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  1. Only 30? You gotta keep playin’ kid if you want to make it to the Big Leagues.
  2. Moved out east. Hitting up the beaches. Hopefully buying a house here. Working. Family responsibilities. But ideally…getting that EDF 4.1 platinum! Inferno runs, here we come!
  3. Finally cleared mission 87 it on hardest with all characters. Ended up just doing it with the Ranger basically solo while having the other characters just idle. I had to take a different strategy, basically hung out on the 'left' safezone first, took out left golden ant transport right away, killed oncoming waves, dealt with air dudes as long as I could, and then just picked off remaining transports one at a time, strategically and dealt with waves as they came. It was very very very hard, but I did it. May have to incorporate more of what you said for inferno though with spiders upgrading and purple ants, but I'm gonna attempt it soon and see. Ranger now has 28k health which helps a lot if I get overrun. Looks like we're gonna clear hardest though with everyone, I'll be in touch with Inferno as need be for help from you. Thanks again!
  4. I sat in the 30%s for the longest time. Would scrape 40%, then go on a bad-game blitz, and it be back in the 30%s. So being at 55% is actually a huge accomplishment for this profile, since I’m pretty fearless about trying any game, and any genre, regardless of difficulty (pathetically easy to insane). Messy as hell, but it is what it is. In terms of a ceiling, I’d like to hit 70%. I think it’s eventually obtainable if I keep pressing and try to complete at least a bit of the games, even if I don’t end up liking them.
  5. Boy, the “off topic” threads are hitting saturation. …Native language
  6. Back in the day, my brother and I earned every last NBA Jam online match win. The competition was fierce and all matches were grinded out, with strategy and intensity. None of this boosting shit. Then I became a trophy hunter and, well….yeah
  7. I hear ya, man. I thought my bro and I wasted time too since we picked the game up every year or so and often got too frustrated to continue, but as time would have it, we got the plat. What did you think of China co-op? That was....intense for us haha
  8. I just wanna quickly throw in that the betrayal in A Way Out almost brought me to tears...that and having to battle my coop partner for my life in the end after working together. Yeah, mind blowing.
  9. Carry on, my wayward son.
  10. That sucks, we didn’t experience that. Does it help if you blow up buildings and alter its path? Sorry to hear that, and yes, it looks like single player is easIER, but I doubt easy haha
  11. At 2000+ views, and several unapologetic tirades, I can confirm this works.
  12. I’ll retire if I get a trophy pension, at least 50% of the average points I earned annually.
  13. I think it’s unacceptable in this day and age that a console would not have an achievement system attached to it. Totally unacceptable. Trophies link the community together and allow players to track their skills and accomplishments in game and offer a point of comparison. They also allow for gamers to find common goals in a game that help them get the most out of a game. The only thing saving Nintendo for me is their awesome group games like Mario Party, where I can have a smoke and enjoy the game with others. But that’s about it. So I’d never buy the console just for that. People game on PlayStation, Switch, X-box, and Steam without ever caring about achievements. That’s fine. But they need to be there for those who do and Nintendo failed us because of it.
  14. About half the games in my list.
  15. I guess for me, I try to have the best of both worlds. I mix in trophy hunting while maintaining my family and work life, because I tend to play games now that are shorter and require less time commitment. So working in a one-two hour game session with my brother most days a week is enough, and then I carry on. Because of the current gaming market, there are so many cheap games to feed one’s “addiction” but don’t have to take over one’s life. That said, the addiction may be tough to tame, as you’re describing, and I feel for you there. Things will get better though if you act now, take it one step at a time. Also glad to see so many people here extending their support and advice from a place of caring.