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  1. Yeah, I pursued this game for years cuz I wanted to get to the bottom of it. Basically the game is packed with a trophy list that has a platinum while the list that was published to the servers has no platinum. This means that each trophy is off by one value and the only trophies that sync are the ones that have a matching grade with the trophy above it due to the way that trophies are read and synced from the code of your earnings. It's possible to download the correct trophy list file straight from the servers that is 100% original and legit and replace it into the files and earn and sync the trophies that way but that would require brief usage of CFW, which will get you flagged even if you earned every trophy completely legitimately.
  2. // Dying Light 2: Stay Human (PS5) [PlatinumTrophy] // // "15146": [64], // Dying Light 2: Stay Human (PS4) [PlatinumTrophy] // // "15205": [64], This trophy has been bugged since December 9th patch // Space Jones VR (PS4/VR) (CN) [PlatinumTrophy] // // "6934": [12], This trophy didn't pop for me after i bought everything
  3. // SURV1V3 (PS4/VR) [PlatinumTrophy] // // // // // // // // // // // // // "20329": [1, 22, 23, 31, 32, 33, 34, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41], This game was only recently released but atm one of the missions has a objective that requires more enemies to be on screen at once than the game can physically allow for, rendering the entire mission and all the missions after it from being completable
  4. Can confirm this game has trophies and are unsyncable Pretty sure this is a shared list, I can only check the NA version though but given theres a ton of EU people on the boards for it and what I can check is syncable, probably is shared
  5. Xeta can come off the list now, just another game that was tagged as unobtainable due to a low playerbase
  6. it was on sale like 3 days ago for $2 lol, thats what motivated me into finally getting to the bottom of it
  7. This game is missing the VR tag, it is VR only
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, I can finally confirm that Audio Beats is able to be 100%ed with a catch. Only the chinese version seems to function well enough to cross over the S rank barriers (even into never-before-seen SS ranks). With that though it doesn't seem the chinese version will add your scores to the leaderboards, at least mine didnt anyways, which makes me think about that Hong Kong player who was flagged for the 100% of this game a while back as he also isn't on the in-game leaderboards. I spent like a week straight testing things and practicing this game on an alt account and buying other copies to figure out what does and doesnt work.
  9. throw VR pigeons on the watchlist, it released a few days ago and not syncable yet
  10. If you have a contact to circle entertainment, would you be able to get into contact and ask about reborn: A samurai awakens? The trophies in that game are super bugged and I would really like to see them fixed but there's no contact for these idiots anywhere
  11. sorry to disappoint but I can't do much to confirm anything in the way of PS5 games besides looking up IDs on the servers, since I cant view the files to confirm whether or not its' npwr code is on the servers (I cant actually even see what the npwr is at all for a ps5 game). These would have to be confirmed by just bruteforcing it and downloading the game to the console
  12. There is no PS5 JP ID on the servers at all, so theres no trophy list to match
  13. Ah i didnt know about callisto JP, well nonetheless an ID does exist for it so theres likely an unpublished build or trophy list of it somewhere
  14. By the way, Callisto PS4 has 3 stacks, EU NA and Asia. Theres a Japanese ID but it seems that the game hasn't been put on the store there yet but I assume that it will have its own JP list as well