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  1. Finally did it last week, my advice for anyone with the same issue is to go in the practice mode for the press drill, keep doing that until you can 100% complete the drill each time. Then go straight into a game and try again. You will find you will very quickly get the technique right and get the trophy.
  2. Really struggling to unlock the corner trophy. I am confident I have it right but no success. I see others have unlocked this based on PSN stats. Any advice or suggestions on how to overcome this seemingly bugger trophy on my madden save?
  3. Would you mind posting back confirming how that works ?
  4. Anyone who has this can you confirm how lobbies and online parties work especially considering for level 99 grinds we want to group up 🙂
  5. Is this a single trophy list for both PS4 and ps5 or separate as well?