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  1. Is power leveling an option in this game? I was playing with a friend and since you have to beat the game on hardcore we decided to just grind out the platinum in hardcore. We would save to the cloud in case of deaths and also to dupe. Well, I just checked and apparently my cloud save was overwritten with a dead hc char pretty much rendering my grind up to that point worthless. I only have two more trophies to get, level 100 and 1mil gold. If powerlevelling is an option, is there anyone available to help me out?
  2. As said earlier, when he does heavensward he counts down. At 1 he'll prepare to crash down at you but will imbue himself with an element while charging. If you cast a spell of the opposing element he will come crashing down pressured allowing you to get some hits in. Also during his fight certain moves imbue him with elements which you can do the same thing to cancel and pressure him. The hospitality one where he sucks you in is wind element so use thunder. Put thunder on your least used character since he does this move to your active player. The hell charge is fire so use ice. Best time is right when you dodge him and he turns around for another pass, he does the charge 2-3 times or until he hits you. The ground charge is thunder and chair salvo is ice so use wind and fire respectively. This was the only fight I used attack spells for on hard and it was worth it. I split up the four elements between the two of them. Don't worry about mp consumption as this is the last fight of the chapter. Edit: The level 1 spells are enough to do the trick if you want to leave up mp for healing. Have Aerith as healer with the healing carcenat on and a Cura spell can heal you for about 75% life if used on a single target.