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  1. Same at snowxSakura, the game is not hard, no need to use this ability
  2. Thx for the answer
  3. Hey everyone, just a little question If i use this cheat = i am removed from the leaderboard? Thx all
  4. The japanese version dont support trophies, only the NA physical version is available with trophies
  5. You have forget -Metro the last light complète edition ps3 (all dlc's included on disc) -Dishonored game of the year edition (all dlc's included on disc) -Saints row double pack (SR3 and 4 with all dlc's included on disc). -Worms collection
  6. I found a new one, LOST DIMENSION (Atlus)
  7. Dante's inferno need to play online for the 100% (10 mission of the dlc need a 2nd player in coop online)
  8. El chavo kart F1 face stars Cars 2,3 Cars race o rama Ben 10 galactic racing The dlc's of F1 race stars are delisted btw
  9. Thank you for your playthrough, i use your vidéo and it help me a lot.
  10. you don't just have to pick up the 38 red gems hidden throughout the game to get the trophy, you also have to upgrade all the weapons and gadgets to the maximum, this will require 80 red gems, but there is a glitch in stage 2- 1 or you can pick up the red gem and use it then quit and pick up the same one again and so on as long as you want otherwise it's impossible to have 80, go to the trophy guide
  11. All dlc for bioshock 1 and all dlc for bioshock 2
  12. hello everyone, can someone find a solution because this trophy is still unobtainable. thank you