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  1. Looking for recommendations for games like Final Fantasy Tactics that can be played on Vita.  They don't necessarily need to have trophies.  Looking to start stockpiling games of the genre.  Shadowrun has been scratching an itch I didn't know I had.

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    2. SnowxSakura


      Growlanser IV Wayfarer of Time (PSP)

      Gungnir (PSP)

      Aedis Eclipse (PSP)

      Generation of Chaos (PSP)

      Summon Night 5 (PSP)

    3. Deadly_Ha_Ha


      I'd also recommend Jeanne d'Arc. It's a more casual trpg than some others but it was also made by Level-5 so it's hard to go wrong. 

    4. Bl4ckb1rd92


      Thanks, y'all!  Tried using 50 games like and just wound up getting the same FE/FFT combos no matter what I did.  I will definitely be grabbing a few of these.  As long as I can download and play them on Vita, I'm happy!

  2. Game was stating that the save file couldn't be accessed when I would exit the inventory screen, but I was able to continue playing. Got the trophy for the blademaster then moved on to battlemage. Multitalented did not pop after. Upon returning to character select, it showed only one completed mission for blademaster. Darkranger and Battlemage both had 5 missions completed (the main ones) so after going back and doing the remaining 4 story missions with blademaster, the Multitalented trophy popped. As of this time, I have been unable to replicate the glitch. I can say with certainty that even if your save glitches, you can re-do a character and still obtain 100%. I will continue to replicate the glitch over the next couple of weeks. If I can do so, I'll edit with what caused it and how to avoid it. Happy hunting!
  3. Found a bug with the Pocket RPG trophies.  Game was stating that the save file couldn't be accessed when I would exit the inventory screen, but I was able to continue playing.  Got the trophy for the blademaster then moved on to battlemage.  Multitalented did not pop after. Upon returning to character select, it showed only one completed mission for blademaster.  Going to do a run with blademaster again and see if that fixes it; will document findings in an actual forum post after as a warning accompanied by a solution (I hope). 

  4. I kept telling myself I wasn't going to get another new game right now and that I was going to wait at least three months after a game came out to play it...  But the bros convinced me to nab Elden Ring.  So far, I am beyond enjoying playing it.  It has consumed me to the core.  I've played 20 hours of it in 2 days and only one of those was a day off work.  To think, I stopped Skyrim mid-run only to start playing Skyrim gone Souls.

