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  1. 18 minutes ago, DrBloodmoney said:


    That's interesting - the idea of 'Gaming identity' and it shifting over time - I think you're on to something there.


    Personally, I feel mine slid slowly from 'glutton', to 'connoisseur' during the pre-PS3 trophy days, but then trophies swung it hard back to 'glutton,' and then to 'speedy completionist', and then, sadly, to 'whatever gets it done, guide-follower' at my personal nadir, around 5 or 6 years ago.


    Recently, I've really been trying to stop even looking at any guides for first playthroughs, and forcing myself to do a blind play through first, no matter what -

    Just resigning myself to the idea that I will be playing a game more than once, and to embrace that.

    It has really been reminding me what I liked about gaming before the trophy era!


    I don't expect I will ever stop wanting to platinum and 100% everything I'm able to, but doing that first play 'just for the love of the game', as it were, has really given my hobby the adrenaline injection it sorely needed 1f642.png




    Oh God, I know - don't get me started on what folks on the forums have to say about 'easy' games, 'hard' games, 'completion percentage' etc. once they get going.

    I'm with you - I'm sick to the back teeth of feeling like every game I play that is an easy Plat is something shameful.


    There is something really insidious going on when I feel dirty for playing Rainswept (a game I liked a lot, with a great story, and a plat percentage of 89%ish), even despite it being sandwiched in between two other games - a 20%ish 60hour game and a 0.5%ish 90hour one.


    You just have to completely blind yourself to it - both the mealy-mouthed comments from the 'GaMiNg 3L!tE' and the difficulty and length of games you like the look of.


    What’s helped me a lot get out of that funk lately has been streaming. Started a Twitch thing with my older brother, and we’ve just been blitzing these fun coop games, playing them for their entertainment and the entertainment of the few watching us more than trophies. Not that trophies are eliminated from the equation, but the principle of the show seems to be more than that. And that’s a refreshing take on gaming. I’m gonna keep doing that, I think. 


  2. It’s funny, when I see a trophy list with a ton of obscure missable trophies, I tend to avoid it because I’m just so tired of being guide dependent in my platinum hunting. I have a PhD, so I like to read less nowadays. Like I have never really bothered to sit down and play Final Fantasy X-2 because of what that entails, whereas I’m sure I would just love the game if I could get the 100% thing out of my head. Actually play it knowing I have another play through or two down the road. But the thought of missing 0.1% of the game after investing 60-80 hours into it and then having to do it all again...disgusts me (whereas years ago, I would have embraced it).

    The personal and relational ontology of the trophy hunter has shifted so much in the last few years, most of us are just trying to get a grip on our gaming identity. I can’t even play a quick, straightforward game without experiencing some kind of sense of shame because of the politics of this forum. And when I do invest time into a hard, long AAA that I don’t care to finish or have the ability to finish, then it’s more shame from the people here trolling completion percentage. Or what about when the game is “in-between”? I find myself looking at rarity statistics and then downplaying my achievement because it’s not ultra rare or very rare. 

    These thoughts go through my head even though, in the end, I don’t give a shit what others profess. It’s not personal, but my gaming ontology is shifting like everyone else’s, something I think you’re getting at here in the original post. A lot of people on this thread complain about contemporary politics and the way they are done, but interestingly, the politics of gaming is as cutthroat and intense here as your typical day on Twitter. And it’s changing reality.


    Just another observation. 


  3. And who would he be replaced with? An innovative, generous CEO who’s “for the people”? Please.


    His job is to make the company as much money as possible. Nothing more, nothing less. And if he can do that while pissing people off, he’s actually better at the job than some might think he is. 


  4. On 2021-04-09 at 3:22 PM, Darling Baphomet said:


    I don't think it's any more immoral than dumping hundreds of dollars on Rata games to pump your profile full of easy trophies.

    Immoral? Buying a game for sale, playing it to its completion legitimately, enjoying it, is immoral? Just because trophy elitists here try to determine that? 

    Making me nervous for the day of judgment, should have never fallen for Freddy Spaghetti...


  5. Why, you ask??


    The answer is surveillance.


