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  1. This happened to me also on an old account. I just couldn’t find my boosting partner at all. In the end, I bought a second copy and self boosted with another console. That seemed to work fine. I had thought to do this game again, but I think I will test it out first after reading this.
  2. I’ll post my own reply as to help anyone that this may happen to again. I had to complete the Arcade on Normal for 2 entries and Very Hard for the last 4. As I stated in my above post, I only switched the auto save on a little while into the game, so I would massively advice that this should be the first thing done on the game for anyone that intends to start, as I missed the manual save that would have negated this issues I had. It felt like a huge headache to try and figure out what I had missed and what I had to do, but thanks to comparing a few other peoples runs, along with the dates that they unlocked Trophies, I was able to eliminate the trophies I didn’t need to worry about!! 😅
  3. I am currently playing Battle Fantasia, but I am having some difficulty in getting the 100% completion on the gallery. As you can see, I have every other trophy unlocked, but I am missing 6 entries to the menu. I have done everything stated in guides, except for perhaps completing it with every character. I did start running through each character, but I noticed as I completed each one, nothing was getting added to my menu, so I decided to disregard doing Arcade until I did a little more research. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If you need to know which entries I am missing, I will include them as a grid reference below, with O showing the entries I am missing. XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX OXOOXX XXXXOX OXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXO XXX Thankyou in advance Edit. I think what has messed up is that I didn’t have auto save enabled until later on, I had just been using the manual save option, so I think I have not made a save when completing some of the tasks and just closed down the game. So, I have decided to put the save on the cloud and start everything again, taking note as to what each unlock is triggered by in the gallery.
  4. I played this on the switch, so it’s great to see that it made it to PS4 with a Platinum Trophy. It looks like everything can be done on the first difficulty, so that will be at least a little easier than it could have been! 😅
  5. RNG does play a part in this mode when comes to the power up points, but get a few handy perks early on and the levels are way easier than folk probably feel! The only one I would say was a pain was the Factory 2, more for trying to keep the Combo going, but with the Pistol Powered up and the Magnum, it certainly won’t take forever. Having a fair amount of Proximity Mines was very useful on that level also! Mad Village 2 was the easiest. As long as you finish the first section with full combo and a fairly decent combo in the next section, the level doesn’t have to be completed successfully to guarantee the S Rank!
  6. My first IP block and I hardly update anyone else’s accounts, really just my own. I am a premium member, not that it makes any difference. Thankfully I can still update my own profile no problems, but now that I know I can’t update other accounts, it makes me want to!! 😂
  7. No, I’m afraid not. When I read the Trophy descriptions originally, it sounded like all characters could be used exclusively though every mission. That would have made the S Ranks on all missions way easier for everyone, but it is exactly the same as the base version!
  8. Perhaps I should have said that I played it on my old account where I have played well over 200 titles, and out of all the games I played on there, it was definitely the low point for me. It may be that once I have finished RDR1 again, I might have tried the second one again, but as it stands, probably not! As you said though, it’s an opinion at the end of the day and I have plenty of PSN friends that loved every second of it. I also didn’t care for GTA 5, but I really liked GTA 4. 😄
  9. When it came to 4, I overplayed it on Xbox 360 as I enjoyed it so much. That helped transition to the PS4 version. Because the female characters weren’t on the 360 version, I didn’t really use them on the PS4 to get the S Rank Trophies, so I cant give advice on using the Female Characters for the S Ranks. As far as S Ranking DmD on 4 for myself, it came down to practice. Collecting Red Orbs helps with obtaining the Ranks, along with how quickly the level is complete. No items used also gives a bonus, but Combos are of course important. With playing 4 so much, this helped with 5 also as the main mechanics of the game are so similar. Nero is very good at building S - SSS Combos by using the Devil Breaker arms! I personally used the Gerbera, Punchline and RagTime set up for pretty much every mission. Dante is an absolutely amazing character to use. His on the fly weapon and style switch allows for Crazy Combos. This makes his levels to get S Ranks in the best! There is a selection in the menus called ‘the Void’ that is an area that allows for Practicing Combos against enemies of your choice. That would be a good place to work with! But, to get ‘easy’ S Ranks for people not really good at Combos, then trying to get no hits will be the way to go. As long as you manage fights with Nero, the Bonus from not getting hit will pretty much guarantee the S Rank on every level. With Dante, using the Dr Faust Hat and manipulating the camera so you can’t see any enemy on screen will really help get S Ranks for that Character! V is the easiest to get the S Ranks out of all the characters! The game rally is amazing though, the fun by playing it properly and learning Combos will be the most satisfying by a mile, but there is a tonne of help on here and YouTube that will make the S Ranks so much easier for anyone willing to play this!
