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  1. DaaneS97, I advise you to try and get the plat for Mad Max, it's a more enjoyable game than most people say, but there are some difficult trophies, so use a guide if you get stuck on anything.
  2. Watching this discussion is highly insightful, I have to agree, but popcorn with mayo does not sound too appealing, but to each their own. Rachael
  3. I know that most people who use PSNPROFILES are legitimate trophy hunters, but I have to ask this one question: Why do we, the community, allow people who duplicate their trophies on different servers i.e. Completing a trophy list in EU, for example, then changing to a US/AU/JP server just to boost their own trophy count? I personally believe we should remove players who take such action to make the competition of trophy hunting, and obtaining better world rankings a level playing field, so to speak. Any thoughts on this matter you can respond here, or dm me on Twitter @D3str0Th3Noo8. Thanks in advance, and keep sacrificing games to the trophy gods. Your friend and fellow trophy hunter, Destro_Gaming27. P.S. If you dm me on Twitter, my name is Rachael, and I will be happy to add you on PSN as well if you want to.