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  1. Obviously it is harder to grind Ps5 coins as the above methods don’t appear to work easiest method for me: serving in a one star tournament, wait till you get an easy objective like 10 forehands on the game. Win/lose the point on the 9th. Serve, hit the next shot to complete the objective then immediately quit out and reload the game. As long as the shot is hit and the objective is complete it will register the coins and just make sure you quit before the new point as you can rinse the same objective as you will reload on the 9/10 complete. Works quite well on ps5 as the load times are reasonably quick. I managed to generate 17k in a 10 minute period meaning there’s a potential of 102k per hour doing this. I’ve gone from 250k-530k in a small time frame.
  2. When I had the crew contract for ball form rolling it went up quickest on back alley brawl holding R1 before and during using the chutes
  3. You can buy holo bucks with heatwave event tickets if you wish
  4. Am I missing something or how have people been able to complete 30? Are you able to complete a challenge in a new crew and it count even if you don’t get the xp?
  5. I’m pinging 100 every game now as opposed to 25-35 and seem to keep matching the same opponents each game
  6. This was also what happened for me
  7. This although i got 11 score of 10-2, 10-1 or 10-0 before it popped
  8. Would love to know what the drop rate is. I’m 91 and have 2 faces a glider and gloves
  9. Got 1000 KOs exactly at 1000 which I didn’t expect still waiting on catches and ultimate throws to pop.
  10. I assume so, I got a legendary glider at around level 40-45 yet some people get to like 90 and don’t have one
  11. Got my 30 win trophy at last and also managed to get the two KOs with a bomb one with the second time doing it. Still not fixed the bugs, will probably have to wait for a title update, which I thought would come with season 1
  12. I purchased 4 common outfits each and won a solo in them the day before yesterday and nothing yet when I loaded up into a ranked match about 5 seconds into the game the trophy popped, they’re super broken right now
  13. Got this first by getting all equipment on the mens side then getting all the female clothing after levelling them to level 30. Edit: did not purchase any of the Pro outfits they added recently.
  14. I've bought all the Male items and the trophy hasn't unlocked so i assume it's glitched again and you either need the female ones or to buy the preset outfits.
  15. Thank you for the update. I believe i'm 360,000 coins from getting all the male items except for the updated items so this is good to know.