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  1. Got it at 27.5. I just used m9 and usp. Gunning down targets while constantly moving. Two targets can be taken with one shot after the melee part.
  2. Just wanna add, if you can remember the missions where you did the “veteran exploit” do those missions again. Forgot that you “quit and resume” on that one.
  3. Bummer, got no one to play this with. Oh well, on to the next one. Thanks for the reply btw.
  4. Hi, I was wondering if the mp trophies can be boosted with 2 players? I have a spare ps3 lying around and figured to give it a try if it’s possible.
  5. Hi, I know it’s been so long but how many players are needed to start a team deathmatch?
  6. Send your dweller to the wasteland, equip them with the best weapon and outfit with 15 stimpaks and 10 radaways. You can forward time to hasten it, spend caps to revive them. For the raider attacks, keep your vault population below 40. It’s random, nothing can be done about it.
  7. Question, can you still reach ally status if you didn’t side with them?
  8. Damn. But can you still increase your bonds with both factions even if you have sided with one?
  9. Does backing up save files work? Sorry I just started.
  10. Wow that’s good to hear. Thank you for your response!
  11. Hi all, even though I’ve read some bad reviews for this game I still wanna delve into it as I’ve already Finished FO4 and working on FO3. I just wanted to ask if both expansions with trophies comes free or do you have to purchase a certain edition? Thanks in advance.
  12. Have you completed all objectives? Have you played all characters in every stage? Is the color of the CLEARED sign gold and not silver?
  13. If I'm not mistaken, Nabeshima is a vassal of the Ryuzoji clan. You can always try to do battles on Kyushu for this. There is no guarantee spawn for this so just keep playing around the Kyushu area since both of them are from there.
  14. I would say around 5-6/10. Endless Eclipse sucks when using trash-tier characters.
  15. Please see under the 100% Club if what’s the recent date of the platinum achiever. If it’s too far away, then chances are this game’s platinum is unobtainable.