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  1. Well, it's kinda refreshing for me. I mean, I can hear the principal road from my house and it's very soothing to not hear cars from here. But in the other side, it's very weird to think everything stopped now, and it's incredible how a virus can be a thing for us. I don't know if I can say that but beside of this, I'm pretty impressed how the people of my country are... uncivilized (From France).
  2. I will continue to buy games for completing my collection and finish them all.
  3. Works like a charm. I've just one game with three online trophies, I wonder if someone succed to obtain some.
  4. It was three years ago I've retired of trophy hunting. The reason was about my motivation and Steam which has basicaly the same and more games I like on this platform. And I've returned this year after creating three different account just because of foolish reason. (username, too much hidden trophies etc..) Now I'm putting just 5 games at once, and if I succed one, I can put one more. (and if my trophy account is below 100)
  5. I think it does for me. Not like I'm doing too much trophies, but I'm too focused on my list. I've already did three different account just because of some stupid reasons : - Too much hidden trophies which is like an horror for me when I'm seeing my trophy list in my PS4 - Too much games began (like 30 games..) And now I'm focused on 4 games at time and if I succed to have 100 trophies left I can add an another game.