  10. I personally think the 3rd game has the hardest Dante Must Die, especially when going for S Ranks which of course are not part of the Platinum on the 3rd game! However, every devil May Cry gets easier as you unlock more weapons/skills. S Ranking 5 felt easier because of the way the S Rank overall score was achieved. I enjoyed 5 the most, but I would say that that Dante Must Die mode was in-between 4 and 3 in that order without going for S Ranks, but if it was about getting all S Ranks on Dante must Die on all games, then it would be 5, 4 and 3 in that order. Phew 😅 . Like I say, this was my personal feelings towards the difficulty level of the games. 😁
  11. The PS5 version is the same as the PS4 version in that in order to obtain the Platinum, S Ranks must be achieved on all difficulty’s Except Heaven or Hell. 😅There is an added mode called Legendary Dark Knight on the PS5 Special Edition which also doesn’t require S Ranks, but with the huge points that can be obtained, S Ranks wouldn’t be a problem on that difficulty even if they were required! Trophy’s on the PS5 were worded differently, which made it sound like the entire game could have been played with one character as opposed to having set levels for characters! That was a shame as it would have been brilliant to play all levels as Dante! 😄 When it came to Devil May Cry 4, it definitely was a harder run as far as getting the S Ranks were concerned! Orbs played a part along with time and it made for some tight S Ranks on higher difficulties! 😄 It definitely is a great preparation title for 5 though as there are a lot of shared mechanics! 👍
  12. I preordered mine from a local Independent Electrical Retailer that sells Sony Equipment! They managed to get around 50 Consoles for launch day, so having paid a deposit to secure the console, I went in around midday and avoided the bedlam that had likely ensued when the store opened and picked it up without too much stress! Now all we need is some PS5 specific releases to show what the system is really capable of and I’ll be super happy! 😄
  13. For me, I personally had the least fun on PS4 playing Red Dead Redemption 2! I know it was technically a brilliant looking game, but I just could not get any kind of enjoyment from it at all. I gave it me best shot, but in the end I think I managed a week and that was it. Since playing it, I started this account and I’m currently playing the first one again. By comparison, that game is far better!
  14. A lot of folk find it very difficult to purchase a game at release when it’s a new Franchise! It certainly helps to know what to expect, so games like God of War will do especially well nowadays as there is a huge fan base! But of course games like Horizon and Ghosts of Tsushima did well also, and with being a new franchise! It really comes down to what the developer did before and early reviews and in both cases the games before from Guerrilla and Sucker Punch were pretty good and the reviews for their new titles were great! I bought Days Gone at launch and I also paid extra with buying the Collectors Edition, but I will admit I almost cancelled it when the early reviews were 5s and 6s! I guess it really boils down to the fact that Days Gone really wasn’t the greatest at launch and that it was beneficial for a large majority of folk to wait to get a far better game with patches and extra content later on! 😄
  15. Fantastic!! I hadn’t really been effected as much as some as I have a fairly extensive collection of physical games to get through, but one of my friends has bought so many titles over the last week or so, he probably had a huge part in showing Sony that there was still life left on the PS3 Store!! Can’t wait to talk to him later!! 😂