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  1. Just love rata games, will never turn back. Profile has a number of meaningful plats already so now I’m all about the boost. Thank the good Lord for putting those developers on earth! I hope they are fiscally rewarded handsomely, and never stop pumping them out.
  2. There are a few accounts out there that are solely rata games, I hear what you’re saying. While I love to play those games to increase rank, my top trophy is 0.11% - so I go from the extreme hard games to the easiest. I think that’s a fair approach.
  3. Indiana Jones and Hobbit are still on my list, glad to know they’re great. I’m doing Jurassic park right now and I agree it’s a bit boring...too many story levels haha. I didn’t like Star Wars that much either, but LEGO Batman and marvel heroes and avengers I did like.
  4. A plat is a plat.
  5. I’m actually a LEGO junkie, played almost all of them on the ps3. They provide some nice relief in between harder games and I’ve generally enjoyed all of them, despite the glitches. And the odd time you do actually encounter a challenge in them.
  6. I knew a few accounts that were level 12-15 that were never on here, which I took the liberty of updating. So that’s not the highest rank but definitely does have some trophies. I think if you’re level 20+ you’re likely gonna be on this site, you get to level 30-40 your rank is probably quite accurate. It would just boggle me that accounts exist out there that are high ranked and not on the leaderboards, unless they were banned for cheating. So to sum up, I’d say low rank you probably have a skewed number, higher ranked, it’s probably accurate.
  7. I just recently 59% Badland and that was emotional. I have used profanity during Hotline Miami runs, Wipeout, etc. But I do as someone suggested, I go easy after I go hard. I mix up my trophy hunting with LEGO or Rata games, like a nice victory lap reward. And it eases things psychologically. Keeps the temper down.
  8. I am a first achiever for Pandaball plat, Braveland Trilogy plat, and an AngryBirds trophy. It feels realllllly good.
  9. I think Sykes and Matza can be applied here. They deny responsibility: “it’s not my fault I cheated, the system is broken, you have to cheat to compete” They deny injury: “It’s not hurting anyone” They condemn the condemners: “Others cheat, so why shouldn’t I?”
  10. I think it’s pathetic to call into question the top leader of this site. Regardless of “presumed” tactics, they’ve obviously accomplished something getting that many trophies. All hail hakoom, bow to your king, and serve him wholeheartedly!
  11. I usually don’t go for milestones, but #100 Knowledge is Power was a sweet one because it was a family team effort. We’d all play it together on visits and holidays, have a lot of fun, and everyone playing local coop contributed in some way to getting the trophies. So that was nice, took awhile too, chipped away at it.
  12. I advise you play some video games
  13. Haven’t been on the forums in a while, and I notice still that most topics are getting twisted into more discussions about how people are somehow demonic monsters who devalue their accounts by playing “easy” trophy games, and of course those who don’t are on some moralistic high road on the way to enlightenment. a plat is a plat folks, live with it.
  14. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep.... “Nuclear Launch Detected” Starcraft 64 started exclusively playing the Zerg
  15. I think it’s a reasonable suggestion. The very fact Sony has platinums unlike xbox achievements gave them an edge in my opinion. Adding another level would be kinda cool. Plus games that tend to offer the diamond would be mainstream or well deserving indie platforms, they wouldn’t be as “cheap” to acquire as some platinums. I would love for instance to have a diamond because I platinum’d dragon age origins, dragon age 2 and inquisition. Thanks for this suggestion! Don’t let other’s shoot down a proposal you took a long time to think up.