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  1. I am the most trust worthy person on the forums. 🥺🥺
  2. Sign me up!
  3. I have loved reading all the stories from the participating members and have loved to see the discussion around mental health increase. I would like to say thanks to @Ellie-nyan for creating all the stunning badges. I would also like to say a huge thanks to @Beyondthegrave07 for organizing and hosting this event. I would lastly say thanks to all the people who have participated and people who have joined in donating to mental health causes. The first step for people to seek help for mental health is making it more socially acceptable, and this event has helped push the conversation forward. I have attached my donation proof:
  4. People made fun of the Jim Ryan appreciation thread. This man is the pinnacle of gaming.
  5. Unfortunately, due to my school schedule I won't be able to join in the event. (Studying to be a Psychiatrist, so I hope to help in the future.) I would still like to support the event by donating $1 for every badge earned this event. I'll donate to the Canadian Mental Health Association. It's a Canadian charity that has done great work in the past and I have friends who have personally used their resources. I would also like give thanks to Grave for organizing this event, and for everyone else participating and contributing to the cause. Metal Health has been stigmatized for too long, and no one deserves to live like this. Spreading awareness and making it the norm to seek help will go a long way in ensuring that everyone who needs help can get it.
  6. I loved reading this interview. Slightly disappointing that Stella Artois isn't first.😢 Thanks for doing this @Stardroid!!!
  7. #30 - Bugsnax


    A quick little monster catching games. The story isn't great, but the catching of the Bugsnax was quite enjoyable. It required to use just enough of your brain to make it feel like you did something, and it isn't hard enough that you would get stuck on any part. A good game to relax and decompress to.


    #29 - Jack N' Jill


    I don't want to talk about this game. Dark times indeed. 🤕

  8. In light of the recent news of the Vita and PS3 stores staying online, and the wide assault on the Jim Ryan era at Sony, I would like to make a thread, where people can highlight the good things that have happened under Jim Ryan. I would like to start off by pointing at the success of the PS5. Though there are many issues with the PS5 and some questionable decisions made, overall the PS5 has been a very solid console, and one that most people are happy with their purchase so far. *Edit* Just wanted to say this thread was supposed to be complete satire. 😂😂
  9. Name three things that you hate about Belgium and three things you love about Belgium. (Stella Artois Beer better be one of them)
  10. Fun fact. My shower doesn't get as hot as it used to, and I know it because I didn't want to turn the the little thing the instruction told me to turn that controls the temperature. It's still hot enough where I like it, but now I have to turn all the way to get to the temperature I like, whereas before I could get to the burning hot shower sensation.
  11. The replacement for the cartridge ended up being fairly easy. I don't have a leaky shower anymore. Thanks for the advice. :]
  12. Quick Update on the Leaky Shower. I found a replacement cartridge after finding the right model on the Kholer site. I will attempt to replace the cartridge tonight or tomorrow. (Also, I know I need to shut down the water supply to the house) Thanks, for the advice people. I will update on my progress when I am finished. Also, I did find a YouTube video guiding me on how to replace it. I have all the tools, and I think I should be able to get it done easily. Edit: Added last sentence.
  13. I'm gonna try some of these suggestions, and if I can't fix it then eventually hire a plumber. I can't possibly make anything worse so might as well try. Edit: word
  14. I've got a leaky shower. Plumbers are expensive, so I'm coming here for free advice? Let me add some details. It's been leaking for a few months now, I've tried everything. Someone online said it was a cartridge problem. What does the even mean?
  15. Overall GOTY The Legend of Heroes: Cold Steel IV - Overall Walkthrough Gameplay Troll 1 and 1 Crash Bandicoot 4 Walkthrough The Legend of Heroes: Cold Steel IV - Overall Walkthrough Buried Stars Niche Jotun Deception IV DLC Driveclub Persona 4 Formatting The Legend of Heroes: Cold Steel IV - Overall Walkthrough Last of Us Part 2 Imported BlazBlue Nocture HD Remaster Original Content The Legend of Heroes: Cold Steel IV - Overall Walkthrough Creaks