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  1. I got it, U need some duplicates if they are different ppl like u don t need nekker but cards from sco t iatel u need if they have same name but different art. bcs i had all of them and then found one card which I had but it has different art on it
  2. I have all cards expect duplicate as u can seee in check list. Can someone tell me what I am missing ? Found out that I don t need three nekkers on that trophy even though they have different art and i missed one from quest but afterall I have all cards.checklist: miraculus guide to gwent shows : one card from velen, one card from novigrad
  3. Why There si no trophy list for this game on PS3?
  4. Is There somebody who would like to finish game in 4 player multiplayer? We are two and currently before boss Shalandier. (We are level 37) If you need somebody to finish it with or you wold like to finish it with us add me please. Thanks 😇. my psn: adosi--