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  1. Totally agree here - I have one of those profiles, a mix of AAA/Ultra Rare/Ez/mid-range.
  2. I think it's a valid parallel to draw, because the point I've been mentioning is that those games always have harder trophies within them, even if many of them pop automatically. It's often not the entire list. This theme has showed up on this section of the forum for probably 1 year +, to dictate at this point some kind of informal rule prohibiting members from bringing up what is actively discussed all the time I don't agree with. Probably like yourself, I'm exhausted, but if I'm seeing a contradiction here I can't help but raise it, as someone who has zero problem collecting any trophy.
  3. It’s interesting here how people so far defend silly trophies: it’s for humour, don’t take them so seriously, creative way to make people feel better about failure. Of course, had the games people mentioned been developed by Rata, the discourse would be different.
  4. I’m still a defender that some of this easy games are actually hard, despite their completion percentage. Like I just did perplexing orb 2 - half the run was me swearing and going into a dark frenzy lol because it was so tough. And yet 80+% of people completing it blows me away and makes me think, man I have to do this now because apparently it’s so easy. Hit walls on Freddy spaghetti too. Yes, in these games many trophies pop easily but getting the plat usually takes something. And honestly, a lot of the elitists who don’t play them don’t know what they’re talking about because they haven’t grinded them out - they see the stats and say, “none of them are hard” despite not playing them. So many of these games I haven’t just sat there eating chips while trophies popped automatically, they take some effort a lot of the time. And honestly, most accounts I see don’t play them exclusively. Most. Let’s be real.
  5. He made a lot of money.
  6. Does anyone subscribe to Sony’s PS Plus service out of the goodness of their heart? To show their support for the financial health of the company? To express their gratitude for committing themselves to our entertainment?
  7. 90% is the hard, golden standard. I give respect to accounts with that who call themselves completionists, regardless of difficulty. Even if the trophies are easy, it shows perseverance and commitment. Where I look after the completion percentage is the accumulated number of ultra rare trophies obtained. If that number is high, then another layer of respect is given. So if you have a 90% or higher completion rate, and a few hundred or even 1000+ ultra rares obtained, I give 'ultimate' respect. Since getting my 'ultimate' respect should be a goal of yours, I recommend that you stick to the standards I have identified, even if I do not live up to them myself.
  8. If you need to walk away completely...then that’s what you do. Life awaits you, in whatever form it takes. You may be called to a higher destiny, so trust your instincts. You be your own man, and own the decision. Because that’s what matters in the end.
  9. I hear you, brother. I’m here to listen to you, to validate your story, and to let you know that it is going to be ok. It may not be ok today or tomorrow, but it will be ok. Take good care.
  10. Almost done the hard runs, and then it’s onto Hardest. Lol...yeah I’m “only” about 85-90 hours in, 60% of weapons collected. But my brother and I have momentum on couch coop, and some good strategy. I still have positive feelings
  11. It’s yes and no for me. Sometimes, as someone mentioned, the trophies are the game. I will buy a game because its list looks fun, doable, easy. I definitely have not bought games too because the trophy list is too unachieveable or mostly online/boosting ones. But if the game stands on its own as good, and the list isn’t great or super hard, I won’t hesitate to give it a whirl. I like the stats on this site but I wouldn’t say they govern my gaming behaviour. Unlike hardcore completionists, I have no regrets with an E rank game on my profile because sometimes you just have to try something to see if you like it or not. I will say though that YouTube is super helpful to get a sense of what kind of game something is before one buys it.
  12. I’m sorry this brings you sadness. Because man, it brings me joy! #RataForLife
  13. I like it when the sparrows sing to me.
  14. Couch co-op it is! With my brother! We’re having a blast and are up to the challenge.
  15. Yes, that’s correct. Hundreds. However my coop brother and I overcame some initial difficult weapon grinding and now I see a path to the platinum, with armour grinding of course. Just need the commitment. If we get it, it will be our rarest platinum, beating Wipeout HD.
  16. I try to look at it positively and think, “wow, I have so many games to choose from,” and then take my pick. Recently did Gauntlet and Magika 2 which I hadn’t touched in years, and they were super fun. Decided to go for an EDF 4.1 plat a couple weeks ago so that backlog is gonna suffer for sometime now.
  17. MLB show 15 - just throwing endless cutters up and in to Adrian Gonzalez to try and get him to pop out just in the right spot over the dugout. Surprisingly the catch a homer over the wall trophy I got first try, but the other one was very frustrating.
  18. Have to agree about Absence of Justice. Totally thought I was on my way to the platinum and that reverse pirate trophy became impossible, even with video help. What about Badland? It may not be harder than Crypt of the Necromancer, but it is harder than Super Meat Boy to platinum. Just the sheer fact it requires an equally good couch coop player to do makes it stand alone.
  19. I wouldn’t do regional stacking personally but I’m not against it in principle. To each, their own.
  20. I did my Bachelor and Masters degree in criminology, and then my PhD in sociology, all exploring topics in mental health. I am now a postdoctoral researcher. In Canada, the study of criminology and especially sociology is just a vanguard for radical leftism. It’s hardly even a science anymore, it just latches on to whatever political movement is gaining traction, and forwards that said movement as “truth”, until of course it changes the following week. There is no room for debate; you either accept the ideologies as fact without questioning, or you suffer militant chastisement, public ridicule, and hostility. That is, in general, the state of social sciences in the academy, and it’s only going to get worse.
  21. Honestly, it’s all relative to the gamer’s experiences. I enjoy competing mildly on the leaderboards which as someone pointed out, means needing to play those games at least on occasion. If you look at my profile though, it’s clear that I take on just as many hard games even if that means having no or little success. We complain about the Rata players but far fewer threads call out “completionists” who take less risk with their profile or play games on other profiles before doing it on their main account. And then they put others down for having a low completion rate. Someone pointed out a psychological truth here: putting others down to raise themselves is something we’re all guilty of. This community is not going to ever come to an agreement over what is the most moral way to trophy hunt. Let’s just look for the good in other people’s profiles and try to raise each other up rather than bring them down.
  22. Over 30. With age, comes experience. With experience, wisdom. With wisdom, patience. I’ve also learned to let some platinums go, and just enjoy the games I play more. In my 20s, I had to complete everything as much as I could. Just doesn’t bother me anymore. Life is too short.
  23. Do I have your forgiveness, brother? I am sorry.
  24. The tables turning is a reference to the many threads that denounced people who play Rata games or anyone who has an 'easy' platinum. Honestly, after that exhaustion, it's nice to see a thread bringing together the many people who play those games alongside other ones call out the ridiculousness of those arguments. Why put people in categories? I don't know, I probably shouldn't, but I was just having fun to be honest. Sorry to have deeply offended you.