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  1. Is their enough players still playing the game to go for plat ,or will most have to be boosted or tried to be boosted?
  2. Wait so you can get infallible trophy now as a squad
  3. I started the game yesterday and there is still a lot of lobbies for Deathmatch. Last worm standing takes a while now and their is barely any people in the lobbies,bu their still is.It makes it easier to get last worm standing trophy
  4. The game will take around 800 hours and it helps if you find a group that will grind PWO so each match last around 10 min
  5. True there so annoying when there an elite and your trying to reload
  6. I got the quest and was finally able to get the plat
  7. Yes Finally
  8. Lol I haven’t won a race yet and leveling is super long
  9. Does the exploit still work
  10. Got my second win which put me up to level 24
  11. Does this mean you have to qualify in 5 episodes or do you have to come first
  12. So basically you have to win 5 intire games without losing one in the prosses
  13. I'm not sure I played it a long time ago so i was able to get the throphy back then and I was able to platinum,but I'm trying to platinum in EU and haven't gotten it in 2 weeks but I'm still trying
  14. So I completed the game colletcted everything,upgraded all weapons and researched everything but some trophy at the end didn't pop. I got the trophy for not harvesting any sisters but I didn't get the onw for saving all of them.I also got all the throphys for researching everything but didn't get Research PHD trophy.I also missed a few more, anyone got any tips>Sould I restart a new game and find everything again?
  15. I played through Bioshock and collected everything, upgraded all weapons and saved every little sister but for some reason it didnt pop.I tried to go for a second run through but a little sister glitched out in the 3 level so I raged and gave up.Havent gotten back to try again
  16. Anyone got any idea of what to do
  17. Did the throphy pop because the same thing happend to me