  5. Bingo - Top Row - 30JAN 13 more squares to go, plus platting and 100% all the games. I'm debating adding the green and blue tags for all of them, but I think it would get a little too busy if I did it for all of them if it was all on the same day. ACIII, AC: Liberation, and Nexomon took up the last three blocks over the past two weeks. This challenge definitely reawakened my love of just completing a story and moving on, I rally need to slow down and clean up these games before I continue.
  6. End of Month 1: Original Starting PCG: 56.13% Current: 55.9% Goal: 70% Total Points: 256770 Current: 269,310 Total Started Games: 368 Current: 388 Total Completed Games: 178 Current: 185 Total Platinums: 160 Current: 166 I wound up not really finishing anything other than stories this month, falling back into bad habits just consuming main content and moving on like some sort of digital locust. The one constant has been slowly making progress in Clicker Heroes, I'm determined to finish it without utilizing the glitch. According to PS Wrap-Up I pumped 236 hours into it last year alone. I found out Friday that I'm going to be in the field for pretty much the whole month of March for medical coverage, so expect me to pump in a bunch of shovelware just before I go. I'll be needing to get my serotonin preemptively; that ding has pretty much become my Pavlov's Bell. Since my last update I've completed the stories through to AC: Black Flag, but then I got an itch for Pokemon, so I wound up playing Nexomon. Turns out I enjoyed it so much I immediately started it again for the other platform. Haven't touched Super Meat Boy since the last update, but I plan to finish that last level for the main story sometime in the next couple of weeks. I'm still at 3/10 tiers for the Platinum Difficulty Challenge and am now at 12 squares (1 Bingo) for Bingo Bonanza.
  7. End of Week 2: Original Starting PCG: 56.13% Current: 55.99% Goal: 70% Total Points: 256770 Current: 266,310 Total Started Games: 368 Current: 383 Total Completed Games: 178 Current: 184 Total Platinums: 160 Current: 165 I decided that while I finish out my leave, I'm going to hold off on grinding out annoying trophies and just relax and enjoy the stories from the AC franchise, a series of games that I happen to enjoy for almost every aspect. I hate collectibles and I still love that with these games because of the way their environment works. I'm currently dropping my completion percentage down by doing this, but I can grind them down in small amounts as I get a chance to enjoy myself for a short amount of time. I'll get back on Revenant Dogma after my leave officially ends, the game isn't going anywhere. Since my last update I've completed the story for GTA: Redneck and the entire Ezio Trilogy. I'm currently stuck on Dr. Fetus for Super Carpal Tunnel Boy and got around to starting DSIII with a friend. I'm still at 3/10 tiers for the Platinum Difficulty Challenge and am now at 9 squares for Bingo Bonanza.
  8. Rounded out the Ezio with Player's Choice and Crafting Mechanics. Have some cleanup to go back and do, but I figure that's better for after work and just enjoying the story is a better way to spend my time off. I still absolutely love these games. It's incredible how much my viewpoint of Desmond's story has changed over the past 10 years since I played through this last. I went from "why would he run away, he was an assassin!" to "good for him, kid got out of a crazy cult". I'm probably going to continue to go on a crazy AC spree because these games hit quite a few of these boxes and I really haven't finished any of the others. They've also been a nice break from Super Carpal Tunnel Boy, which I've spent a few hours on Dr. Fetus and still can't finish out that level. All in all, I'm going back to work next week actually refreshed for once coming off leave. It seems my plans falling through and me cloistering myself away in my apartment like some sort of hermitage retreat was exactly what I needed.
  9. Just finished out the story (still have a feather hunt and some other miscellaneous for the plat) for Assassin's Creed II and I'm plopping it in Award-Winning. Link for proof if needed. Turns out Playing PoP:SoT re-lit a fire in me that I forgot about. It was pretty cool playing them almost back to back and seeing where the animations were almost the exact same. Ubisoft really did recycle their mechanics over and over again. Starting to look like I made a plan to literally just laugh at it as I do other things.
  10. Finished the story for GTA: Redneck. Still going to do Darkest Dungeon, this one just nabbed my attention somehow.
  11. End of Week 1: Original Starting PCG: 56.13% Current: 56.20% Goal: 70% Total Points: 256770 Current: 263,610 Total Started Games: 368 Current: 378 Total Completed Games: 178 Current: 183 Total Platinums: 160 Current: 165 I went a little crazy out the gate and started too many new games at one time without the intention to finish them fully immediately. I have some crazy games on my 100% completion quest this year. Super Meat Boy, Wuppo, and Darkest Dungeon crown that list. I may have tipped my executive dysfunction into overdrive so I'm trying to come up with a plan I know I won't follow to quell this growing unease. It'll probably involving sucking it up and finishing Revenant Dogma so I can finish writing that guide, but it's the first KEMCO game that's felt like a chore when I've played it. I need to stop starting new games; the big goal this year is to complete 200 before I start 400. So far this year I've 100% completed Crypto by POWGI, Dungeon Escape, Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time, Day of the Tentacle, and InFamous: Second Son. Three of them have been for the Platinum Difficulty Challenge and all of them have counted for Bingo Bonanza.
  12. It took a few days of looking through guides and digesting what I was looking at to come up with my vote. There were quite a few incredibly tough choices. Guide of the Year: Hades Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01 Trophy Guide: Hades Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01, Diablo II: Resurrected Trophy Guide by Animosity_7 Gameplay Guide: Control - 100% Trophy Walkthrough by Optinooby, Maquette - 100% Game and Trophy Walkthrough by Trozenator DLC Guide: Mortal Shell - TheVirtuousCycle DLC Trophy Guide by Plattitudes and GinjAJ, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers DLC Trophy Guide by zekunlu and Rebourne07 Retro Enthusiast: Dante's Inferno - EA Community Trials Guide by Mertkaykay and coregamer1998, 仮面ライダー サモンライド! Trophy Guide by soliunasm New-Age Enthusiast: Resident Evil Village Trophy Guide by angelbless45, Godfall Trophy Guide by nrs1nrs1 Original Content: Wuppo Trophy Guide by Trumpet_Boi_208 and roosta_141, Returnal - Collectible Guide by Optinooby Formatting: Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01, Monster Sanctuary by Ac3dUd3-
  13. Finished up Second Son late last night, been cleaning it up for remaining trophies today. Plucking away at Super Meat Boy and Darkest Dungeon. Starting to look like my buddy and I are getting ready to go after either Dark Souls III or Bloodborne. All in all, a very productive week so far.
  14. Down by three, and another change to the roster. Slowly Grinding Super Meat Boy as I make progress with everything else. Crypto by POWGI 02JAN2022 Day of the Tentacle 05JAN2022 Prince of Persia 04JAN2022 Tera Bound by Flame Gauntlet Berserk (It's going to be milestone plat 175) Darkest Dungeon --> Started a brand new shiny file with this run, doing better than I ever did before. Trying not to cheese it since that would defeat the purpose of an 8/10 difficulty. Wuppo --> Started this one, too. Trying to get the hard ones out of the way and have the middle of the pack for the end because they're fun. Super Meat Boy --> Finished 5-10 this morning. Planning to finish Rapture by tomorrow.
  15. 4 Down, another step closer to the goal of 100% blackout. Super Meat Boy is at 5-12, Darkest Dungeon is... I don't really know how I'm doing, I'm just trying to survive.