    The ps4 invented technology to record all conversations said in the vicinity. The ps5 model now has built-in video technology to record both voice and image. All that “information” is sent to spy agency headquarters around the world (yes, many, it’s a global movement).


    The ps3 was actually developed by someone who was against big data surveillance. It’s rumoured that its electrical aura is the only antidote to the ps4/ps5 spy technology. Their hope is that we’ll throw them away by blocking us out from playing new games.


    Don’t do it though, that’s just what they want.


  6. 1 hour ago, Honor_Hand said:





    Funnily enough, in my own country, I'd probably be classed mostly as a righty... Eh, I see myself more towards the center more than anything.



    Try working in a sociology department.

    The slightest centrist inkling gets you pegged as a hard conservative. If you aren’t willing to accept that personal identity is the starting and endpoint of all evidence and truth and knowledge, and if you don’t believe that all public funds should be spent and debt borrowed infinitely, then you are a shunned, morally fraught, privileged character.


    Oh, and if you don’t play well in the oppression Olympics, you actually can’t work here.


  7. To effectively channel gaming rage, always play while sitting on a soft couch. I’ve learned that PlayStation controllers can take a lot of abuse before breaking or becoming ineffective if, and only if, you beat it hard into a very soft cushion. 

    Never throw, simply turn to the empty seat on the couch and beat it on the very soft surface, as hard as necessary, while cursing, and you should be ok for at least a few years (including psychologically). You can add pillows for extra protection. 

    My ps3 controllers still work after several couch sessions spread out over many games like Badland, Rogue Legacy, Wipeout HD, Hotline Miami 1 & 2, and sadly, Treasures of Montezuma 4. 


  8. 8 minutes ago, pogo_loco said:


    There it is - the sweet, comforting sense of accomplishment that accompanies the little 100% progress bar next to a tough game on your profile.  So... complete.


    There’s always a narrative behind these kinds of games. 

    Will be in the memory banks for years to come. 


  9. I mean, I think it’s just about the route you take when you start gaming. You don’t exactly stumble upon completionism. You have to plan, almost from the beginning. 

    When PlayStations started popping trophies, I didn’t exactly care to finish everything, played a lot more casually. Didn’t avoid games because of the list, like I occasionally do now.


    My completion rate is a sacrifice for trying some hard games I never would have if I was a completionist, and many I have completed with pride as a result of the risk taking. 


  10. 3 hours ago, Dav9834 said:

    I was gonna respond sense I've worked with plumbing before(good and bad) as a home improvement company, but you beat me to it!

    No. It can be worse. 

    A lot. 

    Do NOT manhandle the copper.... You WILL have a bigger plumber bill than before. 

    No over tightening! 


    And please... Turn off your main water in the basement or wherever it is located before doing anything, and make sure you turn the sink and shower on to drain the pressure. 


    And then after you've done your job let all the taps in the house run for like 20 30 minutes. Sometimes the shutoffs can make the water yellow. It's just debris in the shutoff and pipes. This is normal and will go away after running. They're simply not used to being moved. 



    And I pray nothing makes a plumbers bill go up if something happens and you can't fix it. 

    Point is, get a plumber and pay the money. Pray he charges ethically. If not, you leave an anonymous online review.


  11. On local coop today, my brother and I, after 3+ years of attempting this, earned the platinum trophy.


    I would like to remark on the second last level, China. On co-op play, the waves are way more intense than single player, and this level brought our teamwork, imagination, communication, and sheer perseverance to the highest level we have reached in gaming. There are no adequate coop guides for many of the levels, but China took imagination and improvisation and perfection to get a gold medal.

    The game is hard, plain and simple. We got stuck attempting to get gold medals on Russia, and left the game for over a year. Then we beat it. Then the next level, USA, stuck again. Beat it six months later. Then we grinded levels until China through intelligence and brute force, and we almost walked away from China three times. And then, partly by miracle, we completed the gold medal run on this level, and flew through Japan.


    It brought out the best in us, and honestly, I needed a win. Have a good day!


  12. On 2021-03-09 at 6:43 AM, DrBloodmoney said:

    I Like the idea, but I think the date should be the 7th of April.


