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  1. The truth is it’s a battle the elitists have already lost. They’re like Trump. And they know it. “The leaderboards...they’re totally rigged. Don’t mean anything anymore. And we won’t stand for it.” ”If you played Mayo your account is fake. Totally fake, doesn’t mean anything. Anyone who plays my games are real, but yours are fake. A total attack on the integrity of our system.”
  2. We have five major parties here in Canada who are all represented in Parliament. I guess one can argue it’s better for democracy but seeing it play out the way it has in recent times, it’s really just 4 left parties vying for control and one right party. Now there have been attempts by the right to break off into even more parties (People’s Party and Wexit), but the alternative right and alternative left parties here are just fuelling radicalism in my opinion. The NDP literally have become a voice for ideological purity and hard, unsustainable socialism, while the right is becoming Diet-Trump. Sometimes more voices aren’t more productive. I guess there is greater potential to hold the government to account, but both the hard left and hard right engage in social media smear campaigns non-stop, sometimes without fact-checking their information, or slanting it heavily.
  3. I’d get burnt out of gaming if it wasn’t for those easy, relaxing games to fill my gaming experience after going after a hard AAA or Indie platinum. We need developers to make both, to satisfy the populace who, lets be honest, crave both. The free market has just responded to a need for trophy hunters and we chose not to boycott it. It’s not immoral to stack trophies, and it’s not virtuous to only go after what you define as “real” games. It just is.
  4. It’s still my number one place for trophy guides, although I supplement it with psn profiles. I just always found their roadmaps to be much more detailed than PSN profiles, although sometimes the tips for each individual trophy on psn profiles guides are better. Also psn profiles tends to come out with guides quicker now which I appreciate. In terms of the update, it’s crap (so far). We all know this. But I believe in their ability to make it even better with further updates. They’ll have to. They’ll have to get creative and use those energies to design something acceptable and competitive in the modern era. So yeah, get to work.
  5. Why does it ruin your profile? Are you a completionist?
  6. Probably CNN. The Senate likely won’t be decided until the run-off elections in Georgia (which will likely take place at this point) in January.
  7. Yeah, trophy hunting is over for sure in the most sweeping, generalizing way possible. Might as well cancel the site, let alone a few straggler accounts...
  8. If the country can flip the senate in a couple of years, I’d say you’re on your way to that healthcare. Stay tuned
  9. I would say elections, regardless of stoking divisions, are a privileged foundation of democracy. Your country has fought wars to obtain the right to vote; a right many disenfranchised citizens never had for the longest time and chose to exercise in high volumes this election. If America wasn’t a democracy, then you’d have Presidents like Trump running the country forever and never leaving office. I think the Electoral College got it right this time. The President with the most popular vote is well on pace to take a strong majority of electoral votes. It didn’t work out in 2016, but the spread wasn’t as much that time. We have similar issues with the first-past-the-post system in Canada, as some Canadians just want some form of proportional representation. But the Conservative who secured more popular vote last election because of highly concentrated votes in Prairie provinces still lost to Justin Trudeau because of his regional spread. If Trudeau had lost, Canada would have been screwed with its pandemic response and we’d be sitting in your boat. So the system actually saved us and did its job, in my opinion.
  10. Joe Biden is going to win the presidency, and begin the healing process for America and the broader world. Trump’s efforts to delegitimize the election won’t hold up in American law: it is stronger than mere populist, unsubstantiated outbursts. It also shows weakness, that he has already lost. It’s not strange that the Mail-In ballots favour Biden: democrats are more likely to vote this way because they believe, more generally, that the pandemic is real and don’t feel like waiting in a massive line. Democrats also campaigned strongly to their base to vote early and in this way. America is divided, but it has been divided before, and has recovered. There is a way forward from this polarization eventually, and that all begins by electing Joe Biden. I am Canadian, so this election impacts me in a lot of ways, and perhaps it may feel to some as though I am overstepping. But that is my two cents.
  11. I like it because the wasps go away. A leaf dreams As Death looks through the window Touch me at the centre of the Great Plains For I am serendipitous And you are what you are
  12. I’m still, once I secure a coop partner, going to go after a couple more Badland trophies. Really proud of how far I got with that game, and I am left wanting more...
