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  1. I still stand by my statement though 😬 I haven't had much time to play but I'm already in act 3. soo idk its fairly easy.😌 Its just based on randomly generated rooms.
  2. facts same here. I mean he was difficult but not that hard, I had more problems with the 2nd boss.
  3. I want to be a sus ratchet :') with a pet clank. I would probably get back into this game.
  4. it does not look hard but we shall see. Im excited for this game.
  5. Seems pretty straight forward. I like 8 bit games and I like supporting indie games so I would give it a shot.
  6. I have noticed some people getting the plat. Soo finally time to start the ps5 playthrough ^.^
  7. I want in on this!! I will make my list today. I know i saw this thread late but recently i have been playing a lot of ps3 games.
  8. My method was my friend dropped around 30 bombs and then I threw one random one and it worked. We tried 20 different airstrikes but it didnt pop so he kept throwing a couple then i was like why not and pop.
  9. So I have recently been going back to all my games and getting the plats. Soo I will be in this club soon :] I love ratchet and clank and started replaying them starting from the ps2.
  10. just did it and i can confirm it auto pops plat
  11. hmm did you do them all on the same character? i did them all with Thor. That would be stupid if the counter reset with switching to another character.
  12. I did all 50 hives solo because I couldn't find anyone to play with and got the 50 hives. I would assume you would have to either host it or be solo for it to count.
  13. Manifold Garden Plat. It was tedious but so much fun!
  14. I have already gotten these trophies but I will help raise concerns for these trophies too.
  15. great to hear, last game that had a trophy glitch was marvel avengers, hopefully its fixed soon (: