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  1. DJ Sub. I’m a big fan of music with funk/disco vibes, and the way it gradually transitions into a spacey, trance track towards the end mmmmMmMmMMmMmMMMMMM <3<3<3 Plus, the EDM version and the Tokyo Machine remix are fantastic!
  2. Like probably many others who’ve attempted to acquire the platinum trophy for this game, I had to restart each level several times before I was finally successful. In doing so, however, I noticed a pattern. In the bottom left corner of the screen, there is a percentage value that indicates what portion of the target score you’ve achieved. I think I’ve come up with a general idea of where you need to be score-wise at different times. It worked for me in each of the world 6 levels, but I’ve based it off of 6-4 because that is by FAR the most difficult. Make it a goal to achieve: 12% before 5:00 27% before 4:00 45% before 3:00 65% before 2:00 80% before 1:00 In all levels besides 6-4, meeting these goals should indicate that you are going to meet the 5,000,000pt. threshold before time expires. If you’re within 5% of each goal (ex. 63% at 2:00; 75% at 1:00; etc.) you’re safe to keep playing. If at any time you have below 5% of a goal, you’d probably be better off restarting, but if you play perfectly, you might still win. However, in level 6-4, meeting these goals is the BARE MINIMUM to even have a shot at beating it. If you’re 1% or 2% below a goal, you’ll have to play PERFECTLY to still beat the level. Any lower, and you’ll have no chance. A few pointers: -The game will tell you that following the linear path of dots will minimize encounters with the ghosts. While this is true in a general sense, the game does not tell you that this is only when Pac-Man successfully cuts every corner that the path leads him to. Repeatedly failing to cut corners may have an effect on the ghosts’ future placement, and thus could cause more encounters than you’d expect. But I’m 99% certain that if the exact same inputs were given at the exact same times, the ghosts would move in exactly the same ways. Just try to cut corners whenever it feels safe to do so. -Keep in mind that when the power pellets start running away from you, you must eat all (or very very close to all) the dots in the maze before the fruit will spawn. I recommend collecting the power pellet at the earliest opportunity after waking up all the minions, since Pac-Man will move much faster in his powered-up state. This should save some time when collecting any dots you may have left behind. Also, if you can eat one of the ghost trains while it is over some dots, it will save even more time! -Death doesn’t matter as much in stages that aren’t 6-4, since eating ghosts gives you the most points by far. However, if you die with less than 1:00 remaining in any stage, consider restarting. Having a low dot point value that late may cost you the win. If you’ve met all the point goals listed above, you might still be fine, but definitely don’t die a second time! I lost one of the levels with 99.98% score because my dots weren’t worth enough points at the end. -USE OTHER ADVENTURE LEVELS AS PRACTICE. Learn the ghost behaviors, learn how to cut off runaway fruit/pellets, memorize ghost escape routes, find the best way to intercept the ghosts as fast as possible! The level 6 stages are just the earlier adventure levels stuck together in sequence. Find the appropriate stage for a part you’re not so good at and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!! -Lastly and most importantly, if you find yourself getting frustrated, TAKE A BREAK! Get some water, eat something, maybe go for a walk outside. Do something that will calm you down for about 30 minutes. Then come back to the game refreshed and ready to take on the challenge! By far the worst thing to do when you’re frustrated is to keep playing. You’ll probably waste more time failing repeatedly than by taking a short break to chill out. Trust me, it works! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve overcome difficult stages in games on my first or second try after taking a break! This trophy IS doable with enough dedication and perseverance. Just keep practicing, and don’t get too frustrated. The payoff will be sweet when you finally get that platinum!