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  1. Been using Atago from Azur Lane. though I might change to Shinobu from Gal Gun Double Peace
  2. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, personally thought the game was great when I played it on a different account. most trophies are unmissable.
  3. PSN ID: Misdeed_Systems: PS4, PS3, Vita Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Yes Currently Playing: Senran Kagura PBS, Bullet Girls 2, and soon God Eater 2. I mainly play solo stuff with a few exceptions, but I'm always down to chat. also if you want a dark souls 1/2 or code vein partner let me know.
  4. Final Fantasy 7. there are built in modifiers that can help out with grinding as well.
  5. Yeah I wanted to grab it in case the physical version went up, just went to the store an got a copy for 30 USD. Think it came out August.
  6. Ah ok thank you.. I'll will buy a disc then.
  7. I can not find this on the US or UK store all that comes up is Shoot em up. Has it been delisted?
  8. Always liked https://psnprofiles.com/froeschweiler5 and https://psnprofiles.com/Echo-Tensei though it seems Echo-Tensei isn't active anymore...
  9. That's what I thought.
  10. It says that The House in Fata Morgana is apart of the Fairy Fencer F series even though I believe it's not.
  11. Either Arcana Heart 3 or Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae... I will most likely try Mitsurugi again but Arcana Heart 3 platinum for me will never happen
  12. For me i'd say Fate Extella is very fun. Phantom Breaker BattleGround Overdrive is a 2D beat em up. Senran Kagura.
  13. Bought this off the US PSN store but it says I did the EU version and not the US version.