    That is the date of the original release of the most famous game for trophy hunting ever, signalling the dawn of the new era of Trophy Judgementalism, and spawning a thousand threads across the internet 







    I actually didn’t get that one because I thought the songs looked too hard.


    True story.


  13. 13 hours ago, AJ_Radio said:


    Cmon dude. You have to admit there's far too much junk on the store now. Sony is just as bad as Steam is in many respects. Full of garbage that I wouldn't waste any of my valuable time now, especially now that I got a new job and I'm having to look after a couple of kids (niece and nephew).



    Yes, but I judge them by their value. An account with nothing but 200 trash games with 30 minute platinums is a pile of shit. Games like Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Mega Man 11, Shovel Knight, Watch Dogs Legion, Heavy Rain, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, all worthwhile platinums.


    Judge the content of the game, not by trophy statistics.

    First, congratulations on finding a new job, especially in the pandemic.


    Second, yes, I do agree that some of the Rata games are garbage. However, the majority (+50%) I have enjoyed, at least somewhat. Enough that they were worth the 2-6 bucks. The fact they’re often so inexpensive make them more worth it in my opinion, I wouldn’t pay $20 for them. Usually, before I purchase them, I tend to check out a YouTube video of the gameplay to see if the game will “work” for me, because I do care about gameplay. If it’s a 2D retro shooter or adventure game, I’m there, they’re addictive, even if short. The puzzle games I find less fun and more frustrating. The times where I didn’t check out the gameplay in advance, I have sometimes regretted the experience and considered it to be a waste of my time.


    What I’m saying here is my relationship to Rata and Rata-like games is more complex than some people are typecasting it to be. It’s not just about trophies, although that is a great bonus. It’s about doing a rewarding game that often, at some point, presents a bit of a challenge, and can be overcome more quickly than other games. I have two kids, a wife, and a job, time is of the essence now, which was different for me a few years back.


    It’s not that I don’t hear what you’re saying in terms of the profile, but I do see a lot of profiles on here that have a lot of those platinums as well as worthwhile AAA plats or more rare trophies. I think that’s more of the general trend.


  14. I think there is a stigma present on cheaters in this forum, especially if they try to dispute another game and have a “stain” on their past. It can work against you in the pile-on. Rather than assess each dispute objectively, someone always loves to mention the past crimes before delivering a verdict, even if it’s not relevant to the dispute in question. And if you dare mention this on the dispute thread, your comments will usually be deleted because of “relevancy”, which as I am arguing, is kind of ironic. 


    I get there are serial cheaters out there wasting the CRTs’ time daily, making new accounts, etc., but as a relevant point to this thread, I think the stain of a flagged game can work against you in this community should you be accused again. And now that you’ve made it public that you’re flagged, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone surveilled your account to find some more games in question, valid or not. There’s obviously a ghost team of users here on a mission to scour accounts for this kind of thing.

    Maybe that’s a good thing if it promotes the integrity of the leaderboard, but so many people on this forum want to label the leaderboard as essentially a joke because of “shovelware”, I’m starting to wonder if the whole cheat-investigations are even worth the time anymore for this community, just given the sheer volume of them. I guess “justice” has to be served, regardless of inequality.


  15. 21 hours ago, Juzota said:


    You had an option to not buy PS5.


    20 hours ago, Trini said:


    Your input is utterly useless. Notwithstanding this topic being beaten to death, the OP is genuinely sharing his/her opinion on what is universally agreed upon for the most part concerning the trophy UI. At the end of the day, feedback is essential, no matter how small, to any company out there to improve their products and services. 

    You got told. 


  16. 1 hour ago, DrBloodmoney said:

    The difference between putting out a public call on the internet to find someone to shareplay a trophy for you and passing the controller to a friend on your couch, is the difference between asking your wife for help with a tricky crossword clue and just looking up the answer online.


    Remember that old gameshow ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’

    They let you phone a friend, once, as one of your lifelines.

    That was a fair concept for a clue.


    What they didn’t let you do, was post the question on a public forum, with a request for people who already know the answer to call you....

    I like your analysis. I lean to the cheat side of it, personally. But that is complex.