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  1. if I remember correctly (cause i got the platinum like a year ago ) i think i did all on a single server but not that sure better be safe and do it on a single server
  2. I really hoped that would be true cause I got the game late and now servers are closed is there any chance for it to come back again (just wishful thinking lol)
  3. hey bro, actually u can get the 1000 kills by killing urself 1000 times in an offline server and that's what I exactly did cause the trophy glitches on me and i got like waaaay more than 1k kills, but someone told me with the killing myself trick and it worked first time with no issues here's what the guy told me exactly all credits goes to him @SovereignLupin "what I did was go into single player: enable cheats. Use an item called the HMG (it's like an explosive SMG) I'm not sure the item I'd, like 1194 or something maybe? and just shoot the ground near you with it. I got mine that way without ever joining a multiplayer server. It counted Everytime and I just kept killing myself it counted for all the player kills trophies. If you don't mind using the cheats you can also easily do the 1000 animal kills to spawn in animals"
  4. Thanks for the answer, so I assume this happened to you too? If so u advise to keep in the lobby until match starts eventually? I tried staying for like 15-30 minutes but no luck
  5. Hello, as the title says I have a problem starting any online match, the problem isn't in finding players to fill the lobby because changing region server to NA totally fixes this issue, but the problem is after finding players and intermission count down starts and reaches 0 the match doesn't start and instead it says connecting, searching, find new players, intermission count down starts again and so on same problem happens in infinite loop tried many different solutions, tried port forwarding DOOM Ports but nothing worked
  6. Sorry for reviving and old post but I can see that you got the platinum and I'm having the same issue you had before, how did you fix it? always find match (in NA servers not Europe for some reason) then when intermission reaches 0 it says searching again or kicks me out to main menu
  7. Thanks man that was the solution i did, just resetted my password on EA desktop website and everything worked fine, turns out my account was disabled due to inactivite or something and had to reset password
  8. lemme try that and get back to ya
  9. how did u solve it? I have the same issue and can't fix it
  10. Hello, thanks for the topic if the code is still available I wouldn't mind taking it
  11. Did u try it? I have the NA version so couldn't benefit from the 1.04 glitch as the game is updated to last version, but I was able to download to v 1.00 but it seems the save/load nightmare glitch doesn't change my save so did it work for u on 1.00?
  12. The game is available for stream only and can't download it from UK PS plus Premium tried using the app and the website and both give me "unable to purchase" and when using PS4 to acces the gam'it gives me to choose version and both are with money and not for free although it's included in the service PS: the game works fine in the US service and many users can claim and download the game normally
  13. Glad it worked out for you, and yeah they fixed it 2 weeks later by restoring licenses which didn't work before but now am trying my best to get Mighty NO.9 to work but it's stream only and can't download meanwhile it's working fine and available for download in US region and as always UK and EU are having issues
  14. Can you please tell me how you made it work using ps5? I know his is an old post but I have. A similar issue but not with game only but with other 12 games or more, they all are included in the ps plus service but can't purchase them as they are unavailable ti purchase but I found out that many people from US ps plus can claim them normally without issues but am from uK and it seems the problem is region related with sony and has to fix it the game am having similar issue and tryin my best with is mighty no.9 just to mention i dunn have PS5, only ps4 but heard users on ps5 can claim those games....can you try with more games other than hotline miami? Mighty n0.9
  15. Yah I was so happy that I managed to do both using streaming on PSNow (before it becomes the new PS Plus Service). Anyways nothing really affects the timer counting faster and that stuff as it all depends on your internet speed so if you have good internet you will play the game totally normal except for some small lags that happens naturally while streaming anything but not an issue at all. The only trophy that gave me trouble and almost made me quit and try finding a physical version to run it natively on PS3 was the secret level in umbrella chronicles but after many tries got it finally with patience and determination