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  1. Actually no. All challenges trophies is only for Sniper Assassin missions. All this trophies for all challenges were present in Hitman 2 trophy lists. SOSA challenges are for only easy missions with clear guides how to complete them. Until there is no Colorado SOSA challenge this is fine. Most of the trophies are easy. Much more easier than it was in original lists. All missions will require 20lvl mastery (which may be completed automatically via save transfer). And some missions will require one SO/SA completion if you not done it in Hitman 1/2
  2. If you have couple of friends and you are bored of classic multiplayer fps/royal games this game is a hidden gem. So much unique content and situations. But i think 3 bosses are not enough. Crytek should focus on new maps and bosses. Especially bosses.
  3. got save corruption after the patch. Greeeeeeeeeeat.
  4. If i remember correctly last opponent in billiards and karaoke in general is extremely tough in this one. Batting is ridiculous too. Totally a plat breaker
  5. i don't know what is this. But i'll definitely buy it. For science.
  6. Drone racing is hard. Drone with good parts is fragile af. Any good build to win every race? Or maybe controle scheme? I've build all master parts but it's incredible hard to steer drone in narrow spaces.
  7. What's the strategy for cheating Shogi with apps? I understand when CPU moves first and we just mirror his moves. But how can i complete the challenge when we need to win when first turn is yours? Or Can i do everything in puzzle shogi?
  8. as i remember you need to have concealed (?) 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 of one color and any pair in your winning hand.
  9. You'll get money from advertising/banners/integrations e.t.c. What's the problem here more than 80% in the mobile industry works this way. You either do some high quality app with good team of devs and answer the demands of general public or you do free stuff without any pressure and make money on ads.
  10. Why do we need to pay for it? Make it free and make ads like in the web version. And those who have gold or premium membership will not see the ads.
  11. Also don't choose characters who appears last (Witch and Rulue) because you cant fight against your character. Also choosing fish-guy (Suketoudara) may be a good strategy because his AI is OP and if you choose him you will never see him in the match. / Edited all names in my previous posts.
  12. no trophies for 2 bonus missions 😭
  13. Your opponents should be overflowed with blocks and start again. So you have to win. 20 streak info was wrong btw.Last character (Rulue or something like that) only appears for me in 35th win, this was totally insane.. It's random but i believe she starts to appear only after 30 wins. I used 3 column wall method and a lot of practice (about 15 hours). When match starts you shoud hold DOWN+RIGHT on your Dpad until you build 3 columns. After that only start thinking about connecting colors, try to match colors to the colors of puyo in the bottom of first two towers and drop it a little and there is a chance that this will trigger chain combo. Don't take to long you should be hyper offensive or some AI will make huge combos and destroy you (like this damned fish guy whose AI is insane for some reason, if you give him a minute to build huge stairs you are done for, bear is dangerous af too.) Also i believe AI difficulty is tied to what character you play. For example if you choose Rulue or Witch they will destroy you. Even the easiest AI will be moving puyos like crazy. So to be safe choose always Girl with plushy doll (Airie or something like that)
  14. I'm more interested in trophies in other 2 bonus missions. Will they add trophies for assigments?
  15. In fact after years of playing Yakuza games i started to really enjoy mahjong. I dont think AI is cheating, because this is like a game of poker and a chance is really the most important factor here. After you know the rules and have a good practice all this challenges will be not that really hard. The only one i particularly dont like is Three color straight. It is a really rare combination and farming for it can be soul crashing. I'm looking forward to start mahjond but Puyo Puyo is crashing me right now 😭