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  1. So i have an issue where i've followed a map done all stunts except 1 to which idk how to approach. Specifically the "38th jump" which is like blocked by some green containers, the map shows the jump is there, and i've done every other possible jump near it, but don't understand at all how that is doable, "also there's like 1 low res map online and like sometimes it points out places which are not really that close like it points out a jump on one side of the street meanwhile its actually on the opposite side"
  2. So basically like a few weeks ago i saw my total km count for the trophy "Autobarmy" was at 7500km. so i decided to make short progress towards the achievement basically doink 1k km every time i play so i got to 8k km and stopped, and when i picked the game back up a week later i saw my milage counter showed 7500km again i remembered reaching 8k, but i thought i just remembered wrong until today, when i decided il just do 1 straight run for the achievement 14 hours in i kept checking every like 15 to 20 laps on the "Special Stage Route X" to see how my progress is doing. Logically i would think the game saves my progress each time i exit a race and so on which it did in the past. When i was a few hundred more kilometers away from the total required goal my controller started dying i thought i could make it to the end before the battery ran out, but i was wrong and so i put my controller to charge and then an issue came "it wouldn't reconnect" forcing me to restart my console. And as soon as i started my game back up i saw my total milage was back at 7500km... i lost 14 hours of non stop driving on that map, i stayed up all night cause i can't afford the luxury of cheesing trough things by making the car drive on it's own with rubber bands and stuff so i need to do things fair or not do them at all and i'm honestly really pissed that i lost so much progress for nothing
  3. Why does this challenge even exist... it's pain I've been doing this stupid thing since like september and only got the first 3 done gold they weren't that difficult and the 4th one just today completed it in an 8 hour long session with barely any breaks. Time - 1:07.025 Never has any challenge made me feel so angry, depressed and full of hate towards myself...