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  1. Powerful story, thanks for sharing! I totally play games for trophies too I otherwise wouldn’t play, yet the trophies make the game fun that wouldn’t be otherwise. If that fun stopped for me, I’d throw in the towel too
  2. Who here has given up on trophy hunting? What are your (dis)passionate reasons for leaving it all behind?
  3. Haha soooo true. I just want to heckle during them but I assume it’s not allowed. I love the ones that admit it for like 2 games “yeah you got me”, then try to get out of another one. Like credibility hasn’t gone out the window. Also I don’t understand why people who are supposedly victim to hacks so often don’t just hide the game before it’s flagged...makes no sense. A few trophies isn’t worth an entire profile ban. I love the premium members who can’t resist helping with the policing and put in their two cents.
  4. You’re right, it is hard. I don’t care what people say, it’s a 4/10 difficulty. Endless puzzles some of which are hard, lack of checkpoints, and many collectibles.
  5. Agreed, I'm very weary of online play now....
  6. Super Puzzle Fighter and Crash Racing
  7. I hope you’re right because 4-5 months is unacceptable in my opinion. I want and crave more
  8. Actually that’s the funny thing - I do see vita sales more than ps3 - it’s like it’s got one up on the ps3...
  9. Actually a lot are over 20 bucks like the Legos. I had to pay close to 40 for Raven and Toy Story Mania. But I agree that some prices remain competitive
  10. I never thought of remote play!!! Hmmm... I think when this becomes possible I may go for it down the road, thanks a ton!
  11. Well...that sucks lol!
  12. Yeah I didn’t go the debug route, I understand it’s allowed, but I don’t think it should impact the difficulty of people who play through the game. you’re right I should send a message making my case!
  13. I give it a 4/10 - not the 2/10 psn trophy guides gives it or the 3/10 psn profiles trophy guides give it. The blue ring race alone in the game was enough of a frustration to warrant it, plus the fact that checkpoints are few. Doing those long leaping puzzles in one go takes practice and coordination. Combat is simple here, yes, but it is a harder game overall than the Legos which get 2/10 constantly. I’ve said my peace.
  14. I am in favour of these game’s trophy lists. The provide a quality break from more intense gaming experiences. I’ve gone from playing Badland to an easy game and it’s healthy for the psyche. If people invest the money into these games, they deserve the reward. I play both difficult and easy games. If an account only played these games I could see them attracting anger from this community but I take the position, and I know others do too, that a plat is a plat. It doesn’t remove the integrity from the plat count either - there are many other tricks on this website to increase trophy scores many take advantage of. We don’t need to pick and choose some kind morality that works for our accounts. To each their own.
  15. Haha thanks yeah exactly we’re not doing the impossible on this account it’s very organic progress. No offence taken
  16. Well people can express their opinions lol, I get that. But my brother and I have strengthened our relationship by teaming up and we enjoy the challenge. I’m not gonna lie about it and at least be honest. People call out other things like changing regions and all that but if it’s allowed by the rules, so be it. I’d be interested in people debating this, I see there was one thread about account sharing here a few years ago.
  17. I don’t think it’s against the rules - it’s family. I play pS3 and my brother plays ps4 and vita. Occasionally we coop together when I visit. I think they have a thing about getting people to unlock trophies for you but they say do it at your own risk (in case they hack). PlayStation allows you to register two ps3s under one account and one for the PS4 - we’ve stuck to that rule. It says you’re allowed to play different consoles at the same time. Both our partners also play with us occasionally and I’m hoping when my children are old enough to play they can join in the fun
  18. LOL so true man. Yeah I read some critiques of the “mob mentality” on them, one guy had a huge thread discussing how boosting would get him flagged. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it, we run a clean ship with this account as evident by our completion rate haha. Language barriers clearly exist too - one guy had like a dozen flags and he kept saying “game is buggy” on all of them hahaha
  19. Oh man the all night gaming sleepovers we did too with a couple friends the same age as my brother and I. Would have Goldeneye tournaments. Would play games like South Park without their parents knowing. Then we’d watch James Bond Movies. Sorry also for your loss
  20. Yeah the N64 one - spent my entire 11 and 12-year old life playing that. Train was very difficult but the Aztec level with Jaws 007 was very very painful too. I remember it well. There were secrets in the Egypt one to make it easier. But not Aztec
  21. I remember first using the Internet to find some remaining stars in Super Mario 64. It was a huge relief. i remember using a video online to figure out how to unlock the Invincibility Cheat in Goldeneye Facility level. Guide present, it’s still an insane accomplishment. The guides “help” but having used them it’s still on the gamer to execute, which is always still hard. No it’s not cheating, it’s passion.
  22. They are bad games but they become fun because you earn those trophies. I play those games to give me a break in between more notorious and “better” titles. They offer me a feeling of relief after attempting a game that is hard like Badland or a game that is giving me an intense experience like the Walking Dead. I play both and am proud to do it. I think earning trophies from bad games is legitimate. A plat is a plat is the discourse I’ve always believed in. And if you care about your rank on this site you almost have to play them to keep ascending.
  23. Thanks for the reply. I hear Montezuma 4 was easier on the Vita. My brother has one and I got him to download it but because it’s not a cross save I would have had to replay most of the game to get to the spot where I can attempt the trophy. Maybe I still will someday but the again it’s hard to revisit old ghosts...I remember Zuma well I did 100% because I think I just got lucky with that trophy, it’s hard. Keep on nonetheless
  24. Borderlands 2
  25. It’s kind of funny you posted in this thread... I guess Red Dead Redemption 2 - Though I hear the moose is hard to find lol