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  1. I would live in Balamb Garden (mobile), studying hard, playing cards in my spare time, making friends in the cafeteria, and occasionally frequenting Fisherman’s Horizon to see what they caught. I’d send my kids to field trips at Esther City to understand the power of technology. And on holidays, I’d take train trips around Timber, snapping photos of the nearby wildlife. If time compression cramped my style, I’d live on, playing the Queen of Cards in the desert until my last breath.
  2. Every Lego game is both a journey and commitment, sometimes pleasant, sometimes not. Honestly, everyone I’ve played can bug out in some area, sometimes game-ending, sometimes a mild, temporary annoyance. Always read a trophy guide before playing one as it will usually warn you of the more notorious ones. That said, everyone I’ve played I have platinum’d, except maybe Harry Potter 1-4 bc I started it on ps now and then didn’t even play a level. I’ll rank the ones I’ve played in order of enjoyability: Lego Batman 3 Lego The Movie Lego Marvel Super Heroes Lego Marvel Avengers Lego Lord of the Rings Lego Batman 2 Lego Jurassic Park Lego Star Wars Lego Harry Potter 5-7
  3. I’ll say the same thing I always do on these threads: to each their own. As someone who plays them (I don’t do regional stacks), I still am having a lot of fun. Some of them are tricky and require skill, others are just funny, some are frustrating, and some are a joke. But it’s a mix. And I mix my efforts with these games with hard ultra rare ones…currently 250 hours into EDF 4.1, doing Inferno runs. And unless you’re immersed in the new and growing market and play these, it’s hard for me to accept your opinion as you’re just talking off hand. I enjoy chasing the leaderboard. Have the money to spend and I budget well. Not duped or lured or addicted by it. Just playing for fun!
  4. Having hunted many trophies, both exceptionally rare and exceptionally common, I’ve come to learn that some games nowadays that have high completion rates are misleading. If only the top trophy hunters in the world play them, then maybe 82% is actually really hard. I think this is the case, maybe half of the time, now, in this current era and market.
  5. What they said.
  6. Since you like people giving real answers, I’ll give you one. AJ is not humble, he’s arrogant. The whole Ratalaika war and politics that get recycled on here day in, day out, is largely because of his unwavering, non-humble, authoritarian stance that people feed off of to put others down. It’s his way or the highway on that issue, whereas everyone else is like, let me do what I want, who cares? Anyone who says that, there AJ appears. Absolutely toxic behaviour that has made this forum not fun anymore, and the same old.
  7. Every platinum is an experience.
  8. Dude, this is my thread which you commented on. You say something, and come back at me, you have to accept me coming back to you. It was a valid point, that’s the real problem you have. I can acknowledge both sides of the debate.
  9. You’re a completionist. It’s obvious. I could make the same argument about that, constantly playing hard/stressful games at the risk of jeopardizing your 95%+ profile. Why bother? Because you feel like it, that’s why.
  10. But what if it feels good to be ranked higher?
  11. Even if it’s pressing x for a minute, it’s an experience. That’s for sure.
  12. Love the thread. I gave you all a rep point.
  13. In conjunction with many other scores, it’s a stat this site tracks. I never really gave it much thought, and I’ve never seen anyone bring it up in the threads. So, do you give a crap? Is it a notch on the belt? Does a high score equate to some kind of status on here? Do you trust or respect people’s opinions more who put work into the forum and accumulate points? What about dishing out upvotes? Do you feel people really have to earn your tick? Or is it all just useless, existential numbers in a sea of meaningless ranks? Apologies for the leading questions!
  14. I’m really excited about this thread, seeing people be open about their mental health concerns and extending this important conversation. In fact, I really started getting into trophy hunting during my recovery from psychosis in 2014. It gave me something to focus on that was different from the harsh realities of life. Earning platinums helped rebuild my self esteem and confidence as I struggled to get a grip on reality and confront my mental illness. Next thing I knew, I graduated, got a job, had children, and I am doing well in the mental health department. Thanks for your openness!
  15. I would walk away, feeling a deep sense of betrayal and stigma.