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  1. I’d take your Fall Guys - nice work, son!
  2. I was one of those trophy hunters before rata. And I don’t feel wronged. I just adapted to the environment when I realized you can’t climb leaderboards anymore without playing them. And again, the assumption everyone makes, particularly people who don’t play them, is that they’re all shitty games. They’re not. They may be quick but some require effort. Either get with the program or deal with your “purist” profile as you sink in rank.
  3. No, son. I’m not.
  4. No, son. It doesn’t.
  5. I would be very offended if PSN Profiles dare critiqued their devoted, skilled Master!
  6. Thank you for demolishing the other side of this discourse in a paragraph. Really enjoyed it.
  7. Yes Would you spread your virus without a care in the world if you knew you had it?
  8. Good at final fantasy
  9. Total respect for your Fortnite plat.
  10. As someone who will collect any kind of trophy, they don’t mean nothing. Meaning is what you put into something. If I say they’re meaningful, because I like to go up the leaderboard and I enjoy the challenge those “easy” games sometimes present, then they’re meaningful. The idea people produce meaning is a basic tenant of symbolic interactionism. The problem here is people like to make sweeping narratives and impose a lack of meaning on others. It’s a form of what Pierre Bordieu would call symbolic violence, and it’s stupid. Squareboy vs Bullies, Freddy Spaghetti, 36 Fragments of Midnight, Perplexing Orb 2, the list goes on, these are all games I almost couldn’t plat because of difficulty but people on this site smear them immediately even when they haven’t even played them. And why is that? They look at a stat like length to complete or the completion percentage and automatically critique the process. But then in the next breath, these very users will say, “stop obsessing about ultra rare, it doesn’t mean anything, just have fun.” Basically, what I’m seeing on this site is trophy existentialism - every stat and accomplishment is no longer anything, and if you don’t agree with that, get out of here. I get people are generally depressed by the pandemic but this is a site about statistics and a community around that. “Try” embracing it a little more, see how that makes you feel. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll be like being a kid all over again. I bought the games and supported the companies not because I’m being preyed on for an addiction, but because I often genuinely enjoyed the game and trophy list. I have almost 700 games played on my profile. Many of them are games people here tend to respect more. If I dip my hand in Mayo, don’t be turned off by the smell. There are different strokes for different folks. There is absolutely nothing “wrong” with my profile and in fact, I will continue to show it off.
  11. Final Fantasy 10. Blitz ball makes it worthy.
  12. FF7 Remake...gotta get around to playing that...
  13. I’d fight him in a dark cave, ensconced in diarrhea.
  14. No. Have you ever taken a dump in the woods?
  15. Toronto Blue Jays I believe they may top the AL East this year.
  16. 36 fragments of midnight was fucking hard. That is all.
  17. In my early teenage years, I was a club. First taste of online gaming was Yahoo Euchre, Checkers, and Chess. Use to “kibitz” other players so they couldn’t move and then I’d force a resignation after they idled for 180 seconds, win, and improve my rank, decrease theirs, and create community hysteria. Blizzard online used to be the wild west of online gaming. Remember playing the original Diablo and downloading “trainers”. Hit F7 and I could crash the game and make everyone restart. I’m here now, so I guess I grew up...
  18. Perks are nice but it all boils down for me to supporting the website. The more we support it, the better it gets. And it has gotten pretty good.
  19. I think people here are intelligent, and can hold their own in an argument. People give a crap about expressing their opinion, pulling nuances out of it, and fighting to the death for their cause. I have more respect for people even when I disagree with them if they are willing to put the effort into constructing their perspective.
  20.’re right it doesn’t make for a good profile. It makes for a GREAT profile.
  21. I’m not a hardcore completionist so I wouldn’t say they anger me, but I have avoided games in the past where the majority of trophies were multiplayer. If it’s just a couple, I don’t mind going for them or not achieving them, but if the whole set is obscurely multiplayer and requires strange boosting sessions, I may just pass. But in games like Wipeout HD, I was kind of proud to have participated in a round with many people coordinated across several time zones to get the trophy for everyone racing the same car skin or whatever. Made me feel special and that platinum that much more rewarding.
  22. At 4:20 I’m usually doing other things. Like 30 minutes ago, I did something else.
  23. Totally agree here - I have one of those profiles, a mix of AAA/Ultra Rare/Ez/mid-range.