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  1. No need for a trophy guide for this game in my opinion as the majority of trophies come as you play through the game. However It would be useful to provide mission strategies for the higher difficulty missions as some are hard as balls without a working weapon setup and strategy. This website has strategies for all classes and missions (I tried some for the later missions and they worked great) https://w-atwiki-jp.translate.goog/edf2pv2/pages/35.html?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en This guy has a playlist for both edf3/2017 and edf2p for the harder missions (also a playlist for cheese tactics/exploits) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDzYodeufM641zuNjnoxxMA/playlists Track your weapon collection progress here http://weapon.edf.jpn.com/ Search for game play videos on your own (example 地球防衛軍2 M78 INF 陸戦兵) thanks to the switch release you can find a few channels. 地球防衛軍2 (edf2p) 地球防衛軍3 (edf3/2017) 陸戦兵 - infantry storm1 ペイルウイング - pale wing エアレイド - air raider
  2. Unless they give them enough freedom they'll probably streamline it way to much for the masses .
  3. Is your vita connected to the network? If not no trophy will pop as they only count with other human users. Also " Get This Party Started " may needs to be boosted as I have not seen a full room in quite a while.
  4. There is a work in progress server emulator for the pc version. So maybe one day the game will be back up github.com/ReHamster
  5. I could be wrong here but I think the shoot downs must be performed on real players and not bots
  6. Can someone tell me how large the download is? I remember that the pc version was HUGE and I probably have to buy a new hard drive for this one..
  7. I'll give this another go tonight as I narrowed it down to 2 bonuses "extreme variety or Survivor end bonus". I reacquired several bonuses in public matches (even mid-air) and used the challenge section to verify what Bonuses I unlocked. As for the escape bonuses there is a entry in the challenge section for both double and triple escape. They only get checked off if you achieved them in a public match tho. EDIT: I got the trophy still not sure what bonus triggered it. One player in your group had issues with the ledge kill not registering and had to do it multiple times until his trophy finally popped
  8. And I'm stuck with this trophy I could swear I got everything (had a checklist) I suspect something did not register properly (quit match or match aborted) or I was missing something and when we did extreme variety it did not unlock. I read somewhere that if you only missed 1 action and are working for example for your suspected last one like extreme variety in a private match it won't count and you have to do it again after unlocking the missing action is this true? I could be missing a end bonus too idk ... what a headache of a trophy
  9. When I did my tier1 play through the mode was more down then it was up and operational. Just keep retrying every 15min or so :-)
  10. This is not true. I still play the game from time to time and the player population dropped, but not so much to not have full rounds on one server. The population dies of slowly because of two reasons: #1 They increased the minimum number of players to start a match from 4 to 8 and #2 The new login system had it's toll on the player base the same applies to the battlefield games as I have witnessed and probably for other titles for Playstation 3 system.
  11. You can also use the "free 3 day trial" I do not think it runs out. But you unlock one character with the free UPlay Online Pass so may just get that instead;-)
  12. I have a glitched Pivot in a locked away fort on the south western part of New York https://mapgenie.io/assassins-creed-3/maps/america?x=-0.6640643725476139&y=0.23631955659618598&zoom=15 . It's right at the 3 crates in the north eastern part of the fort and I could see the pivot in Sequence 10-1 where you lead one of the Britain's armies Soldiers into the fort. Is there another sequence that let's you access this location? EDIT: Maybe I can get it by replaying "Lee's last stand" wish me luck ;P EDIT2: Managed to get it today. If you happen to get a pivot in that locked away fort run around the outskirts from the south to the north western part climb the wall and try to lob onto the flag post. From there you can jump inside the fort. I wish I could place a few easy pivots on the map for you guys but seems you are locked out of this "mini game" after collecting all 12...
  13. Are there any Assassin's creed titles that require you to finish the single player to access a Multiplayer trophy?
  14. What about the store from withing the game? I could not install one of the dlc packs at first but only in a certain order
  15. The last sale for premium for battlefield 3 on the ps3 was in 2017 premium edition (digital game with dlc) in 2019 (I'm glad i bought it then and there). The price for premium for the disc version is at 19,99$€ it includes all 4 dlc packs and is the cheapest way to get all of them (individually they are priced at 14,99). You can still go for the achievements legit by playing on the PanzerCynos server. I'm at my last weapon assignment right now doing it all on that server (May have to wait a few days before he changes server rules before a map or mode is available)