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  1. The Vita version of this game is a bit buggy all around, however, in stage 3-3 none of the octopus enemies spawn in for some reason thus making the objective for killing all the enemies in that stage impossible, along with the trophy for clearing all objectives in stage 3. The whole stage for some reason is super slow and laggy and low framrate.
  2. yeah, I figured that much out on my second playthrough of the game, a little stupid the trophy is triggered by picking up the soul and not killing him. I guess i just killed him then walked through the portal my first time around
  3. You might actually die trying to 100% this game lol. It looks insane
  4. Is there any way to get this game at this point in time? This game look pretty interesting and I'd love to play it, it's a shame it was delisted.
  5. I was looking on my PC I checked it on my ps4 and it is there, yet its still not there on the PS Store on my PC. I'm not sure what's up with that, never had this issue before
  6. I can't seem to find any of the ps4 regions of Maquette for sale in the store, has it been delisted? It would explain why there are so few owners of the ps4 versions.
  7. Currently my rarest platinum belongs to Kings Of Lorn, 8 achievers. Although thats simply due to the game being next to unknown, which is a shame because its not a bad game
  8. I played it on an alt account cuz i didnt want to attempt the 100%
  9. Best of luck to you, hopefully 1.00 works
  10. I have two ideas you could try 1. Installing the game with no patches and attempting the trophy on version 1.00, its possible that the trophy broke in an update, this has happened in some other games. If you wanna dm me i could help you out with doing this its a bit of a process, requires a pc and a program called charles proxy 2. Attempting the trophy on another region of the game. If you have the european version of the game, make an American account and buy the american version or vice versa. Theres a chance it works on one version of the game and not the other.
  11. Its JP, since the only other content ID available, besides all the known released ones, is Japanese
  12. I was thinking something like that aswell, for exaple the trophy for upgrading all perks to tier 3 in zombies, the platinum would essentially become impossible from that trophy alone if they didnt instapop, since you cant re-unlock them
  13. damn I was hoping for an easy instaplat lol, screw redoing the dead ops trophies
  14. Does anybody know if you were to earn trophies on the ps4 list then load the ps5 list, if it will instapop all the earned trophies again? Some games like fortnite or no mans sky are doing this