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  1. Has anyone else had troubles not getting the Seeker trophy to pop? First play-through didn't have the room with the camera. Then I replayed and got that room, picked up the camera, and nothing happened. Reloaded the checkpoint, nothing. Quit the game, continued, and nothing. Did it a second time and tried that all again. No pop. The non-VR version didn't give me this much hassle. Even deleted the game and reinstalled it. I put the camera close to my face, kept it still, walked around with it. The fact more people obtained it than the ending trophy proves people can get it. Heck I even got the ending trophy which is the rarest in the small set. EDIT: Got it to pop. Don't know if this is cause why. I deleted the save file from my Saved Data. Restarted the game, got to the room with the camera. I picked up the camera and didn't move.
  2. Maybe we can dream one day it will be for PS5. Or maybe the classics like how III is being remade.
  3. I guess Worldwide is a bit of a lie then. Oh well. It's almost here. I hope it is as fun as Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom.
  4. Like they made a big deal for the remake, 'Wonder Boy: A Dragon's Trap' that you can play as Wonder Girl yet none of the transformations have female variants so you barely see the female counterpart while playing.
  5. May 28th. Yet it seems several people on here got it a month ago and Platinumed it already. I hope it looks and runs better than that one trailer. I like this series.
  6. That's a shame, there are a fair few good games without Platinum trophies. Even though this is just an extra list instead of a game in itself.
  7. I bought this thinking it will be some cheesy horror game (and love playing games with small trophy lists). Sadly not. It is 'Joe's Diner' level of effort, or even worse cause you couldn't fall out of the map or deal with sluggish camera controls in JD. Enemies cannot hurt you, many objects without colliders, no story, lack of animation, player is nothing, objects overlapping and duplicated, useless camera, no U.I.. Walk slowly from one spot to another, pick up a key, that's it. Good thing the trophies work. The part you can fall out is the final area where you just walk around the large blue room with a circle on the ground (it's at the top of the stairs if you care to try and have a laugh). The stairs and balcony are irrelevant. The good thing about falling out of the map is that you can quit and reload. The fact the sale price isn't the default price is abysmal. This asset flip isn't worth $13.00.
  8. Just started this, don't know when they appear. Hope I find a few before it becomes a hassle.
  9. 4 people got it, but that trophy mentioned by Sunny is bugged and won't be fixed from what other topics have wrote. At least some of the multiplayer ones may be doable in local.
  10. I managed to get 3 stars solo on most except for 3 I think. They are just too hard for me to handle alone.
  11. I will repeat my comment on the guide. Another tip for "Step Down" is to break a bit of the left railing at the top where the stairs and tower connects then run quickly to the bottom then back to the top. I did that and the stairs started falling off from the bottom upwards.
  12. 1) Mahjong 2) Shogi 3) UFO Catcher Haven't tried them all yet. Like Catfighting and the Phone dating yet. As extra my favourite three are: 1) Karaoke 2) Pool 3) Disco
  13. A little helpful tip for those getting "Insult and Injury". I got it when a nearby teammate stunned the killer with a pallet as I was running away. So you don't even have to be the one to stun the Killer.
  14. Got any tips for others?
  15. Though you only get three of the four checkpoints at first. The last one being at the final fight.