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  1. They are obtainable but it's the worst grind ever. Somebody recently got the 200 million trophy. I gave up on platting this game, the grind is ridiculous.
  2. I was wondering this too. I noticed someone platted the NA version as well and was curious if the game got a patch or if that person figured out a work around to get the glitched trophy in question to pop.
  3. So how did you get the remaining trophies to pop ?
  4. Yeah, this trophy is definitely glitchy. I did over 20 full heals when three of us survivors were injured and no trophy, then I did one full heal when all four of us survivors were injured and the trophy popped.
  5. I've done about 15 heals now where all 3 teammates were injured and another 5 or so where myself and 2 other teammates were injured and no trophy has popped yet so I don't know what the requirements are to get this trophy to pop. Maybe all 4 players need to be injured/dying/hooked for it to count ? Either that or it all needs to be done in one match.
  6. Are the NA trophies syncing yet ?
  7. Can anybody please share the requirements needed to unlock the Yuri Gannadye trophy ? Thank you.
  8. No glitched trophies in this one and it's a much easier plat than the first game.
  9. Does anyone know if this game is coming to North America at all ?
  10. I think I figured out why the trophy wouldn't pop. When I beat 7-6, I also got the trophy for getting silver medals on all levels so I think that must have blocked the 7-6 trophy. Luckily, I had uploaded my save file to the cloud that was near the end of the game. I downloaded that file and played the game to the end again and the 7-6 trophy popped this time when it should. So just a heads up to anyone don't pop the 7-6 trophy and the silver medals trophy at the same time, it might cause popping problems.
  11. The complete level 7-6 trophy has glitch issues. I have completed that level over 10 times now with a gold medal and collecting all 3 red coins and no trophy. I restarted the game beat the level again, no trophy. Uninstalled and reinstalled, beat the level again, no trophy. Basically, after busting my balls with this fucking game, I get stiffed on the platinum in the end... What a joke.
  12. No but I figured out what I was doing wrong. On the daily challenge results screen I was pressing X to continue instead of pressing O to cycle through the completed challenges before pressing X.
  13. I experienced a similar problem with the games not going up but from what I remember, after playing a few more games the total would update. I think every game you play still gets recorded but it just takes a while to update. Try playing a few more games or come back to the game a little later on and it should update.
  14. Quick question for anyone who got the Tony's nightmare trophy. Do you have to win the match against Tony as well as winning/pushing all 10 rounds against the dealer ? I managed to win/push all 10 rounds against the dealer but because I was only making the minimum bet every hand Tony ended up winning the match and no trophy popped.
  15. Hello everyone. Just wondering if anyone can help me out regarding the daily challenges trophies. I have spent the last few days playing daily challenges, I have completed over 25 but every next day when I log in I'm only getting credit for 1 daily challenge completed per day. How do you get credit for every challenge you complete ?