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  1. This is a great place to shit.
  2. Spray inside intestines
  3. Tekken 7 FF7 or FF8?
  4. Rime. Honestly a lot to pick from I never heard of, well done.
  5. Rather than just boast about your average ability in the game to earn a 0.8% platinum without much difficulty, can you be useful and hook me up with Inferno walkthrough videos or strategy guides for every level / relevant class that aren’t STEAM, so that I can therefore get through this game? Thanks,
  6. Yeah, I’ve read the “strategies” for the ranger in particular on some of those levels, and it’s pretty much decided in the STEAM community that you need to grind. Most people are finishing it with 30k armour or more. It probably takes less time to grind that than repeatedly fail missions under leveled trying to pull off some strategy. Like the swarm is real in some of those later missions.
  7. I was semi-referring to the polio vaccine here in Canada in the 1950s. Pretty much mandatory according to my dad. What happened? Polio went away. I totally get your country is founded on bullshit. Hell, Canada has a gross history of colonization, racial abuse, forced sterilization eugenics, etc. But that doesn’t mean your politics can’t “change”. And if this world has a shot - they need to. Time for the government to step it up a notch.
  8. The vaccine should be mandatory with very few exceptions. That’s how you eradicate diseases. There’s no need to baby people brainwashed by repulsive, ignorant, utterly stupid political beliefs. Roll up your sleeves and take the shot, otherwise those idiots will spread it to other unvaccinated / vulnerable people and possibly kill them. It’s a civic and moral duty. End of story. Anyone opposed to that because of some perverted sense of “freedom” can take a hike.
  9. Thanks for sharing your awesome story. Like others here I am a victim of bullying and mental illness, but have developed a lot of resiliency and conquered challenges throughout my life. Re: EDF 4.1 - it’s definitely a commitment and grind. Currently 140 hours in and almost done hardest with ranger and wing diver, but we’re hitting walls on coop. Basically every problem though can be overcome with dedicated Shifting Mountains armour grinds...but the grind is real and exhausting.
  10. Guitar Hero 5 Beautiful, beautiful profile. I will aspire to be like you.
  11. There was actually a really decent psychological analysis answering this question I believe somewhere in this thread, or another one like it. It could be a lot of things, but if I’m being honest, I think it boils down to one thing. Envy: maybe they don’t have the cash or time to buy and earn Ratalaika platinums, and think that in demeaning other people, it will build them up higher. But as someone said to me awhile ago, you don’t get taller by (trying to) make someone smaller. I notice one pretty hardcore elitist on this forum always likes to build up things his profile has, like a high completion percentage, and then demean what he doesn’t have, like a high leaderboard rank. Children do a similar thing: what I have is better than what you have. Your toy is crap, mine is better, when probably, he’s just jealous he doesn’t have the said toy. But yeah, carry on regardless because the naysayers are just naysayers in the end. Just part and parcel of the human condition. I experienced a similar thing in grad school, I had many publications while other students did not. After envy and bitterness spread throughout the community, you started seeing the demeaning narratives come out. “Your publications are just empirical pieces of garbage, this guy’s (who I don’t know), are better.” People when confronted with envy and a feeling of self-loss or self-doubt will look to the outside to make themselves feel better rather than the inside to see what’s giving them those toxic feelings in the first place. And the Internet is a perfect place to do that, because of the (at least partial) anonymity it offers, there’s basically little recourse in real life for their bullying, other than a bad reputation.
  12. I love pretty much all things trophy. I like the accumulation of them. I like going after rare ones. Love hard/easy/grindy/quick games. My completion rate used to be in the 30% because I’m willing to try just about anything and see for myself if I like it or not, and getting that up into the 50% was actually a big deal for me, even though I know some hunters go 90% or go home. I’m just not picky enough to do that, although I respect it.
  13. That’s a great one. Check my list out, I’d recommend most of the ones I have completed. If you can’t finish one (because some, contrary to public opinion, are hard), don’t be discouraged and keep going. I really had a lot of recent fun with Clashforce and Prehistoric Dude. Clashforce takes some patience but rewarding to complete and Prehistoric Dude was a refreshing little Indie, even if you get a little lost. Micetopia might be a bit hard for your daughter but another good one that takes longer and some strategy to complete.
  14. Welcome to the team! And welcome to the machine!
  15. Young people generally know fuck all about life. But video games? That, they know. Respect.
  16. I second ff7, ff8, and ff10. All enjoyable, not too lengthy plats. Has its challenges but if you learn the games can easily be overcome.
  17. Man, I have a 0.13% trophy, ultra rare plats, and some Ratalaika games easily defeat me. Can’t even come half way to finishing inksplosion, while apparently 80+% can. As someone said, it’s a badge of honour and just part of the complexity and unorthodox nature of trophy hunting. You win big, and lose big. Take it as it comes.
  18. I like the uniqueness of your position here. We made our bed, and now we must lie in it.
  19. This thread inspired me to go on a Rata binge in the last 24 hours. And I’m not even done yet. I want to describe my feelings getting said plats: Good. Beautiful. Accomplished. Enthused. Refreshed. Pumped. Motivated. Free. Happy. Inspired. Awesome. And last but not least: Hopeful. Hopeful that this community can one day be united again. In rarity; in Ratalaika.
  20. I’m whatever @Stan Lee wants me to be.
  21. Re: making a new leaderboard based on completion and rarity, wouldn’t that exclude then every account who “kept up with the Jones” while privileging the sect of elites who have been avoiding quicker platinums for moralistic reasons? I like the leaderboards, as is, personally. Plus, if you do that, you run into the same problem elitists are mentioning - you now will have a group of developers who “exploit” (not my word) gamers who want incredibly rare and difficult plats. And you’d create a whole new friction in this community about which leaderboard is better, and so forth.
  22. FF 12 for sure
  23. No, I just think you were overgeneralizing. Sure, there are people whose gaming is unhealthy for them. But what does that even mean? Could people not go after easy platinums, game a lot, and still find balance and harmony? You never know someone’s life until you know them. You don’t know the feelings in their mind, the thoughts in their head, the way they frame their own life. On a trophy site, I don’t judge people who have trophies. That’s just unhealthy in my opinion.
  24. Judging someone’s quality of life, as though you actually know them beyond a superficial Internet wall, based on their trophy hunting preferences, has to be some of the lowest crap I’ve seen on this forum. Actually listen to yourself.