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  1. Version asiat not synchro since 2 days !!!!
  2. If I buy the ps5 version that I transfer my ps4 backup or I have the platinum, do I unlock all the ps5 trophies at once?thank you
  3. it is not the developer's fault but the one who distributes the game. and the game is distributed by eastasiasoft, it is up to them to verify that all is well. and it's not the first time he's worked badly. the problem like that is always when they release a game. It's incredible anyway. I'm looking forward to Tuesday's game to see if the other game that comes out has the same problem. and like I said,we paid
  4. news?I will have to go to the eastasiasoft twitter, and spam them because we have to pay and they smell crazy. it's a scam at that level.