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  1. Its JP, since the only other content ID available, besides all the known released ones, is Japanese
  2. I was thinking something like that aswell, for exaple the trophy for upgrading all perks to tier 3 in zombies, the platinum would essentially become impossible from that trophy alone if they didnt instapop, since you cant re-unlock them
  3. damn I was hoping for an easy instaplat lol, screw redoing the dead ops trophies
  4. Does anybody know if you were to earn trophies on the ps4 list then load the ps5 list, if it will instapop all the earned trophies again? Some games like fortnite or no mans sky are doing this
  5. I went thru volcano and forfeited every hole and didnt get the trophy, then proceeded to play a full game of the other two maps normally and completing the holes and the trophies popped together
  6. The crash landed trophy is glitched. I completed a full game of volcano and the trophy didnt pop, then after completing the deep, the Under the sea trophy and Crash Landed trophy popped at the same time
  7. Am I the only ones whos just annoyed as hell at this update? Like why couldnt they just uncap the levels on the old system? Just feels like sonys just given out participation medals to everyone by making everyone just such high levels and really giving the middle finger to those who worked really hard on their profiles and have been asking for a higher cap for years and then they turn around and do this. Its just dumb. Probably trying to please people who dont care about trophies which just makes it more infuriating when you read through the comments on the update tweet and see all these people like "who cares" and just insulting trophy hunters. Nitro I saw being insulted on there after commenting. So goddamn annoying.
  8. A patch came two days ago that fixed the trophy
  9. I just got the trophy to pop after my 3rd completion. In my 3rd attempt i tried to make sure I didnt click the trigger, I figured maybe thats why it was glitching it out even though theres no bullets. Dont know if thats what helped get the trophy but either way I got it.
  10. lol i didn't realise there was a run button and i just walked the whole way and kept getting hit by cars cuz i was so damn slow lmao
  11. Bloodborne. Wish i was brave enough to attempt this game
  12. The trophies popped out of order for me. 14000 score didnt pop until well after i got 16000 and 15000 popped when i got 16000
  13. no missables, but the kill rott trophy can glitch
  14. Predator hunting grounds. The grind for that was so ridiculously boring and several days even with the best possible conditions. Made by the same devs as Friday 13th so I think you can imagine the grind on predator if you know Friday 13.