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  1. batman origins matchmaking servers are hosted on Amazon Cloud Servers. shadow of mordor connects to the game developers servers i cannot recall the Domain atm i think it was something with fire in the name.
  2. Thank you for the hint.there is indeed activity in squad rush hardcore. There was even a full match going for 2+ Hours .Fun gamemode to work on weapon pins.Tried rush hardcore gamemode too and there was a game going but i did not enjoy the intense asswhooping by spawn camping heavy users (helicopter and Tanks) very unfun especialy after they stole your helicopter to double the pain..
  3. In europe G&G and Deathmatch have good population. the coop mode seems to have a lower Population then ps4 also Gnome bomb is not well populated just as on ps4 but if you persistent and wait in the lobby eventually a game gets going. You can also let someone invite you into his region Server btw
  4. i think the maximum Players per room is 24 (12vs12) so if you see a gamemode has 24 players it creates a new room. Also i noticed if the First room Looses Players it puts Players there instead of the second room so you could wait a good while before the Server puts Players into your room.
  5. As reference here are the old trophies (still not updated on this site) Behemoth Breaker Defeat a Behemoth with Every Part Broken 70.5% Common Craft Services Craft a Weapon from Behemoth Parts 78.80% Common Buy Low, Cell High Cook an Epic Cell with the Middleman 18.21% Rare Can't Touch This Complete 100 Perfect Dodges 17.26% Rare Have an Ice Day Slay a Frostback Pangar 9.43% Very Rare Darkness and Light Defeat Shrowd and Rezakiri 4.65% Ultra Rare Slayer Supreme Reach Player Level 40 1.24% Ultra Rare All Decked Out Possess a +10 Sword, Axe, Hammer, Pike, and Chainblades 1.38% Ultra Rare The Master Complete any Mastery Card
  6. i just got the trophy phew... it was a combination of killtrading, grenade launcher suicide and i started today to use grenade suicide (throw grenade and blow up yourself and opponent team Players at the same time). i have 228 games 1,008 kills 21h playtime (way longer then expected damn you 100 melee frags)
  7. yes it helps a lot getting the 100 melee frags.it took ages after they nerfed it.
  8. Increased melee attack damage. Need to test this asap, hop in before they decrease it again. source: http://op7showdown.com/board/news/patch_note.php
  9. Old Ranking replays have been removed it seems.to download replays go into multiplayer->Rankings then press up on the digital pad to reach the last page. Here you can find recent replays who still download.
  10. my suggestion do not Focus on These trophy's, destroyer will take most of your time. ACR seems to be the best weapon in the game use 4x scope and recoil attachments i got good results with that setup. MG5 without scope seems ok too also good to cause damage to the objective.Some rounds i could snatch a few headshots with the MSR but Given how horrible the shooting mechanics are in the game only works reliable on non moving targets (or running towards or away from you). For melee frags i'll try the MSR unscoped with PB ammunition takes 2/3 of Health away and then run up to them... PS: you can boost wins once population drops attacking team needs to quit then it Awards win to the defending team