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  1. Personally i played instagib for the Majority of my wins, I felt like the matches are the fastest there, 2-3 mins per win on average, but ofc itll depend on your skill how fast it goes.
  2. Good on you
  3. Just to add onto the pile of annoyance that is this trophy list, im at 1065 wins currently and my trophy hasnt popped Edit: Trophy just popped at 1091 wins
  4. Damn, :/ I really thought that would work. Sorry to hear that its glitched, must be soul crushing with the sheer difficulty of this game
  5. Sure, i'll bite. This game looks interesting
  6. One way you could fix it is making a second user on your console and playing the game and earning the trophy on that user, then signing in and syncing the trophy to your account
  7. Mine popped at 103
  8. Developers have free reign to create any number of trophies up to 128 that they want, any description, give it any grade they want and whether or not they have a platinum in the list. Its all entirely up to them. The only limitation they have is that they Have a limit to trophy points, so they cant make a list full of 128 golds, as it would have too many points. I dont know the exact limits of it but its something like that
  9. For some reason the first custom lobby I played the win from it counted to my career but anything after that won't count
  10. There are custom lobbies but I have no idea at this moment if trophies or wins are counted in there
  11. Feel free to use this forum to complain about this trophy list. Ill go first. I made the mistake of starting this game without doing deep enough research, and assumed it had no trophy list since it had been out for a while and wasnt on this site or PSNTL, i then earned a trophy and realised my grave mistake. Now it is syncable and I am stuck with getting 1047 wins. Yay
  12. The trophies "The Gambler" and "Nightingale" are both glitched and will not unlock. When completing the requirements for "The Gambler" for whatever reason the trophy "The Stunner" will pop. It would be great if anyone who owns this game could make a report to the devs about these trophies in hopes that they can get fixed. Thanks.
  13. That makes sense actually the first idea, second one would only really work if you were sitting in a lobby with a dev though for them to use a debug menu to pop ur trophies
  14. How exactly do they pop the trophies for you? I have no idea how you can remotely unlock a trophy on somebody's account
  15. You both will get the same story trophies throughout the way, but depending on what character you are playing you will get different trophies at the same time. Two playthroughs are necessary, one of each character.