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  1. go to settings. its the first tab. on the left you can disable any turn type. on the right you can disable shuffle mode
  2. Asia Release 22 Dec
  3. I couldnt see them in the tab but they appeared for me. Its possible. I dont have the DLC but 100%. I did this to get all notes First I used GiveExplorerNotes 688 - 690 to get the HLNA notes. After each command I closed the panel because only the first note is shown. Then I started from 1 until the troohy poped . After 20 commands I closed the panel again. It seems like you won't get the following if you put them all in a row. Be sure to make some cloud saves in the process. The game still froze sometimes.
  4. its not necessary. you can get the HLNA explorer notes by using admin commands. GiveExplorerNote 688 | GiveExplorerNote 689 | GiveExplorerNote 690