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  1. I'm the person that's put more evidence in the table than anyone else in this thread. When being falsely accused of using a downloaded save on the other side, while no evidence was provided. But the burden of proof still relies on my part? Then a user argues there's a 1/200.000 chance that what happened to me is true, and if it did, it was extremely unlikely, and at the same time you are telling me to provide evidence of that event? What's so hard to see about this that's ridiculous? Somehow what others have done imply that I might've used a save a single isolated time in the whole existence of my profile for a game that was and is known to glitch, freeze, etc. Akrham Origins was not a polished game in any way, shape or form. So that means "downloaded save" with no evidence whatsoever weighs more than the freeze/glitch? Even if this was true, how can you reconcile this supposed dichotomy in my behavior for a single petty trophy when my completionist habit is consistent throughout my whole collection?
  2. I provided empirical evidence of the existence of my own save file on both, picture and video format. My own testimony of what happened, and I understand that only that may not be enough, that's why I was always cooperative in providing aditional evidence. On the other side there is only a hypotesis of me using a "downloaded save" while providing no evidence to justify the claim. Conjestures like you did in your post, while I can understand the reasoning behind your suspicion, it ultimately derails in the prosecutor's fallacy. When an unlikely scenario happened, and incredible low odds are against the defender, then it must mean that the accussed person is guilty of the crime commited. It just doesn't work like that in any real serious case. Now, it has been metioned "this is only and Internet forum and not a court room", and I agree with the statement, but it should also be noted that some standads of reasoning and evidence should be respected. Otherwise this wouldn't be any different from a witch hunt or a kangaroo court. This is pretty much your whole post:
  3. I'm making a video this time showing my save, copying it to my GF's profile and booting up the game from her profile. The game doesn't even let me load the save because It's owned by another user, which is me. The game installs trophies on her profile and none auto-pop. I guess that if it was a "downloaded save" it'd work with any account and some trophies would unlock, I don't even know how it works tbh. I'm just proving here that the save came from my hard work playing the game and completing it legitimately. I explained the glitch, I'm showing the legitimate state of my own save file. I have a clean profile with 8+ years of trophy hunting, almost 7k trophies, almost 99% completion ratio. I've gotten way more difficult trophies and plats. Why is it that a inconsistent timestamp due to a glitch is automatically evidence of me downloading a save? I feel like there are some people unwilling to change their minds. I can understand that at first glance it'd look suspicious, but when I explained what happened, I'm trying my best to provide the evidence that's availaible to me right now, I'm starting to feel like I'm talking to a brick wall. Hasty Generalization fallacy is evident here.
  4. All my trophies are 100% legit. There is no other inconsistency in my profile aside from glitches like this one in which there's nothing I could do. In almost 7k trophies that I have there's obviously a possibility of suffering a glitch at some point and we all know that Arkham Origins was a glitchy game. I explained what happened with details. It's unfair for me to justify a glitched trophy from 4 years ago and even worse to be flagged for it. And on top of it, being accused of using a "downloaded save". I ask again. Why would I use an external exploit just for one lame bronze trophy on a game that took me 2 months and 1 week to plat? Wouldn't you think that kind of behaiviour would be evident across the board spanning multiple trophies or games? I don't even care about leaderboards. I just don't want to be falsely flagged for something I did not do and I'm not responsible for. I'll attach a screenshot of my save file for further proving my point. Why would I use a save and then 100% the game with my OWN save file?
  5. There is no way I would use a downloaded save. That's ridiculous. I have been trophy hunting for 8+ years. What are the chances on using a "download save" or whatever you are implying vs a glitched trophy? I even said I still have my 100% save with my name on it and I can make a video showing it. My trophy collection speaks for itself. I 100%ed all Arkham Games. It would be beyond logic for me to get out of my way and cheat for a single collectible trophy and doing it wrong to get exposed. Dark Vigilante popped in the middle because I was one challenge away from getting it, and I've done it by fighting a random group of enemies required to get the last collectibles remaining in the map.
  6. Spectral_Shadow Batman: Arkham Origins When I got the last collectible needed to unlock Enigma's hideout, the game saved but my PS3 froze before Enigma Unravelled popped. After rebooting my PS3, my save file had Enigma hideout unlocked but the trophy didn't pop. I grabbed the last colletible for First Riddler Trophy and then loaded my backup save from the cloud. I remember having to grab a couple of Enigma's collectibles again and then I got Enigma Unravelled afterwards. Anyone who's played this game has to know it's a glitchfest. I still have my 100% saved game if further evidence is needed.