  13. I have an incredible backlog while at the same time many games I have completed. Sometimes I hone in on a game for a long time, at other times it feels like I have game ADHD. I’m not really a completionist as much as an accumulator, so I don’t get stressed by the backlog. I did recently take a look at the backlog and decided to do Gauntlet and Magika 2, which I started half a decade ago. Was really fun to complete them so having a backlog is sometimes a real treat to dig in and see what incredible games you didn’t give the time of day.
  14. It actually backfired on me in LEGO Batman 3. I used a character unlock cheat which led to the game not recognizing it. There was no going back - emailed the developers, tweeted at them, a few other gamers ran into the same glitch, leading me to suck it up or re do the 100% trophy. Stopped using any LEGO cheats after that. Otherwise, I am in agreement that any game exploit should be capitalized on given how much gamers are trolled by near-impossible trophies by developers, lol. ...except Jak and Dexter debug, what’s the point? Just don’t play it if it’s a bad game. I did the first one legit, and will someday attempt II and III without debug. Sadly the debug hurts the rarity of the trophies.
  15. Revolutionized console gaming. And I’m a revolutionist.
  16. I actually like the “idea” of boosting others egos if it attracts more users into trophy hunting. It’s not a bad idea. Will it work? Of course not. Trophy hunting is a niche, and takes incredible commitment. But I think the level inflation was done with a good heart. Yes, it messes everything up ontologically. I can’t straighten out what is a high level and what isn’t yet. My mind is confused. But I think as we all adapt to the change, we’ll be ok again. It’ll just take time to get over the bitterness and difference. Trophies and leaderboards aren’t meaningless because of a simple statistical change, it’s just different. So keep at it, everyone.
  17. Macho-Man Randy Savage......Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh
  18. Not sure what the issue is with boosting...again, finding the right community is part of the hunt. I played jak and dexter legit and will play if I go back to ps3 Jak 2 and 3 legit. Debug mode crosses my threshold, just like save auto pop (which is banned on this site). Share play is a bit different than handing the controller to someone in your immediate network, but I honestly don’t think it’s that bad. Think how many plats people have because they ran into the right player online who helped them. Is that cheating, playing with a teammate who’s elite and better than you? Share play is slightly different but on the same level in my opinion.
  19. Dude, you’re level 76 with a 98.99% completion rate. You don’t care about leaderboards or goals? Sounds like a perfectionist in disguise
  20. LEGO games have always been that for me - nice chill, relaxing game after a serious plat run, glad you enjoy them too. I love to play easy games in between hard runs, after this Magicka 2 plat run I’ll need another haha
  21. Video games can certainly become an addiction and be unhealthy, but it’s all relative. I just thought it was unfair to suggest because someone plays certain games or has a lot of trophies it’s always/already poor judgment. I agree with people posting on here the recent problem of “gatekeeping”; those who believe there’s only one moral and righteous way to trophy hunt - that’s ridiculous. Time to get over yourselves. I game a lot. Still raise my two kids. Have won sports championships in the past five years. Maintain a committed relationship with my wife. Completed my PhD and almost done a postdoc. My life is healthy, but people in this thread jumping on this guy for his incredible rank just disgusts me. This is a trophy hunting and gaming community, if anything he should be applauded for grinding it out despite suffering an existential crisis. Way to go dude, and if you decide to keep at it, I’ll be in your corner!
  22. I think those who constantly belittle other people’s accomplishments should seek mental health treatment for a personality disorder. He’s reaching out to this community because he’s feeling out of place, rather than call him out why don’t you support him? You’re honestly turning into a troll. What if a part of someone’s life was trophies? Who cares? Life is hard enough, how one navigates it is not up to someone to judge by trying to put themself on a higher pedestal which you constantly do. You admit yourself you’ve done the easy games, so what makes you any better? To each their own.
  23. No, unbothered quite frankly. Only a couple titles come to mind I wasn’t able to do but was close, like Treasures of Montezuma 4.
  24. Yeah...I do actually. Sometimes for strategic reasons, or to motivate myself to complete something or get my stats up simply because someone else did. I tend though to only look at more competitive accounts I find through those posted trophy cards, to see what I should strive for. On occasion though I’ll look at someone’s profile if they’ve posted a more controversial comment on the forums. Just because.