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  1. All Time: 1. Owen Hart 2. Raven 3. Macho Man Randy Savage 4. CM Punk 5. Samoa Joe Current: 1. AJ Styles 2. Adam Cole 3. Kazuchika Okada 4. Keith Lee 5. Pete Dunn
  2. This! The BBB is not a government body nor do they actually have any impact on society or business. At best they take money from businesses for a logo on their establishment that may trick stupid people into believing the business was vetted somehow. Contacting them will have no effect on anything as they have no actual power or influence. They are the equivalent of the old Who’s Who Among American High School Students.
  3. This is not accurate, the Vita can be set to flight mode and still be connected to WiFi. As you can see from the image posted they have the flight mode and WiFi icons in the upper left hand corner. My guess is this is a hold over from when some vita modes were 3G enabled. Link to Vita Manual: https://manuals.playstation.net/document/en/psvita/settings/flight.html
  4. I understand the knee-jerk reaction to the changes made in FFVIII, but I think we should be classifying it for what it is. Best case scenario the game was changed to better fit their vision, worse case scenario it was changed to avoid a PR backlash, in either case it is not censorship. A government body didn’t make them change anything, Sony did not require changes to release the game, ratings boards did not require a change for a teen rating. A self-imposed change is not censorship and calling it such is a disservice to places like Hong Kong, China or even the US journalism industry that is dealing with real censorship issues. I am not implying people should or should not be upset by the changes (personally I don’t care) but let’s make sure to separate the issue at hand from serious issues of censorship.
  5. Capcom Beat Em collection has 7 great classic games.
  6. We need to move past caring what others play. If you like FNAF or Fortnite or CoD, enjoy yourself, if you don’t play something else. There are too many games and too little time on this earth to care one way or another about someone’s entertainment preferences.
  7. You do not have to get the win screens in a single run. Even if you start a new game it will keep track of your previous screens, I know for a fact that I didn’t earn the DLC trophies I have in single playthroughs.
  8. Once I selected Sewer Abomination it showed as red and didn’t spawn so I clicked the button like five more times and then it worked. For Kinscourge, I had to exit the admin panel and re-enter it before I could select it from the options. It’s pretty buggy but it will work eventually.
  9. While I disagree with SharePlay for earning trophies, I think we should let people play games however they like within the TOS and without hacking. Not worth getting upset over another players choices.
  10. It’s likely this. Says free for me but I have the original from PS+. If you don’t have the original purchased or from PS+ it should show a price.
  11. I made sure to have no plants in my satchel to make tracking easier. I ended up with multiples of everything and it popped after I collected a seventh milkweed. I think it may be glitched for some. Keep trying is the only advice I really have. You’ll get it eventually.
  12. http://www.wired.com/story/pop-up-mobile-ads-surge-as-sites-scramble-to-stop-them This is a good article about the problem. The third party ad suppliers are not vetting the code for the ads and it’s become a big issue. It used to be sketchy sites but now happens everywhere.
  13. It’s not the same thing. Trading cards and such provide a tangible product that can be resold and are typically purchased for a specific hobby/reason, they are not pushed or marketed in a way that resembles gambling to minors.
  14. Just set up a camp east of the spawn point, located south east of Braithwaite manor. Sleep until evening, head west for the spawn point and search. If you don’t see a panther or a Florida panther either head back and sleep or reload. I found both species in that location super quickly, though studying and skinning was tough because they kept killing me.
  15. After a couple of missions in epilogue 1 you’ll inherit all the gear you previously had. I tried to do somethings and struggled so pushed through the missions until things opened back up.