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  1. I don’t like this sorting change. Now you have to scroll through the whole new games list to find the new games. It seems to sort best selling first and then eventually goes alphabetical order. I liked the list sorted by release date. Way easier to keep up with the new games.
  2. I think it would be cool having the region stacks grouped together. Definitely would be less clutter. Filtering out publishers entirely seems excessive though. At the end of the day these people went through the approval process to release games and at the end of the day these are games whether or not you deem them spam. Trophy hunters are the only ones buying these games and the publishers have found a niche to make money. If trophy hunters didn’t want easy trophies we wouldn’t have easy trophies.
  3. Today I learned that somebody ate 15 nuggets in a minute which set the world record. Wouldn’t have learned that without platting The Jumping Nuggets. Why would anyone want to filter out these educational trophy descriptions?
  4. Won’t somebody think of IBaddriverI. How will he maintain his YouTube walkthroughs if we get rid of the easy games?
  5. What was once a pipe dream has now become reality. Top 50 in Canada. On Canada Day, to boot. This journey, which has lasted so many years, of earning trophies, both ultra rare and common, culminates in this. I want all the trophy hunters out there just starting out to know that if you dream big, big dreams will happen. But we must work for it. And it starts today. Coming for you, @dav1d_123
  6. Unfortunately some trophies are bugged for me. Got 1.6 million and it pops but won’t sync. Pops again, won’t sync. Some trophies do but are late to pop as well, super buggy. Hope they patch it because I like the game. Tried it on a different system and same thing.
  7. Oh man my brother and I have been waiting SOOOOooooooo long for Awakened, I’m with you.
  8. What a journey consisting of over a decade of PlayStation gaming! It was a pipe dream to get this far many years ago, and now hard work and fun and concentration has paid off. This thread is just for you to share your congratulations or usual rants about how the leaderboards are meaningless. However you frame it, thank you for being the community you are as that has pushed this account to make the sky the limit!
  9. I’ll add Hotline Miami 2 to the list. I know it was retro, but it was quite vividly done for what it was.
  10. Almost a year and 300 hours into this game, my brother and I cleared Inferno with the Ranger and Wing Diver. You wish us well in our adventure with the Fencer and Air Raider.
  11. Look at my rank. Soon, I will leave you all in my dust!!! Hahahahaha
  12. Yeah!! It’s about time. Speaking of this game, I actually manually grinded it coop with my brother. No R1 trick, it didn’t work. And you know what? We had fun. Shared some laughs. Picked each other up during fatigue. And loved seeing those pops!! I want a sequel.
  13. I am typically cautious about calling out moderators, but that comment is ableist and indignant. You don’t need to pathologize their experiences because they used the word paranoia and suggest they need professional help. It’s a thread about gaming and trophies - why would you abuse your power and attack them and make unfair insinuations about their mental health, just to shame and stigmatize them?
  14. Ok, thank you!
  15. I noticed a few threads lately were closed because they resembled other threads. The moderator would post the (more) “original” thread and then the discussion would promptly end. I’m not against this practice, as I believe the site encourages us to look for similar threads before posting. However I have a question. Why is pretty much any topic that has been discussed before, or similarly discussed, getting closed, but NOT threads that recycle and reinvent the “easy platinum”, Ratalaika” and so forth topic? I’m sure there is a good answer to the question, and feel free to lock this thread once it’s been answered!