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  1. A lot of people on this thread will equate SharePlay with trophy cheating. Is it my business what others do? No. But does that mean it is still cheating? Maybe. A lot of people on this thread will say it is no different than couch coop and passing the controller to a friend in your house. But then I predict a lot of people will say that's different than cross-geographical screen-sharing. The same tensions unfolded in the debate about account sharing. But who knows, maybe someone will say something even more interesting than that...
  2. There’s a secret to grinding levels in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls for most classes, I discovered on the PS3. I have platinums of it on both the ps3 and ps4, as well as the original Diablo 3, and I’ll explain it. I’m not sure if anyone ever discovered it. Act 5 - Battlefields of Eternity. Sometimes, not every time, there’s a place that spawns on this map that will summon these (I think 2) big demon characters who will spit out, if you stay back, infinite baddies. What I did was get an elastic band over the X button (or whatever button that you think is the best skill), and let the combo multiplier go wild. Eventually, one of the demons will come and you’ll have to take him out (so watch it initially) but the other one will stay put permanently. With this trick, I developed combo multipliers in the high thousands, and when I finally would reap the said experience, my guy’s level would jump from like 60-68. If your class has summon dudes or just a good melee it’s almost flawless the consistent speed (bring an NPC with you also, just as a decoy), I know I did it for the Crusader, Monk, and maybe Wizard, didn’t try it with other ones because I didn’t discover it yet. You will want to let that combo build as high as possible because if you cash in too quickly you’ll get too weak to take them out because enemies level with you, remember, and your equipment will be moot, you really want to jump high in levels your first cash-in. You also should check in on the game, especially in the beginning, just to see if you need to take a health potion occasionally but if you put all your paragon into life-per-hit before doing this (or equip armour that does this), this strategy works even better. Now some might say this trick could work in the Royal Crypts where the skeleton minions can spawn infinitely. I never found it to be near as effective, and would die off or kill the spawn towers based on how I was aiming. Maybe you can get it to work, but Battlefield of Eternity is where it is at. The combos literally saved 20-30 hours of grinding. It’s not going to work necessarily with every class but I’m telling you it does work, I have 2000-3000 combos and it could have been even higher. I did it on normal but if your characters are highly powerful your experience cash in could be even higher on better difficulties. Your friend,
  3. You're just starting out, son. If you're having these feelings already, imagine what it will balloon into 100 platinums in? Take each game one-by-one. Breathe, and let go, if you have to. I did a long time ago, and it felt good.
  4. I’ll say Dishonoured, Master Resonance!
  5. You got a great profile man, and Canadian to boot. Keep going!
  6. Rainbow Moon had a good design where the game would automatically pause if you idled and stop the counter for the hours played trophy. And it was a fair trophy because it pretty much took that long to 100% the game anyway, in my opinion. Yeah, I mean grind trophies can suck but the way I see it is if I’m end game, and I’ve put that much time into the game to platinum it, I might as well finish it off if it’s realistic. For example, the kill grinds in Gauntlet were a bit excessive, but having done every mission on hard and the tower trophy, it made it that much more sweet to grind it. And I used the tricks available and techniques offered by the gaming community. It’s the skill versus commitment debate. Hotline Miami 2 is another example. I came that far in the game, why wouldn’t I do the insane kills trophy to finish it off? NBA Jam was another, if I’m gonna put in the time to beat the Beastie Boys, what’s a game grind in the end? If I don’t have the skill to do the other things in the game then I likely avoid the grind.
  7. It wasn’t stackable but just an example of “easy” golds and a platinum without finishing the game, something many people here think is some kind of developer offence. That’s the interesting paradox to me. We don’t want quick and easy trophy lists for what could otherwise be great Indie games, and then you’re saying stop the grind and collectibles. Then others are complaining about how we complain when a trophy list is too difficult, which led to a complaint that now AAA games aren’t challenging enough because of the said complainers. Is trophy perfection something Devs should aspire to, and if so, what does that even mean in this highly paradoxical community? Or should we just accept it as is, and go after whatever games we like, and put to rest the judgment?
