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  1. As the upgrades trophies require 3/4 of a NG+ run, is it safe to say that I can do a chapter select mop up of collectables from chapter 30(ish) on, and get all the previous chapters during the NG+? would this save time?
  2. I had the same feeling too, mainly cause the fireflies on the radio didn't really sound enthusiastic to hear from Abby.
  3. I took my time playing this game so I'm late to the party and I just wanted to drop my opinion here without opening new threads. I liked the game. It is a very immersive experience and the story is not as bad as some want to portrait it. I stayed away from any spoiler and trailer so everything came as a surprise to me. I am far from being the biggest fan of the franchise, I played the original on ps3 and never finished it until the remaster a few years later. I'm not particularly a big fan of Joel either (after his selfish choices in the end of tlou), so his death didn't really bother me, and I found it essential to kick start the story. What I see is a survival story of normal people in desperate times. Everything goes, there are no heroes, and most importantly anybody can die anytime (well, maybe except Ellie). I accept ND decisions regarding story and characters developments because.. it's art. It's their take on the survival genre. It's their product and as always nowadays people don't accept if things don't turn out they way they want (happens with any big franchise). The gameplay is as smooth as oil and it was so much fun during the stealth encounters with human enemies. The details and effects of firearms damage on the bodies are insane. Got lucky and didn't run into any bug. I am going for the NG+ and platinum now. I'm sure everything I wrote has been already said somewhere else in this forum, I just wanted to write it anyway.
  4. I had the pleasure to get to the last checkpoint in Jabba's palace only 3 or 4 times on my run to level 50, and those were the times I scored the most points. I used Bossk though, theres is a special ability that prolongs the duration of your grenade launcher every time you kill an enemy. In a corridor like that it means non stop spamming of grenades. Almost too easy. The mines and the gas grenade are op too
  5. Finally somebody mentioned when the triple XP days are, thanks. It is actually doable to get 70-80k in a long coop game, I haven't seen anything more than that so far. Last wednesday I managed to rank up 7 or 8 levels. The weekends too make the grind easier but it is still a bit boring tbh. I'm taking my time, currently at level 44, I should be done in a week.
  6. Co op mode. Choose galactic empire and use bossk wherever there is a choke point in the map. Easily 100 kills per game
  7. So is the triple XP event every wednesday? and double XP during the weekend? I don't see the point of grinding any other day, it takes forever to rank up above level 40 even with 40k-50k points per match
  8. Yes in the end I stuck to the hero starfighter mode during busy times and got it in 3 hours, still a pain of a trophy.
  9. Managed to get this yesterday, in the end I stuck to hero starfighter during busier times and got it fairly quickly, maybe 7 or 8 kill in one hour. Worse trophy for this game so far.
  10. I'm all done with all the other multiplayer trophies, right now on level 27 and the grind in co-op is getting pretty boring, luckily I saved some of the campaign for last so I can alternate a bit. When are these double/ triple xp days? Wednesdays only?
  11. I did the same with the first safe, I didn't think about the code being nearby. I just listened to every click, it was fun!
  12. I know what you mean, going for the bomber trophy I must have killed a dozen heroes, it's so frustrating
  13. I'm having trouble using the Hero version of starfighter assault, a lot of people seem to be attempting this trophy using the above mentioned strategy, so in the beginning 2 or 3 players commit suicide and the match is very short as there are only a couple of hero ships left. I spend most of the time on loading screens, it is frustrating. I might just go back to the normal starfighter mode
  14. This is very useful. thank you very much.