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  1. Busters quest isnt unobtainable, the list is fully obtainable the game is just delisted and none of the owners of the game are synced to the site. I told blindmango that it didnt need the "Unreleased" bit in the title but i got ignored
  2. I wouldn't mind going for this plat if it were to get patched, seems like a fun game. I believe in the devs.
  3. Could there be a game series made of all the games that require the purchasing of another game to obtain. ArmoredSnowman and I already put forth the idea of an "Addon" tag earlier which was rejected so how about just a game series? There's about 7 games I know of that would go in the series of addon games, probably even more that i dont know about.
  4. I believe the word you're looking for is "masterpiece"
  5. My resident evil 3 autopopped completely but my resident evil 2 only autopopped like half the list for some reason. It didnt even autopop the trophies for hardcore playthroughs and claire despite me having both of those save files there lol.
  6. Pretty sure thats a seperate beta which has no trophy list, could be wrong though It definitely is rumbleverse
  7. This list is for the PS4 beta of Rumbleverse, which was never actually made available to play only the PS5 beta was ever given out to players who enrolled. As such this list is more or less unobtainable unless you have a special contact to these devs. @JoinTheClub can confirm this also
  8. From what I can tell it's a pretty straight forward rail shooter game, why does this have 0.4% earn rate?
  9. Did they make this even harder with the new update? I swear it shouldnt be this difficult. I can count the number of mistakes ive personally made (that im even aware of) on my two hands, I feel like every death I have is an unavoidable one what with toy bonnie and foxy and the left vent assholes making it impossible for me to get enough of a wind to not die from one another. Ive got like 18 hours so far just on the 10/20 alone and with that only gotten to 5am once and 4am maybe 4 times. I dont know what I'm doing wrong. Fnaf 4 was a cakewalk compared to this. Ive tried every strategy I can find.
  10. good news for you guys then cuz there might just be something new coming from denysoft this year based on a subtle comment they made in their youtube video 10 days ago:
  11. I liked the idea you made of an "Add-on" tag. Im assuming though only Sly is able to add new tags to the system @BlindMango?
  12. Its stupid that they even need to, why isnt it just automatically done as apart of the development process or just part of putting their game up for sale anyway. Theres no reason a dev would want their trophy list to not be on the servers on release.
  13. My top 50 are from 10 different games Splitgate - 1 SuperHyperCube - 5 Mega Zombie - 8 Crisis Vrigade - 2 Grand Theft Auto V - 2 Beats Fever - 1 PSVR Worlds - 9 Surgeon Simulator - 13 Superhot VR - 6 Audica - 1
  14. That's a mess. In my head id wanna give it a RR tag?, even though thats not quite correct. if not give it a unique "Bonus" Tag or something like that. If i recall correctly there's a dragon quest game that you could earn a redeem code for if you beat the game within a certain time period after release, that would also kinda fit under a "Bonus" tag. Theres also the memories off Fullbloom list that was only available in the physical box set of the memories off games, as a redeemable code which I would also call a "Bonus" tag, it currently has a Physical tag which isn't quite correct since its a digital code, but can only be acquired from the physical purchase of the game. I'd also call the rare NBA Jam trophy list a "Bonus" tag since it was a redeemable code apart of a select few of unreleased NBA Elite 11 game copies. Bit of a random paragraph but eh, just my thoughts. Wouldn't mind hearing the thoughts of @ArmoredSnowman