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  1. Got it to 10 when i booted up my game today. Maybe a bug or something. All good now luckily.
  2. I have done all 90 challenges and bought every reinforced equipment from the trapper. my health and stamina both went up to lvl 10 but my deadeye only went up to 9. is it something else I have to do to get the last lvl on deadeye. i really dont want to continue going for the 100% if this is going to screw me over
  3. its kinda easy to get good players late on in the game lifecycle, so if you just play for a littlebit you should be ok.
  4. Not 100% sure, but my guess is that is because several of the milestone groups u did are just ad ons and not the ones that came when the game released
  5. can someone please tell me what is paid dlc and what dlc is includeded in the game