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  1. I was asking why I saw that the Daily Challenges trophy had not been earned since October 2020
  2. Is platinum still obtainable in 2021?
  3. Is platinum still obtainable in 2021? any trophies that cannot be earned today 03/08/21
  4. Gracias a los 2 por la info
  5. Is platinum still available? And what trophies should I have if there is a server shutdown?
  6. I heard that this game will shut down servers in December, I want to know if this shutdown will only affect MyTeam mode, I need to know if I can get the trophies out of MyCareer mode after the servers shutdown
  7. Hello, I have been playing in MyCareer mode and I am very bad, I can not score almost any basket from afar, I raised my character statistics a bit but I feel that there is no improvement, what am I doing wrong? Any advice you can give me? , some statistics that I can change so that the mode is a little easier for me, the truth is that I think the trophies of triples and punctuation are going to be very complicated PD: My stats are the closest to Michael Jordan's PD2: Sorry about my English, it is not my mother tongue
  8. Is platinum still obtainable in 2021?
  9. platinum possible in 2021?
  10. I get an error when I want to play a season of a player, I need the trophy to climb the division and the 50 goals, but I cannot enter the seasons, does anyone know why? I saw people who took out the trophies that I mentioned recently and I do not know how they do to play that mode Sorry about my English, it's not my mother tongue