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  1. Any tips for "From the Deep"? Like, does pulling a survivor in as Dredge if they interact with a locker count? EDIT: Yes, it does count. I got the trophy after catching Nancy interacting with a locker while I was hiding inside it. Recommended Perks: - Darkness Revealed: Shows if survivors are near and potentially touch the lockers - Iron Maiden: Quicker searching and benefits Darkness Revealed - Lethal Pursuer: Find where to first teleport to. People tend to lock the lockers near where they start - Shadowborn: Gives you more to see and benefits D.R. and L.P.
  2. I've brought this up too. They can change other trophies from base game and DLC. Yet cannot change that one like they did for other platforms. I managed to do it, but it really ruins matches and the fun.
  3. You are able to play? I have been getting the Initialization Error.
  4. That's good to know. Thank you, John Clark.
  5. That is handy. So they give you a good warning to avoid passing that point, yes?
  6. Are some of the trophies locked to online only? I mean the ones like "destroy the opponents ship" and "kill with a chicken" cause I did both in local versus and didn't get the trophies.
  7. Be proud to be a brony or pegasister and a trophy hunter! I got the platinum trophy. The names are nice, but the icons are so lazy. They could of used the characters and cutie marks for the icons. The game plays like an episode. The lip sync for cutscenes are quite bad (except the ones in the ending). The song for the dancing minigame is decent fun too.
  8. The ones I dislike are: 1. Catfight Club (RNG at its worst. Lost at least 5 bets at the last round cause it was one of the girls that can revive themselves and instantly defeat your lady). 2. Mahjong (Having to learn a whole game of this type is not for me. I enjoyed the Monopoly-like in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep more) 3. Fantasy Zone (The set score required in relation to the arcade game is an awful combination. Would of been fine if it was like 30000-40000)
  9. Was it where you had t play in one sitting for it to activate?
  10. What an annoying trophy, I finally got back to 100% too. I recommend using Desperate Measures and Autodidact with Empathetic Connection.
  11. Does anyone know if this issue has been fixed? Can the game be play against others online?
  12. I earned Adept Yoichi and I didn't even escape. It just popped when I went back to the game after getting home (I was playing as Yoichi before I left), Yet it is bugging out like it is for everyone else here. I managed to escape after I got the trophy just in case.
  13. Sadly there is no easy way to do it. You have to put in the effort slowly and gradually. If you have extra controllers that can help. Zombie kills do not count so don't kill more of them than you have to.
  14. I had it with planting a dozen trees and buying stuff. I had to do what the guide recommended two or three times before it worked.
  15. I know this is late, but you need at least 1600 points for 3 Stars in Panda's Dream. 300m or more is about the distance in relation to food collected. You will need over 1000 points from food.