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  1. Warlord trophy is not glitched anymore if you place 18 diamonds just change your psn name and it will automatic reset you too rank 1
  2. Using the psn name change worked for the warlord trophy my far cry 2 online is done now
  3. You can connect too the server but wont let you create a ranked match at all
  4. Nice joke
  5. It wont let create a ranked match or player match this needs too be fixed asap
  6. Far cry 2 servers are down again
  7. Servers are still online i just did the game under 2 days its still attainable
  8. After loading up madden 17 ps3 it updated my terms and went back nfl blitz it let me on the servers i can finally do this 100% game woot woot Just got too update my 2nd ps3 wish me luck
  9. #19 Thief ps4 version
  10. After you do a drop backflip kick and throw the queen it will work 100% of the time trust me on this thats how i got fastest achiever for the platinum Wrong it was a secret for us leaderboard people
  11. #15 Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City
  12. I showed proof so all i can do is wait
  13. I speedrun the platinum for wwe 2k19 platinum and i get flagged i speedrun wwe 2k20 but i dont get flagged for that im being targeted this is not fair for god sake this is a crime flagging someone that broke no rules i was speedrunning the game plus its a ps4 game the live event proves this flag is wrong i show all the proof the live event trophy went live on march 6 2020 after that i went straight too the aj styles tower completed it got my platinum trophy
  14. The flag was for 150 matches in total you can platinum the game under 150 matches in total
  15. Me speedrunning the fastest achievers for wwe 2k19 was breaking no rules so why the fuck did i get flagged for in the first place anyway im so pissed off right it feels like im being targeted and its not fair at all I guess every speedrunner for fastest achiever on every game should be flagged this is not right