake Isle, and I lost count of crashes, there is one every 30-45 minutes all related to going into, or out of combat. I am also locked out of Yasuo's Legendary Weapon as well, as the Maple Seeds had an enemy attack me when there is a small video that is suppose to play out after solving a Wind Puzzle with Turbines, and now the chest in unopenable. Edit: Make that 19 Softlocks.
  11. There is actually no missables in this game. Everywhere can be back tracked to, and the legendary weapon components cannot be used in other enchantments.
  12. I mean only if they allow both for free and both to not require PS+ do I ever see them being successful on console. Wouldn't be hard many things do this already. But I couldn't agree more. They can keep Legends of Runeterra away. I do like the game but, the Magic games weren't even that great for console on Ps3.
  13. Yes, I would assume it is the same on the ps4. On other notes, I do say there is hard-missables with the Master Archivist Trophy. Also semi-missables with the Legendar weapons, we shall see. Told off many Rioters in game on League of Legends for this release for awhile now, it was suppose to release early 2021 and this was entirely by surprise to fans with no information on the release date. It is my sworn duty to Platinum this game, as I said so when it was announced.. Thought Wild Rift would have came to Consoles by now, of which I sworn to Platinum as well. Only time will tell for the latter.
  14. ^ Definitely this, I wasn't thinking fully as what I did read told me to do this but I reformatted cause I had tons of ghost accounts and thought it was a quick and easy time to just reformat and do it in one fowl swoop.
  15. Reformat your playstation (Backup all your saves to the cloud), you will lose the trophies for Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and all your trophy photos, but the error has happened to me before, and I also have had it where the system would not trigger trophies and this was the fix for me. Anything and everything that can happen on Ps4 has happened to me. When I Platinumed God of War 2018, my console was legit on its back with a melting fan axel and I had to keep manually spinning it until it would spin by itself, when it would seize again I had upwards to 10 seconds to get it to spin again before the sensor of the fan would turn off the console. I then replaced the fan, and ended up using $5 thermal paste I bought from a PC shop here, and within a month it was back to having no casing, of which I did Platinum Cyberpunk with it this way, when I did Sekiro I had it randomly blue screening and turning off on me constantly, I then ended up using Arctic Silver 5 Paste and it fixed that problem entirely. I also had an issue where I could not properly obtain trophies, I was beginning to think every game I played was bugged and nobody was reporting it, until I realized there was an issue within my firmware causing a "trophy authentication loop", a reformat solved this. Then 2 months after my disc drive was giving me an error and I couldn't even update the firmware, so now I do not even have a disc drive in the system, only the small circutry that was once attached to the disc drive is there.... There is more issues I had but this is just to name a few. But with the Unsync trophies issue, I first got that on PS5 not long ago with a game that was not uploaded to Playstations servers, all I did was wait a few days, but it didn't gate lock me out of any other trophies in other games, but if you are getting gated from obtaining others then I would say it is the authentication loop as well on top of an unsynced trophy list, which the latter is not a problem. Googling this stuff and researching hard will find you the answers you seek, it is definitely not the end of the world. But I think you are warping it a bit out hand still, so before you say "wish it will happen to you" I had plenty more than listed above happen to me. When that ps4 was given to me for free, it was in a flood. I been through it all with that thing, and beat that thing like a dead horse, I do not feel in any way shape or form bad for it, it has seen hell and more. Edit: My wife now uses the PS4 and all its issues seemingly are solved, it is also as quiet as my Ps5 now too and finally in its casing and not naked like it was for 2 years of its life. Besides the missing disc drive, it is flawless, but it still has the nickname of Frankenstation.