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  1. As a tip for other people missing confetti here. Make sure to jump around at the exit in the cheese. I was missing one and it was hidden by part of the damaged hole.
  2. I like playing as Freddy so it works for me (and anyone else that likes him).
  3. I know what you mean. I got the Platinum trophy recently after Science Experiment bugged out on me. (Didn't get the Organ from the last Adept). I hope the DLC is fun, and not broken. Now onto 100%.
  4. Boat repairs are the worst. Boats are so rare, I can play for fifteen matches and get like two boats. Plus then you have to hope Jason doesn't find you first, and hope other survivors don't repair or hold onto the parts. Though it is more doable than "I'm On a Boat". EDIT: Got 100 boat repairs, now I need the passenger boat riding trophy.
  5. It is a fun game, but the Platinum trophy journey can ruin it. I love this game, but going for those hats and that unicorn gun ruined the end game for me. The DLC is easier in that aspect, and is worth going for.
  6. Probably cause many maps have a trophy tied to fixing a specific generator. They are keeping with that tradition. It would of been nice if they made it more accessible. Only two sides are available for four people.
  7. I liked playing as the Pig, just it is restricted to matches as OMegaRejectz wrote. Unlike many other Killers ones that can be done as much one is able to. Huntress is the exception. I doubt one will get 1000 hatchets in a few matches. It also gets less fun the better I do. Going from 14 to 9 means many reds and purples while trying other Killers. :')
  8. As much as I like this character (Huntress), I dread going for this trophy if I do 100%. Even the 125 bear traps feels like a chore for Amanda/Pig. With the maximum of 4 (5) per round (adds an extra one with Last Will). Glad they learned after a couple years with making it like 30, 10, or 65 times. I hope they patch it to be fewer.
  9. I find S-Ranks in the final zone (5) are the biggest pain. Like it gets chaotic, and your strongest weapons are okay in this zone, whereas using them in the first couple zones makes you feel powerful. It seems strongly connected to total damage taken (and accuracy maybe). It is a fun game. Just needs some more tinkering.
  10. I managed to get Merciless Killer (Adept) with the Doctor with one DC. It was Elodie. She did it later in the match though. As I was constantly chasing her for a time because the other person she was around was this Feng I felt bad for that I had got early on twice. Also my Adept Hag. I also was (and still am) a lower rank at the time (16).
  11. Exactly, though in higher ranks the Killers will look around the nearby area to scare off your teammates. Which is fine for self-saving with "Power Struggle" and "Flip-Flop".
  12. It is quite annoying cause I have gotten a few offerings, yet cannot use them. I got to the map a few times, yet I either don't get to fix it, or am the first one sacrificed. I hope they get the offering working cause it is so random when and if we can ever get the map with how many the game has now EDIT: The offering has been usable late July. Though some Killers automatically quit.
  13. Never heard of it, the art-style is gorgeous. I am guessing it will play like Monkey Island and Thimbleweed Park.
  14. Mine is 'Little Adventure on the Prarie'. I haven't touched Slyde knowing what it is.
  15. If I can get a physical copy I will give this game a go. Wanted to play it back when it released, but read how awfully broken it was. Glad to see they are dedicated to their products.