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  1. Can someone invite me to their level 50 crew ? PSN: Gorrak404
  2. You can postpone the date in the PS options and then you can do an unlimited number of events in one day, you will move it by one day, you will get one evens, and if you move it by three days, you will get three events.
  3. The most frustrating are the drift challenges, even if you manage to score the required points it won't count anyway and must be repeated. https://i.imgur.com/CBgqURK.jpg
  4. This is the best advice you can get, unfortunately I read it too late 😢
  5. That would be awesome. I think too much variety of games will not allow it, maybe in exclusive games?
  6. #60 Lichdom: Battlemage If you like games with 10 fps and constant crashes you have to play this.