  8. Invisible inc. and a tough choice, what an awesome profile! Respect
  9. Life is Strange 2 - just loved the predecessor...
  10. Don’t forget about Trine 2!
  11. Ah yes, the control centre was virtually all about memorization with the turrets and enemies, and I believe you had to know exactly where to place mines to take out some guys preemptively. Even then, it was possible to get overrun during the hack, and even if Natalie survived it, you still needed to have enough health to get through the final dash to the other elevator because I think they took away the armour on that difficulty. Just brutal. In those days, it’s not like you could fire up YouTube and watch a video, that was all just beginning, at most you had text tips and had to use your own creativity and strategies and just practice the game over and over.
  12. I remember the train. I think you had to shoot Xenia quickly on OO Agent to buy more time before or right after you took out the general, if you missed, the whole run was sacrificed. Had so many sleepovers playing that game and then watching James Bond movies... Wish I had bothered to play Zelda. We owned 30+ n64 games, should’ve tried that one given the rave reviews.
  13. Yes. Have you ever laughed silently when someone smelled your fart with displeasure?
  14. Streets of Rage 4 - seemed a bit daunting to put the time into those S Rank runs...
  15. Jak II - I struggled at times in Precursor Legacy, and I hear that’s pretty difficult. Also respect for not using debug mode
  16. I’ve never been into the regional stacking, I’ll play a game on vita and ps4 and that’s it. As for the leaderboard, it’s fun to see the rank increase, part of the chase. That’s why I do it. To each their own.
  17. Played all those minus Zelda. I think I’m around the same age as you (33). Being good at GoldenEye gave you social capital in school when I was in the 5th and 6th grade. I don’t think I was able to complete every mission on OO Agent (stuck on the Caverns) or crack the invincibility code in Facility at that age. And by the time Perfect Dark and Starcraft 64 came out, I moved on from caring. But during my undergrad years when I was 22, my girlfriend at the time had an N64 and I decided to revisit it. I beat OO Agent on every level (Aztec was hard), and I finally, one and only time ever after hundreds of cumulative tries over all those years, unlocked the invincibility cheat code. And I got the allotted time spot on, too, I think it was 2:15. Texted my brother right away to tell him what I did. Doing that game 100% which I so dearly loved put to rest a dream for me.
  18. I’m gonna join the bandwagon and say Worms Rumble.......whoaaaaaa
  19. Sound Shapes actually. I couldn’t do the challenges ha!
  20. Binding of Isaac, and it was a tough pick. You have a great profile! Definitely many on your list I have to get to in my backlog.
  21. level 87, new wall. What do I do with the Ranger (11k health) and Wing Diver (1700 health) coop? We used the WD's Monster S to help with transports, but still I got overrun in the end, need to know a good strategy to get through this. Thanks in advance, Difficulty is Hardest
  22. Dude, second try we got through 86 on Hardest with your strategy, thank you so much!! Will be in touch soon when needed.
  23. Thanks for posting, be in touch with more questions soon
  24. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t believe that trophies are the game. Of course, that comes with its own set of burdens. That means I will play games just for trophies, while avoiding some because of a daunting, slightly impossible list. Devs walk a fine line trying to balance their lists with creativity and challenge. Don’t get me wrong, with over 700 games played I’m willing to try most things, but this discourse means I do my research before buying a game unless it’s one I can’t avoid, like hopefully the release of Dungeon Defenders Awakened on ps4 one bright and sunny day... I try not to hold anything against Devs whose lists bothered me emotionally when it’s all said and done. But their occasional trolling is pretty funny. Cloudberry Kingdom comes to mind. To me, that’s just giving trophy hunters the middle finger. But what’s more hilarious is when one of us, and there’s always at least one, gives them the finger back and actually finishes it. Justice.
  25. This is a great place to shit.