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  1. Thanks guys, problem solved! looking into 2fa as we speak. nothing was stolen nor changed, seems like he only booted up the games for god knows what reason😂
  2. I guess i'll update my password.. no one has acces to it as far as i know, never gave my password to anyone or anything for that matter🙄 other than that nothing really happend so im not too worried its just sad that people acces accounts that arent theirs. Knew the ps4 had 2fa but never knew ps3 did, might go ahead and activate it since this happend, thanks for that mate
  3. today i checked on my profile ordered the list on 'last played' and i see 3 assassin creed games that i supposedly played during 2021 on the ps3 but i dont even own any assassin creed games on ps3, luckily i can delete 2 out of the 3 games as they have 0% but a big F you to that person to make me get stuck with a game i never wanted and never will play. is there anything i can do about this?
  4. So me and a couple of friends decided to play this game togheter, we're in the same house on the same connection and 2 out of 3 can connect to the servers without any real problem and the 3rd person cant connect even though he checked settings and is properly connected to the internet. each time we decide to play its a different person whos unable to connect. what can this problem be?
  5. Has anyone encountered this glitch where the tutorial just dissapears? Downloaded the game today and the tutorial popped up, wanted to accept it and it just straight up dissapeared its nowhere to be found does someone know how to do the tutorial?