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  1. I finally got this done....did take 53 kills. Used tactics from other members. Map and some extra help... -Siege of Rudhelm, Agatha side -Used Execution Axe -Try to get on the Trebuchets to rack up some kills at the start of the match
  2. This is interesting, I wonder if something broke it later on. I looked on my list and this was the first trophy I got, I remember I got it within 5 minutes of my first match. May have just been SUPER lucky.
  3. I used the Knight with the Falchion. 1 normal slash and then the thrown bread will kill.
  4. Same here, close I got was 40 on a long match, but I have yet to see anyone get over 50 in a match.
  5. Thank you for this! I had about 3 and tons of bad luck...doing it your way finished it in about 30 minutes.
  6. 2 days myself waiting for the Ballad Ends to pop and get my plat and nothing. Couple that with the PS servers being broken and having to play cross play with this camera speed makes me want to stop the game completely. The Monday patch better address the trophies and server as they say they are fixing the camera speed issue. But forcing cross play will kill alot of PS players.