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  1. I just saw a stream for it at this moment, and was surprised. I may actually get to try it once it is in our store.
  2. Sadly the PC version keeps getting DLC, while the shop on PS4 will never be used.
  3. Is this still a problem?
  4. Funny thing is they still share the same save file so if you go from one version then continue the other episodes in the other version you will be missing the previous ones trophies.
  5. It looks like it is still glitched. Only 0.8% have it and none of them are here. Not sure how many have played this game in the world.
  6. Yet they are releasing a physical copy with 1-4, and Sister Location.
  7. So, are these trophies from just playing through the experience?
  8. Maybe this will help too for others wanting it.
  9. I hope for Lament of Innocence.
  10. Dark Domination, What Lies Beneath, Wave of Darkness, and Tension Rising on Proud are the best options. Yet it depends how good you are as Dark Domination is rather difficult with its' quick change between triplets and doubles. I had just over 60'000 enemies defeated with all difficulties and the 50 full-chains for each difficulty. Had to play What Lies Beneath a hundred times, and Wave of Darkness at least 10 times.
  11. I find trusting the music, especially on higher difficulties is rather helpful (i.e. What Lies Beneath, Wave of Darkness). Also not pressing the button as soon as the circle appears as it will cause (as others have wrote) a miss.
  12. It's funny how a delightful and colourful series attracts the masochistic. All Excellent on 50 or more Proud songs would be a nightmare (Managed to get one or two just going for Full-Chain).
  13. I am not sure the latest one is easier. The game wants you to be perfect about a third of its content on the hardest difficulty. Not sure they could add much in unique trophies for M.o.M. Like they already have the 'Fly for a minute in one stage'. Maybe encourage using the other two modes in 'Track selection'. Plus with all the star rewards you couldn't play exclusively on Proud through the World Tour (most of it, not all of it). I wouldn't mind if they made them less grind-based. '100'000 enemies defeated'. I'm halfway done with 'Proud' mode (having done all songs on 'Beginner' and 'Standard' already) and haven't reached '50'000 enemies defeated' yet. Plus one team is maxed out and the three others are over Level 50. Like, I enjoyed KH1 with doing it in two playthroughs, and did the same for KHII. KHDDD is fun except for the 'Dropping 100 times'. I was in the low 70's when I was done everything else. I am glad there are no more 'No Continues' trophy, Like that's why I have avoided the B.B.S. Platinum, 6 playthroughs if you want to be fair to yourself. 3 for Critical, 3 for everything else. Unless you are that good, and I struggled with Lingering Will on Beginner. ^u^'
  14. That's handy. I bet the amount of online traffic this game gets is near dead.
  15. So they changed some of the trophies and released with two less. I feel they should of done more altering like the "Max level" trophies (for each character) for some of the new story content.