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  1. Predator hunting grounds. The grind for that was so ridiculously boring and several days even with the best possible conditions. Made by the same devs as Friday 13th so I think you can imagine the grind on predator if you know Friday 13.
  2. Resident evil 7. Ive already platinumed it 3 times and i still feel like doing it again. Love it so much
  3. It looks to be a Japanese list. For some reason, the DLC trophies for the Korean version haven't been added to the site yet. The DLC for the Korean version also hasn't been added to the ps store so ill bet that the Japanese version and Korean DLC will be available at the same time.
  4. When is the DLC for the Korean version of this game being released? The trophy list was released for the DLC like 2 weeks ago but they still haven't added it to the PSstore to buy and earn the trophies, psnprofiles also haven't added the DLC to the website for some reason
  5. So, according to sony themselves, this game gives an avatar for completing the platinum, yet I can't seem to find any pictures of it anywhere or any information on it at all? does anyone actually have it or know anything about it? Proof:
  6. ive actually already platinumed it! it was a nice little game.
  7. Until Dawn Rush of Blood
  8. Can confirm, "too bad" is unlocked by being jumpscared by all animatronics, chica, bonnie, freddy, foxy, cupcake, plushtrap, bb and nightmare. I got my trophy to pop after being jumpscared by nightmare
  9. Rott is the second last boss of the game, and the earn percentage for the trophy of beating him has a lower earn rate than the trophy for beating the final boss, so it seems like im not the only person that the trophy has glitched for. Save before the fight and reload if the trophy doesnt pop. Looks like im going to have to do a whole nother playthrough of the game just to kill the second last boss again.. God damnit
  10. After completing the whole game and doing all of mays tasks for her, eventually she gave me the reserve key (aka waterfall key), alas the trophy didnt pop. So i had to make a new game and play up to where you meet may for the first time in person, then I killed her, she dropped the same key and I got the trophy. Not sure why it didnt pop the first time.
  11. I can confirm one of our team got the trophy and still claimed one of us.
  12. Me and my group of boosters all had issues with this trophy not popping, then we got into a private match to boost it and I figured out that the trophy will only unlock for the host of the private match. We also tried not jumping, leaping or using any abilities just to make sure. But it seems to only pop the trophy for the host. Also you cant let them bleed out or claim them, you have to keep meleeing them while theyre on the ground.
  13. Vr games are generally just harder to platinum for the pure fact that they are vr, some people just cant handle long sessions of vr. Vr worlds though isnt that hard but its still a bit of a pain in the ass to do. In my personal opinion id do danger ball or luge trophies over the scavenger odyssey any day.
  14. The platinum isnt that bad if you are a decently skilled enough player. Getting gold rank ( although its glitched at the moment where you only need silver 2 rank) and 5 flawless match victories in ranked would be the two hardest things, the rest are just a grind but not particularly difficult. Trophies like breach charge kill, nitro cell kill, etc. Can all be earned by downing an enemy then just planting or throwing it next to their body and securing the kill with it. Nonetheless though it is a very long and painful platinum for an average player like myself.