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  1. Still working on this trophy and am Level 92 bond now. Just 7 more levels to go. Part of me is telling myself do Merciless NG+ but at this point I've just convinced myself to keep sweeping through Metatron fast as possible while listening to music or talking to someone on headset to keep myself busy during it. Almost there looking forward to nabbing this Platinum and moving onto something else. I need to someday try getting the Yakuza 7 Platinum just need the time to get myself ready to even try Millennium Tower.
  2. This trophy is taking so long. I've been grinding against Metatron and I can usually beat him in 2 minutes combined with Ryuji having Elec Boost + Elec Amp + Shock Boost and Haru using Riot Gun when Metatron is paralyzed with Gun Boost + Gun Amp + Technical Adept which does massive damage and normally almost allows for an instant all out attack. Even with that, at Level 80 Bond it's taking longer and longer to level up making this feel more tedious and draining. I wasn't expecting such a hassle for the final trophy towards the Platinum and even with NG+ I don't fancy having to spend a few hours speeding through to get to a point with a Dire Shadow to grind.