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  1. Finally finished Final Fantasy XV. This was my first ever Final Fantasy game. I enjoyed the story and world the game had built, but the combat mechanics could use a lot of work. The combat felt more like spamming until the enemy died instead of being skill based where you could dodge enemies properly. The main game was really easy to get through, though that might have been due to the fact that I had over levelled. The post-game content provided a much greater challenge. From the Omega Boss-Fight to the Menance dungeons, the game made me keep grinding and levelling up after the main story. The DLC episodes were really fun to play. I especially enjoyed the Ignis and Ardyn episodes as they really added to the main story. I won’t mention Comrades because that was a joke of a game-mode. I wish they could have continued with other episodes they had planned to released, especially the Aranea episode (Best Girl). This game is also responsible for all my UR trophies. :D 


    Now I can finally move onto other games. I will either play Bloode\borne or Middle Earth: Shadow of War next. I’m mostly likely going to complete Bloodeborne first, but the difficulty is still making me hesitant.


    Thanks for reading. :):):).

  2. I know I made a status update with the games I was going to complete. Well that plan has been completely scrapped. Final Fantasy XV is taking a bit longer than I thought it would, mostly because I'm really enjoying the game and want to all the extra things. I also recently bought a PS Vita and decided to go for some easy trophies on there. As a result, I have no clue what I'm going to do or in which order. I'll still try to finish FF XV and move onto Bloodborne, but there may be quite a few Vita games sprinkled in between.


    Thanks for reading!

  3. I had a similar issue, I had to go where the person was supposed to be since I couldn't see the marker on my map. I still didn't see the icon on the mini map, but I could talk to the person to start the quest. Edit: Missing Word
  4. Yes! I did everything with the Digital Royal Edition. Though you might have to de-patch the game to v1.18 again. Yes, they aren't too hard if you have the proper setup. This guide has a few tips into getting the proper setup for the fights:
  5. I agree. The PSNP Discord can get a bit out of control sometimes. I usually keep it muted, but I love the bot!
  6. It is faster because there is a exploit that allows you to quickly harvest treasures required to upgrade your weapons. You can also sell them to make money which you can use to buy kW for the Let there be light trophy. With the exploit, comrades take about 15 hours, without it takes about 35-40 hours. I highly recommend having 1.18 first to take advantage then upgrade to 1.26. If you use this guide:, the process should go really smoothly. Edit: Spelling and Grammer
  7. I’ll buy a PS5 in March/April next year. It will give it time to be in stock in most stores so I don’t have to continuously check when one is available. I know I cold pre-order, but I don’t like to give my money away until I know the product is good. Like other have said, I have big enough backlog on my PS4 to keep me busy.
  8. I don’t think a new account for PS5 specifically makes sense, but making an alternate account as 100% account makes sense. I did that with my own account, just to satisfy my need to see a list of 100 on my profile. I still have my main account to play games that I don’t want to 100%.
  9. The games that I'm going to hopefully complete in the near future:


    Final Fantasy XV (in progress)

    Bloodeborne (This will destroy me)

    Battlefield 1 (on HappySquad account)

    Last of Us (on HappySquad account)

    The Order 1886


    (P.S. This was my first post on any forum anywhere, please don't destroy me)


    1. LegacyJKO09


      Bloodborne is easy as is Order 1886 and FFXV.


      Battlefield and Last of Us are major online grinds..

    2. Stand_User3


      @LegacyJKO09I hope Bloodbrone is easy.... I tried to finish it many years ago, I quit, hopefully an older more determined me can complete it.

    3. LegacyJKO09


      If you feel the need to go on the offensive... trust your instincts. Especially when you're in the chalice dungeons.